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About us

At PadhKeDekho we believe in guiding our viewers with authentic product reviews and comparisons so that they choose better.

These authentic product reviews and comparisons are either our own personal experiences, customer feedback, or by doing high-level research.  

We aim to deliver honest and genuine feedback or review of products and services. At the moment of writing this, we have not been sponsored by any brand or agency.

So what you see or watch at PadhKeDekho is authentic and you can trust.

What Do We Get From All This?

PadhKeDekho is a participant in the Amazon affiliate services program. In simple terms, some of our articles link to Amazon.

If you buy anything from Amazon using our links you will be helping our website to grow at no cost to you! 

Can We Resolve Your Query? 

Yes, Because that is our motto! There are so many sources from where you can grab information, but the question is what is the creditability of the data?

So we do not just research on the internet, we look at our customer’s opinions or feedback around us and try to spread the reality.

In short, “what the product actually is” rather than “what brands want us to believe”. 

Reach us from the Contact us page or DM us on the below social media accounts! Waiting for your ping!