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Mivi DuoPods A550 Review | Truly Bass Heavy TWS? Find Here!

[Updated on July 20, 2023] It’s been over 5 months with DuoPods A550 and it’s a gem for bass lovers. For the price, it is among the best ones. Back to the Mivi DuoPods A550 review.

Exactly 1 year ago, we bought Mivi DuoPods A25. In 6 months, it even let us experience the Mivi service that we shared with you guys. With all the ups and downs with Mivi, we recently bought quite a few in the last few months.

One TWS is DuoPods A550 which usually stays under the 1500 Rs price mark. Mivi claims this TWS is a bass-centric one. So tested that out with all the other essential features to let you know about the deal makers and breakers for Mivi DuoPods A550. That dives deep into the Mivi DuoPods A550 Review!

In this Mivi DuoPods ENC A550 Review, we’ve talked about the Pros & Cons, Box Contents, Built Quality, Look & Feel, Features, Audio Quality, Mic Test, Battery Backup, and finally our verdict on whether you should buy it or not.

You can check the one category that interests you the most. But to make the best decision, do give this article a read. A few minutes can save you all the hassle of buying and returning!

Why our review is the best for you?

At we test a product for a month before publishing it to the web. This helps our readers with insightful customer reviews that can ultimately help readers like you make better-informed decisions. As support to us, you can use the Amazon links if you liked the product. We assure you, will not be charged a Rupee extra!


That being said, let’s begin the Mivi DuoPods A550 review with pros and cons.

Mivi DuoPods A550 Pros & Cons

Box Contents


In the box of Mivi DuoPods A550, you’ll get the (left to right):-

  1. User Manual
  2. TWS in The Box
  3. USB-C Mivi Branded Cable
  4. Warranty Registration
  5. Welcome Letter
  6. 2 Additional Pair of Silicon Tips

Built Quality

if these are your first TWS then rest assured the quality is good. You can feel that when pressing the case for squeaking which you will find none. Though the overall construction is of plastic, it’s certainly not a cheap one. These buds can easily last for a few years.

The hinges and the lip are quite strong too but they lack the “satisfying click”. if you have a habit of listing to a thud noise while closing the lid, then you will not find that here. It’s very silent which makes it good for bedside use.

So what kind of lock it has? the magnetic pull is very strong and helps to keep the lid in place. We tried to apply force and the lid did not open. In fact, the buds don’t fall if you do them upside down!

As far as the build of the buds goes, they are good. Just like the case, you will not be getting any squeaking noise. The silicon tips on the buds are not the softest out there but certainly, help in a decent grip under sweat.

So in terms of built quality, we will give it 8/10

Look & Feel


The overall design of the earbud case is very compact and easily can travel in your pocket without bulging much. The carry case has a shiny reflective surface all around. To be honest, I prefer the matte design as it’s more ruff and tuff as scratches are not easily visible on those. But again, looks are subjective. And it’s a unique-looking TWS in this price range that too the blue color here!


The design of the case could’ve been better though. Due to the small frame and strong magnetic connectors, the buds are not easy to put in and take out. If your buds get oily after some time then you better clean those as it makes the complete process a little harder. Secondly, the earbud placement is slightly more tilted so you will need some time to get used to it, especially in the dark.

So in terms of design, Mivi DuoPods A550 gets 7/10


Not many reviews point it out but Mivi is ahead of the TWS game. Why? because Mivi earbuds (the ones I’ve tested) all came with volume control. This is an added convenience that allows you not only to change the tracks or launch voice assistant but also to control the volume too.

Other than that, you get all the basic controls to play/pause songs, accept/reject calls, activate voice assistant, etc. Hence, buying Mivi products will give you an edge.

Another USP of Mivi DuoPods A550 is the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). Not to be confused with Active Noise Cancellation. The latter one is used to cut the noise of the surroundings while you are listing to music while the other cut the ambient noise while you are taking a call.

How good or bad does it work? You will get to know this in the call quality section below.

Mivi DuoPods A550 puts a lot of emphasis on bass, and it’s quite evident in this TWS. You can feel most of the low-end frequencies and certainly among the best ones under 1500 Rs. If you have used BoAt Airdopes 141, then quite similar to that.

A week ago, we reviewed Mivi DuoPods A350 and we missed having the low latency mode. Though we are not hardcore gamers sometimes we do give it a shot and we liked the low latency mode of the DuoPods A550.

When you are playing a lot of games or extended hours of music, you need a longer battery backup. Here as well, Mivi did not disappoint. In fact, the battery backup claims and real-world figures are quite achievable without doing much of a fuss.

As per the claims, the 500 mAh carry case can provide battery backup of up to 50 hours and on continuous use, you can get up to 8.5 hours. But how much exactly you can get? Then below you will find the battery backup status so keep on reading.

Usually, TWS comes with a dual mic i.e. 1 mic on each bud. But Mivi has given a quad mic setup (2 mics on each earbud) as a result the final output is better than those which come with a single mic on each bud. This not only helps to pick up a better voice during a call but also restricts the background.

There are many more features, but these are the ones that can be deal-breaking or “make a deal “points while selecting a TWS earphone.

So as per features go, Mivi DuoPods A550 gets 9/10

Audio Quality

Mivi really has stepped up the audio quality with these. One of our team members, reviewed the Mivi DuoPods A350 last week and it’s very different from this one. Though both have the same 13mm drivers. Leaving that aside, at PadhKeDekho we never put emphasis on the size of the audio driver as bigger always doesn’t mean better!

So how does the Mivi DuoPods A550 sound?

The claim of “powerful bass” from Mivi is absolutely true! These are by far the best ones we’ve tested at this price. Under 1500 Rs, BoAt Airdopes 141 is a beast. But these are just as good. Most of the low frequencies of the bass are incredible. Be it at 60 percent volume or max, these buds will rock your ear canals! Superb bass. if you need a bass-centric tws under 1500 then these are a must. PadhKeDekho recommends.

What about other things like vocals, instruments, treble, loudness, etc? What about audio distortion? Well, no disappointment here! The overall audio quality is bass-centric but the audio driver produces clean vocals and instruments.

Since the bass is heavy, the treble is modulated to compensate bass. As far as loudness goes, these are not the loudest out there. But certainly loud at full volume. Even if you do the full volume you will not witness any audio distortion. There are very less TWS that we found producing good audio quality at full volume and these are certainly on the list.

So Mivi DuoPods A550 gets a solid 9.5/10.

Mic Test

This is not the first Mivi TWS we’ve owned. Before this, we had Mivi DuoPods A25 (review), Mivi DuoPods A350 (review), and many more to come soon! So we know how mics on Mivi work. That being said, let’s get straight in.

I’ve taken 50+ calls this month testing and I found the mics doing a good job. Be it indoors or outdoors, the mic tends to pick your voice quite well. Some amount of noise around you is filtered out. This doesn’t mean that the fan on the ceiling will not be heard or the utensils being washed will go silent just like that!

It’s just slightly lowered down so that the mic picks your voice better. The very same way happens outdoors. The metro announcements do not surpass your voice and have a chit-chat with the person you are talking to!

There is no problem other than your voice transmitted might be felt low or distant which is to be expected as some amount of audio enhancement is done to cut the outside noise.

So in terms of call quality, Mivi never disappoints. It’s coming from someone who has owned 2 other Mivi products but the final output is slightly lower than the two mentioned above.

Therefore, Mivi DuoPods A550 Call Quality: 8.5/10

Battery Backup

Battery backup is a strong suit of Mivi. Just like Mivi DuoPods A350 this one also packs in a 500 mAh carry case along with 40 mAh each on both the buds. The claimed figures are quite amazing. As per Mivi, the overall battery backup is up to 50 hours. And the buds themself can run continuously for 8.5 hours. So can you expect such claims or they are just bogus?

Well, yes you can count on the claims if you will stick to about 70 percent of the volume! If you are like me who will stay at full volume then the figures will drop. I’ve been testing these out quite extensively and mostly on full volume.

So with that kind of use, you can expect the buds to last about 6 to 7 hours straight without any issues. And about the case, you can easily go 35 to 40 hours. In fact, the case can charge the buds 5 times from 0 to 100% so you will be good to go for at least a week.

Another good thing about Mivi DuoPods A550 is the support for fast charging. In 1 hour you can charge the carry case completely (depending on the charger used). In the very same way, the buds if they are dead will be ready to use in 1 hour with 100 percent battery.

if you need to use them early then just allow them 10 minutes of charge and use these for a few hours. I tried these for about 1 hour and still, they had 30 percent left.

Therefore, you will not have any issues with the battery as well. With that said;

Mivi DuoPods A550 Battery Backup: 9.5/10

Should You Buy Mivi DuoPods A550?

Mivi DuoPods A550 Any Good

In this Mivi DuoPods A550 Review we’ve talked about the built quality, look & feel, features, audio quality, call quality, and battery backup. So if you rushed to the conclusion then do click on the prior links and do give it a read! Let’s talk about the conclusion now.

if you are looking for a comfortable tws for normal to large ears then you can definitely consider this. Otherwise, you should go with a half-ear design tws like the Mivi DuoPods A350 (review) as it’s more suitable for people with small ears.

Because if the fitting is not right, you will not be able to enjoy the music and will always complain about the comfort on offer. So choose according to your ear shape.

How to know if TWS will fit your ears or not? if you have always used half ear design and found the grip to be good then stick to half ear design because you have a high probability of small or regular ears. If not, then you have a slightly larger or medium-built ear canal hence going with tws with ear tips like Mivi DuoPods A550 or Mivi DuoPods A25 or BoAt Airdopes 141 is our recommendation.

Mivi DuoPods A550 offers good quality be it the carry case or the earbuds themselves. The design is subjective but will certainly impress more people who like glossy design. The buds are very comfortable to be worn for 4+ hours on the go, easily.

As far as audio quality goes, the overall audio quality is bass-centric with clear vocals and instruments. Though the treble is tuned down to power the drivers. The loudness on the other hand is not the blasting one but is good. If you are an earlier user of BoAt then you will feel about 30 percent low.

Have “calling needs” to attend? Then you can confidently go with any Mivi TWS. Your vocals will be very clear if you have some disturbance around. The quad mic will not magically filter all the surroundings but will make your voice stand out rather than blend with the background. Out of a scale of 10 for calling, Mivi DuoPods A550 gets 8.5/10.

if you need even better call quality, then the Mivi DuoPods A350 and BoAt Airdopes 141 are good recommendations.

So overall, Mivi DuoPods A550 gets our recommendation and you can certainly consider these.

Worried about Mivi Service? Then here’s our service experience.

Wrapping up!

There you have it, folks! This was our Mivi DuoPods A550 Review after 1 month of testing. If you still have some last-minute doubts or questions for us then ping us on below social accounts. We love to help your readers!

if our review was of any help then please use the below Amazon button to make your purchase. If you do so, Amazon will pay us some commission that will not be charged to you. By this, you support local content and help us test more products for readers like you. Thanks for your support, PadhKeDekho is 2 years old now!

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The case offers 500 mAh while the buds have 40 mAh each. The buds are claimed to run for about 8.5 hours. Whereas, the case can charge the buds 5 times completely. With support for fast charging, things are very impressive.

is Mivi a Good Brand?

Just like any brand, Mivi offers a wide range of products, especially for the budget segment. We; ‘ve tested the TWS section and we don’t have any complaints. Other than the service, is somewhat slow.

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