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Mivi Service Experience in 2024? Read Before Buying Mivi Tech!

This is an updated article. Earlier we went to Mivi service in 2022. That was a mixed-bag experience. But recently in 2024, we revised the service and to our surprise, things have improved.

By how much you may ask? Well, here’s everything covered about the Mivi Service experience in 2024.

Just lately our Mivi DuoPods A550 (Review) started giving some issues. Thankfully it was under warranty and we got skeptical about what would happen. The previous experience was a mixed bag. With that though, we requested service and kept our fingers crossed.

This article will be in 3 Parts; The Problem, The Solution, and The Communication. Let’s start with The Problem.

Mivi Service Expereince in 2024
Mivi Service Experience in 2024

#1 The Problem & Service Request

The left earbud was not charging. It was like dead; not connecting, no lights blinking, no touch controls working. We tried to charge the case and even cleaned it from the inside but no luck.

To register a complaint, opened the Mivi Official website and found the Mivi Warranty Claim Form which was not a thing the last time.

Mivi Service Form
Mivi Service Form

All the important details, like name, phone number, invoice numbers, purchased from, invoice copy, etc. were filled. Later on, the website asked us about the issues and device photos. You will be asked to enter some OTPs to confirm your originality.

With that done, a ticket number will be generated and the website says “7 to 10 business days”. we will see that, in a sec!

Mivi Service in India

#2 The Solution

How is Mivi Service in 2024

I received the parcel and it was well packed upon tearing we were shocked to see Mivi DuoPods F30! Like what? Where’s our Mivi DuoPods A550?

After opening the box, we had the original Mivi DuoPods A550 that were ours. We are certain because we know a few scratches that happened during testing! Maybe Mivi mixed the box!

So, what was the condition of the delivery? Well, the item was just the way we sent it. However, the buds were very clean. Seems like they went the extra mile of sanitizing.

As far as the issues, the buds are working fine and there were no issues that we encountered.

Were we happy with the overall service? Yes, allow us to explain in the next section; The Communication.

#3 The Communication & Time Taken

In context to the prior service experience, this time they were very prompt in communication. Be it SMS or email regarding the status, tracking IDs, etc they did not leave us hanging in the loop. Also, last time they closed the service window in 1 whole month. This time, it was done within 13 days.

On 4th Feb, the pickup request was generated. By the evening of 5th Feb, the parcel was picked and the repaired earbuds were with us by 17th Feb. Mivi took 13 days to open and close a service window.

You might think 13 days is a long time but you should know that Mivi’s service plant is in Hyderabad and we are located in Dehradun (Uttrakhand). Any normal parcel takes 4 to 5 days to cover this much distance ONE SIDE. So around 8-10 days were during transit only! They had the product with them for approx 3 days.

Which is fine as they have repaired the earbuds. They must’ve gone under a few hours of testing as well. So 13 days of service window is not bad. Here, distance was the biggest culprit. If you stay in Hyderabad or the surrounding area, your service time will be even less.

Should You Buy Mivi Products Keeping Service in Mind?

How is Mivi Service in 2024
How is Mivi Service in 2024

Since 2022, when we tested Mivi service with DuoPods A25 we had a mixed bag experience. They repaired the buds and dispatched within 1 month. And now in 2024, they have remapped the service request with a request form, better email communication, and half the ticket closing time.

So, we will not stop you from buying Mivi products. Like BoAt their service is also good. Sure, BoAt takes less time as their service plant is in Delhi and Dehradun is hardly 300 Kilometers away and simple courier reach within 2 days.

Ultimately, your issue will be addressed and you will get your products up and running. That’s what a brand’s service is. Sure, with time service improved and that’s what we shared with you with our Mivi service experience in 2024.

We are Wrapping up!

There you have it folks. This was our Mivi Service Experience 2.0! If you have any questions regarding filling out the form or anything about tech, please reach us on the social accounts below. We love to help as much as we can.


Is Mivi Service Good?

Mivi’s service is as good as BoAt in 2024. We recently had an experience that you can read here. Tap now to learn more.

How is Mivi Warrenty Service?

Mivi warranty service has improved a lot in 2024. They repaired my faulty earphones which were like 6 months old. The work done by the team was good.

How Do i Complaint to Mivi?

On the Mivi website, you’ll get some contact details. I would recommend going for Email support.

Mivi Service Experience in 2024?

In 2024, we’ve had a good experience with Mivi. Click now to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Mivi Service Experience in 2024? Read Before Buying Mivi Tech!”

  1. Hello
    we bought mivi Duopods d4 from Flipkart on date 30 March 2023 just recently the left bird has stopped working it’s getting charge and play push button touch control not working please help

    1. Hello! You can reach out Mivi service from this link. It’s a form that you will need to fill. Keep your invoice ready as you will need to enter your order ID and other information. Due to long weekend, we could not revert promptly.

  2. Hello
    we bought mivi Duopods M30 from Flipkart on date 30 March 2023 just recently the left bird has stopped working it’s getting charge and play push button touch control not working please help

    1. Hello! It’s seems your left earbud has some technical issues.

      Since your product is in warrent, you can fill up the form on this Mivi Service Link. It’s Mivi official service form hence the data you share is between you and mivi. Hope it helps.

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