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Boat Airdopes 141ANC vs 413ANC Which is Better and Why?

In the last 6 months, BoAt has launched many ANC-powered earbuds under 2500 Rs. We’ve bought 5 and here’s the comparison between the two most selling units; BoAt Airdopes 141ANC VS 413ANC!

Before beginning the article, welcome to PadhkeDekho. If you don’t know we buy tech products and use them for a month before sharing the reviews and comparisons.

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Note: If you wish to buy these unboxed/reviewed products you can request them here. With that said let’s start with the built quality.

In this Boat Airdopes 413ANC VS 141ANC comparison, you will learn about the built quality, looks, comfort, grip, features, ANC, audio quality, mic output, and our verdict.

BoAt Airdopes 141ANC VS BoAt Airdopes 413ANC
BoAt Airdopes 141ANC VS BoAt Airdopes 413ANC

Built Quality

Best BoAt Airdopes With ANC
Best BoAt Airdopes With ANC

We’ve tested over 20 BoAt Airdopes, and hardly any are badly built. Both Airdopes 141ANC and 413ANC are good and do not have any panel squeezes. The same can be said about the earbuds as well.

As far as the case goes, the hinges are strong and close with a satisfying click. The magnet grip of the buds in the case is good too. But it’s the BoAt Airdopes 141ANC that offers the best closing sound.

The earbuds have no rough edges or uneven cutouts that can spoil your comfort. You can comfortably wear these for 4+ hours. Moreover, these have taken a few falls, and the case seems durable and can handle some beatings.

So in terms of built quality, both BoAt Airdopes 141ANC and 413ANC are nick and nick.


Both the Airdopes offer matte design. BoAt Airdopes 413ANC is completely matte making it the best suit for matte lovers! On Airdopes 141ANC you will find a gloss strip on the case and buds.

For looks, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC is better as it offers 4 color options. On the other hand, Airdopes 413ANC is available in 3 shades.

As for design and size, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC has a circular case while the Airdopes 413ANC is a proper square! If you are looking for a compact solution for your media needs BoAt Airdopes 141ANC takes the lead here.

Best BoAt Airdopes
Best BoAt Airdopes

The buds are quite similar in size and weight however the design is different making 141ANC a better fit and offering a slightly better grip.

Note: You also get 2 additional pairs of ear tips that you can choose for your perfect fit.

TWS Earbuds Comparison 141ANC VS 413ANC
TWS Earbuds Comparison 141ANC VS 413ANC

Both earbuds are for people with medium to large ears. If you have small ears, here are the best options that we’ve tested. On the same note, 413ANC has more room for touch controls.

So, for looks and design, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC gets 9/10, and BoAt Airdopes 413ANC gets 8/10.


FeaturesBoAt Airdopes 141ANCBoAt Airdopes 413ANC
ANC + Transparency ModeYes, up to 32 dBYes, up to 25 dB
Audio Drivers (mm)1310
Water ResistanceYes, IPX5IPX4
Bluetooth Version5.35.2
Volume ControlNoYes
Battery Backupup to 42 Hoursup to 20 Hours
Quick Charge10 Mins = 150 Mins of Use10 Mins = 60 Mins of Use
Battery Size (Case + Buds)400 + 35 (Each Bud)320 + 37 (Each Bud)
Dedicated Gaming ModeYesNo
Best Buy LinkAmazonAmazon
Detailed Article141ANC Review413ANC Review

The USP of both Airdopes is the ANC. Let’s start with that.

BoAt Airdopes 413ANC comes with up to 25 dB Active Noise Cancellation while 141ANC has up to 32 dB! Both come with ambient mode as well. On paper, it seems a lot! How does it make a difference? Find out more in the ANC test below!

The audio drivers also have a different story here. 413ANC has 10mm drivers while 141ANC also offers bugger 13mm drivers. Are they different? Find more about it in the audio section below.

Another important feature of 141ANC is the IPX5 Sweat Resistance which is IPX4 on 413ANC. This makes a difference when you wear buds to the gym.

You will also experience better Bluetooth reception on BoAt Airdopes 141ANC because of Bluetooth 5.3. BoAt Airdopes 413ANC is at 5.2.

Overall, in terms of features, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC is significantly better than BoAt Airdopes 413ANC. But one feature that can be dealt with breaker is the volume control on 413ANC!

Who Handles Active Noise Cancellation & Transparency Better?

One is good in ANC while the other is great for ambient and transparency mode. What do you like more? Let me know in the comments!

If you prefer transparency mode over ANC, BoAt Airdopes 141 ANC is great. It has the most realistic transparency modes that we’ve tested under 3000 Rs.

On the other hand, 413ANC is great for blocking low-end frequencies like ceiling fans, Water coolers, Window AC humming, etc. You will feel the silence every time the mode changes!

Does this mean BoAt Airdopes 141ANC has bad ANC? No! It’s on similar notes to 413ANC. There had to be a difference as the dB levels were different. BoAt Airdopes 141ANC offers up to 32 dB of ANC while BoAt Airdopes 413ANC is up to 28 dB!

The only major difference is in transparency mode and 141ANC takes the lead there. Hence for ANC, BoAt Airdopes 413ANC gets 9/10 and BoAt Airodpes 141ANC a 7/10. But for Transparency mode, BoAt Airdopes 413ANC gets 8/10 and BoAt Airdopes 141ANC 9/10.

Which Sounds Better?

Which Sounds Better BoAt Airdopes 413ANC OR 141ANC
Which Sounds Better BoAt Airdopes 413ANC OR 141ANC

Both have different sound signatures as the audio driver sizes are different. BoAt Airdopes 413ANC has 10mm drivers while 141ANC has 13mm drivers. The overall audio output is good on both. Be it any genre you will enjoy the music and clean vocals.

BoAt Airdopes 413ANC offers good bass, clear vocals, and instrumental separation even at max volume, there is no audio distortion. On top of it, there is no audio leak either.

BoAt Airdopes 141ANC produces good bass, sharp vocals, and trebles. Since it can go very loud, the audio distortion starts above 80% volume. Even if you keep 141ANC at 80% volume it will be louder than the 413ANC!

The best part about 141ANC is the dual EQ mode, you can switch between BoAt Signature Mode and Normal mode which makes the audio experience different and also saves it!

BoAt Signature Mode adds punchy bass and more depth to the music output. While in Normal Mode vocals and instruments take charge. If you read E-Books or podcasts it performs better.

So for audio quality, you can pick one as per your liking but for me, I would opt for BoAt Airdopes 413ANC or the BoAt Airdopes Flex 454ANC (under testing) and then BoAt Airdopes 141ANC. It’s not bad, Dual EQ saves it.

Battery Backup?

if you are concerned about the battery backup then you can throw that thought away and be ready to be impressed by both! BoAt products can be good or bad but their battery game is always on point and near to real-world usage.

Let’s talk about some numbers and then we will share our details.

As per BoAt, the claimed figures of 141ANC are up to 42 hours of total playback. On the other hand, up to 20 hours of playback on 413ANC. As per tech specs, 141ANC seems better. But do check the real-world figures too!

The carry case of 141ANC is 400 mAh with the buds having 35 mAh each. BoAt Airdopes 413ANC has 320 mAh case with buds having 37 mAh each.

So which one is better? Let’s talk about real-world figures.

Both Airdopes can take care of media needs, long lectures, or meetings with continuous backups of 5 to 7 hours with ANC ON/OFF. if you keep the ANC on at full volume, the backup will be 4-5 hours. This also includes calling.

The biggest difference lies in the number of times the case can charge the buds. BoAt Airdopes 141ANC case can charge the buds 100% 3 to 4 times. While BoAt Airdopes 413ANC can be charged 2 to 3 times.

So, to sum up, battery backup is good on these but BoAt Airdopes 141ANC offers more juice per charge.

What About Charging Time?

BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC and 141ANC both support fast charging and we use a Moto 20-watt charger. You can use higher-wattage power bricks 40 or even 80 watts which will not damage the earbuds. We prefer one charger for all devices to have constant results!

So with a 20-watt charger, BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC case chargers around 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is surprising as BoAt Airdopes 141ANC with a bigger carry case charge under 1 hour!

Both Airdopes support quick charge as well. 10 mins of charging 141ANC can get you 150 minutes of playback while 413ANC will give you about 50 minutes.

With that battery backup and charging time in mind, we’re quite happy with the results. To sum up, BoAt Airdopes 413ANC runs slightly more at continuous use while Airdopes 141ANC charges quickly!

Call Quality & Gaming; Which One Does Better?

BoAt Airdopes 141ANC mic performance is better than BoAt Airdopes 413ANC. It cuts the ambient noise better, the voice output has bass and depth and the other caller will not complain about the background noise that much on 413ANC.

We were more impressed by 141ANC outdoors. Even on a busy street, it cut out almost all the traffic noise, etc. Indoors, it can cut our ceiling fan noise, water cooler & AC humming. Overall call quality is great.

Even for gaming, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC comes with Beast mode which enhances the gaming performance. Next to 413ANC, it is way better.

The enemy footsteps, left right or center audio feedback is perfectly handled. And thanks to the good microphones, the gaming quality is almost perfect as wireless audio gear can be.

So for better gaming and call quality, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC takes the charge!

BoAt Airdopes 141ANC VS 413ANC Which One Should You Buy?

it boils down to which one is for you! Well, let me break it down so that will help you. If ANC is your most important thing with brilliant transparency mode, BoAt Airdopes 141ANC is the perfect choice under 2000 Rs. On the same note, BoAt Airdopes 413ANC is good for ANC but transparency is not very good.

The second most important thing here is the call quality. The mics on BoAt Airdopes 141ANC are great for calling. The gaming performance is great too.

That means 141ANC is great overall. Well no! For audio quality, it lacks the detail that can be experienced on BoAt Airdopes 413ANC or BoAt Airdopes Flex454 (Review Soon).

With BoAt Airdopes 141ANC things are fine below 80% volume afterwards the audio distortion begins. One thing that saves 141ANC from being outright bad is the dual EQ mode, it does help a lot!

BoAt 141ANC lacks audio quality which does not mean it’s bad, it is put against a very good-sounding TWS. It’s still good. I always keep it during travels due to the design/grip and compact form factor.

Under 2000 Rs, we can confidently recommend any of these. But if you ask only one then it’s the BoAt Airdopes 141ANC keeping everything in mind.

That’s a Wrap!

There you have it, folks! This is BoAt Airdopes 141ANC VS 413ANC comparison! Ping us on any social account if you have any questions regarding any of these!

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