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Infinity Service Experience in India! Pleasantly Shocking Incident!

We were scheduled to publish the Infinity Tranz 710 review. Unfortunately, after 1 month of testing, the headphones gave up and were not accepting any form of charging.

Be it via laptop, PC, or wall charger. This has happened to us for the first time using products from Infinity in the last 4 years. So this allowed us to test and see the Infinity Service Experience!

So how was our experience? Were they aware that a Tech blog is requesting service? How was the overall experience? Well, here’s everything, including the total in and out procedure.

TDLR: No, they were unaware of whom they were dealing with. Second, we got no special treatment; we waited for our number, talked to the employees, explained the issue, and got the job sheet created. So if you are wondering how your infinity service experience will be? then this article is for you.

With that said, welcome to PadhkeDekho, and let’s get started.

Infinity Service Experience in India!
Infinity Service Experience in India!

Note: Just like this, we’ve also experienced service with Apple, BoAt & Mivi. You can check that out by clicking on any of the prior links.

#1 The Cause

So on Aug 10, 2023, we got our brand new Infinity Tranz 710 in Blue color. We started testing it out and everything was going as it should be. if you don’t know, at PadhkeDekho, we test a product for a month before sharing our feedback. With the only objective of helping readers like you get the best, authentic insights that only come with proper testing.

Unfortunately, just before publishing the article, the headphones stopped charging. All modes like via laptop, PC, wall socket, etc. did not help. The issue was it would begin charging and just after 15 seconds it would stop the glowing RED LED and turn it off. Which means it stopped the charging.

So at this time, we thought to visit the Infinity website and see what options we’ve. there we got their WhatsApp support number. More about it in the #2 Communication section.

#2 The Communication

On their website dedicated to India, you will see options; you can call or drop a line on WhatsApp. We chose the latter and here’s how the communication took place. Do keep in mind the time stamps as they are quite crucial when you are worried and don’t know what will happen.


With my issue of not charging, the service person advised me to reset the headphones. Seems like Infinity Tranz 710 has a different method of resetting. Since troubleshooting did not work, they asked me to drop the product at their collection center in the city.

Before that, they took some of my information (can be different than the order’s bill) like your name, address, area pin code, Whatsapp calling number with an alternative contact number, and also the color of the device.

With all that information they gave me the address and contact number of an Infinity collection center in Dehradun! Since we were free, we went ahead and did not waste a single minute. Luckily, he saved my time and sped up the processor by simply carrying the hard copy of the bill.

Here’s the chat.

Requesting Service for Offline Visit
Requesting Service for Offline Visit

#3 The Offline Resolution

Infinity Service Experience
Infinity Service Experience

So now I am in the service station which happens to be the collection point for Nokia, Motorola, Realme, Xiaomi, etc smartphone brands. If you are also from Dehradun then you might be familiar with M/S Mehta Watch Company.

Since the center closes at 7 I reached there around 6 PM. Upon entering there was a token machine but there was no one near it. I asked the girl on the counter about Infinity headphone service, she asked me to come have a seat.

There were a few customers with other smartphone issues and some were there to collect their repaired/replaced devices.

Due to that, I had to wait for 20ish minutes at the same time she asked me whether I had the hard copy of the bill. I said yes and then she asked to keep the invoice ready in email as she will need it to generate OTP.

The waiting time was utilized while finding the soft copy of the Amazon invoice. As there as so many orders to check and confirm!

Then came my turn, I told her about my communication with Infinity WhatsApp chat and she then asked about the issue. I told the issue. And she checked it and accepted the problem.

With that said, she asked me to fill in personal details with the address where you need the device back. Then she entered the details on the PC and asked me to confirm. I did that and then she took and filed the duplicate bill with the job sheet and handed me to sign. Meanwhile, She asked for an OTP that I got via Email.

Just after that, got a message from Infinity that your complaint has been registered for repair and replacement. She also told me that the replacement will reach your premises within 10 to 11 business days (Saturday and Sunday do not count).

So this concludes my first and only visit to the Infinity service center in Dehradun. Let’s talk about the courier experience.

#4 Courier Experience

When we were about to leave the store, got a message on WhatsApp “that your complaint is registered”. The very next morning, Wed 20 Sep, got a message that your “order is ready to be dispatched“! Like seriously! It was hard to believe. You can check the below screenshot. Also, as of Fri, 22 Sep, the product was delivered.

How Long Infinity Service Takes
How Long Infinity Service Takes

On the message was the tracking ID of the Criticallog Website. Logging into the website was very easy just put in the tracking code and all the information is there. No Ads or signups are required. Sweet!


We were keeping track of the status every day since we dropped it off and got it back, it was the third day when it was delivered to our doorstep by evening around 5. He took my name and signatures on the job sheet that they had a copy of and off he went.

Upon opening the plastic box, we were happy as well as shocked! Happy as the product was new and sealed packed as Infinity headphones come. But shocked as the product received was different from what we gave in for service. We gave an Infinity Tranz 710 in Blue color and received an Infinity Tranz 700 in Black!

More about it in #6 Different Product Delivered!

#5 Store/Service Center Experience

Though the service station was close to our office, I went there upon making the call. The girl ( I could not get her name) was kind enough to guide me as I prefer public transport. I was at the pickup point for about 20 minutes. Which is not bad; the seating was well-lit, air-conditioned, silent atmosphere.

As shared in the #4 Courier experience, the replacement parcel reached me within 3 days of submitting. This was remarkable, as the courier was coming from Bengaluru to Dehradun.

So within, 3 days we got a brand new sealed box of Infinity headphones and we couldn’t be any happier. This is the fastest we have ever received a replacement for Dehradun from Bengaluru. Hence Infinity Service’s experience so far was on point. But they messed up a little!

I’ve had experience with MIVI which also has a service plant in Bengaluru. Their consignments do take more than 5 to 6 business days, Whereas, Infinity impressed us there!

#6 Different Product Delivered!

So we were quite happy upon unboxing the wrapping and were shocked after seeing a brand new Infinity Tranz 700 in Black color!

Since it was a little late we pinged Infinity WhatsApp support and got no reply. We waited till morning when we dropped a Hi and then we became busy reviewing the Portronics TOAD 2 (A wireless mouse that can connect to three devices) (Review)!

The communication started in the afternoon and this is what we got as a reply!


Since they did not have Infinity Tranz 710 in Blue in stock they dispatched a brand new Trenz 700 to avoid delay in transport. We understand that, as we got the delivery within 3 days. But it was a bummer as there was no communication regarding the same. If we were aware of it then things would not have been shocking!

So what’s your take on this? Well, if you have given some product into service that’s for sure you will most likely be receiving a new product. However, the model can be different. I don’t know how you will take this, but since Tranz 700 and 710 are more or less of the same price category headphones we do not mind this or consider this as a bad call!

One of our readers also shared his experience on Twitter.

Infinity Customer Service Experience
Infinity Customer Service Experience

He gave Infinity Glide 120 for service as the mic stopped working. Though the neckband was in the 11th month of ownership, Infinity gave him a brand-new but different model which is the Infinity Glide N120.

Maybe they did not have the exact models or they did it intentionally but one thing is sure they will give you a new device.

Wrapping up!

So what do we think of Infinity Service in India? Well, it’s a smooth sailing boat. You reach them on WhatsApp. Raise your complaint. Visit the collection point and hand over a physical bill copy and the defective product.

Via courier, you will get a new product. If they have the exact model in stock you will be lucky and if not you will be getting a new one which can be a different product but the category will be the same.

Like if you have given a neckband you will get a neckband.

So how good or bad was Infinity service? We’d say it’s not bad. For the price of the product, they are offering replacement that too with a new device means the brand is serious for the customers. Believe me, not all brands are like this!

Hence, if you are wondering whether you should buy or not buy Infinity headphones? Well, now you know!

If you have any questions do comment below or reach us on the below given social accounts! We love to help as much as we can!

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Infinity Service Experience FAQ

How is Infinity Service?

Infinity service is good. My product was not charging (1 month old). They replaced it with a brand-new item. Hence, my experience was good.

How Long Infinity Takes to Repair/Repare The Damaged Product?

Infinity usually says 10 to 15 business days (not including weekends and public holidays) but we received our replacement on the third day of dropping the item at the collection point. So the total taken was quite low! The parcel came from Bengaluru to Dehradun.

Will You Again Buy Infinity Headphones/Earphones/Neckbands?

Definitely! We will buy Infinity products. No doubt they delivered a different product but at least it was a new unit. And unlike other brands that would have called my device a “physically damaged” product and “nothing can be done”. They took it with no questions asked and dispatched a new unit. So, Infinity is quite better than other brands.