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OnePlus Service Experience in India | They did “What” to my Buds?

When our Oneplus Nord Buds (Review) were going to cross the 1-year mark, one of the buds decided to visit the service station like the others we did with BoAt, Mivi, Infinity, and even Apple! So how was our Oneplus service experience? Did they replace the product or repair it? Are OnePlus earbuds worth it? It’s all in the OnePlus service experience! So let’s get started.

Hello! Welcome to PadhkeDekho, I am Angaddeep Singh Founder/Tester/Writer at PadhkeDekho. Being a tech enthusiast we buy, review, and compare tech products. In the process, sometimes devices require service and it gives us the oppurtunity to test the brand’s service in full incognito mode!

Our OnePlus service experience is divided into 4 parts: The problem, The communication, The solution, and The overall customer hassle! Let’s begin with the #1 Problem.

OnePlus Service Experience in India
OnePlus Service Experience in India

Let's break up the OnePlus service experience

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Oneplus Service Experience In India

Transparency in Communication 9
Pick up & Drop Person's Attitude 9
Overall time involved 9
Product condition 10
Dead comunication zone 1
  • OnePlus gave us the best possible service experience
  • Recieved a brand new/sealed product
  • Under 12 days got the replacement
  • Availablity of similar color of the device

#1 The Problem!

As we keep testing new devices, holding on to 1 product becomes hard. We are not bragging but testing devices is a task that needs dedication. So sticking to one is a tough call. Since I enjoyed using OnePlus Nord Buds a lot they are always with me (don’t tell anybody!)

One day I noticed that the right bud was producing less output. It’s not a problem as it happens when the buds accumulate wax or dust. We cleaned it with full precaution but it did not help.

This uneven audio output became problematic as the focus on music was getting distracted. This was the time, I decided to opt for the service.

Other than that there were no issues. OnePlus Nord Buds is a very capable tws earbud in the price range.

#2 The Pickup Communication

Like many brands, OnePlus gave two options; visiting a service station or home pickup and drop facility. We opted for the latter as it was December last week and we had a lot of things planned. So how would you request OnePlus service in India?

For that, you will need to visit their official site [].


Here you will need to create a OnePlus Account if you don’t have one. The process is straightforward, you will need an active email ID and OnePlus will send OTP on Email and later on Mobile phone to confirm. Moreover, you can simply sign in with your Google account as well.


Then they will ask you for the invoice uploaded as a PDF or as an image along with 5 photos of the product like the case, left bud, right bud, bottom of the case, and toe. Just so they can confirm physical damage. For a smartphone, things will be different.

Once that is done, you will need to register a reservation. You can select the time and date as per your availability.


Our experience: We chose 25th Dec for pickup and even got the message. But nobody called on that day. We are assuming it was an off. We got the call on the 27 for pickup and we were not available.

Anyway, asked the guy to come the next morning i.e. 28th Dec 2023 and very politely he accepted our request and next morning came to collect it. Just keep the device in the OnePlus box the device came with. No need to pack it or do anything fancy to it.

They will collect it and zip-tie it properly. Also, he/she will not give you any documents. For your safety and device production take a photo of the digital invoice they will be carrying on their smartphone. Don’t worry communication will take place via SMS in a few minutes.

On the 28 evening, we received the message with the tracking link.


#3 The Solution

The device was picked up and the tracking link was shared that we were monitoring daily. We were skeptical about where OnePlus would have its collection center or repair point. It turned out to be Delhi as the product reached there on the 30th of Dec.


On 2nd January, I got a call from their product expert, whose name I did not catch (my bad!). He asked me to confirm the model, as we did mess up a little. The device we had was the OnePlus Nord Buds and we went to request for OnePlus Nord Buds 2 (got confused with the other product that we are still reviewing by the way!)

He then asked me about the issue I was facing. Told him and the very next second he said “Sir, we don’t have the replacement unit in White color, and will you be okay in Black? I said “Would prefer the White”, and he said” We don’t know when we will have that in stock. He continued, “If you say, yes, I can dispatch the brand new unit right now, it will reach you by the end of the week”.

I said,” Brand new or a repaired model?” He said, “Brand new sealed pack box sir!” I could not say no! As he said, within a few hours we got the message of the product being dispatched with the tracking link. It was now waiting for the final product!


The moral of the story: We believe OnePlus does not repair earbuds, they replace them with a new model. But color availability can be an issue!

#4 The Product Received/ Overall Hussel

Oneplus Service Experience In India
Oneplus Service Experience In India

Just like the claim of the service guy, we received a brand new sealed box of OnePlus Nord Buds. However in Black color instead of white. Sure, it does affect them a little as they look dope in white! But no worries, black is not that bad either!

So how was the overall experience or hassle involved? Well, nothing has been done by us other than giving the product and then receiving it. We did not feel like communicating as there was no dead contact or delay or anything from OnePlus. The overall service request and then the delivery were very smooth.

On 4th January, the product was delivered to the office. So the total time involved in making a reservation and receiving the replacement device was 12 days including holidays and the holiday season. Which is not that bad.

We’ve had many service experiences so far but this OnePlus has been great we’d say very close to Infinity level. Since we are from a tier 2 city, if we were from Delhi then the overall process might have been quicker by a day or 2.

With that said, OnePlus takes care of its customers. We are more than satisfied with the service received and it gives us confidence in trying out new OnePlus audio devices.

Wrapping up!

There you have it, folks! This was our Oneplus Service Experience in India with OnePlus Nord Buds. if you have any issues or having trouble setting up the service request? Feel free to ping us on the social accounts below. We love to help as much as we can.

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