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OnePlus Buds Z Long Term Review | Worth IT?

If you plan to upgrade to a more premium audio gear then OnePlus Buds Z must have got your attention. Because under 3000 Rs, tws earphones from a brand like One Plus mean a lot! We had used it for over 2 years before it got stolen in Delhi Metro! This OnePlus Buds Z review will help you in your decision-making.

So let’s get started with the review. Here you’ll find all the pros & cons, built quality, sound output, grip & comfort, mic quality, battery backup, and more!

Built Quality

OnePlus Buds Z Review
OnePlus Buds Z Long Term Review

No doubt; OnePlus never disappoints with the built quality and it’s evident with OnePlus Buds Z. In the hand or the ears, it doesn’t feel cheap. Secondly, the plastic used on the case & earbuds is durable and doesn’t squeak. We’ve used many tws earphones but were never satisfied with the carry cum charge case.

Even after 1.5 years the case still seems very rigid and other than a missing “one” from the One Plus labeling everything is fine!

Since there is no branding on the earbuds, they still look and feel good. Yes, they are a little dirty since it’s my daily driver hence it’s like that! But hey, that’s what you want to know!

Buds Z One Plus
Buds Z One Plus

So in terms of built quality, I don’t have any issues or concerns and I am pretty sure it will last me a few more years.

Grip And Comfort

Usually, earphones or earbuds with ear hooks are the best for grip and comfort but the One Plus Buds Z design with the silicone ear tips helps in a decent grip.

Buds Z One Plus
Buds Z One Plus

In the box, you get two additional pairs of ear tips that you can choose as per your comfort. For me though, the medium ones did the trick. If you go with a perfect fit, there is a very chance that the earbuds fall. It’s coming from someone who does running and jogging while listening to music with these.

So if you need tws earbuds that are good for workouts, I can easily recommend this.

Sound Quality

Since this was my first audio gear from OnePlus, I had a lot of expectations simply due to the brand name. After listening for about 30 minutes, I was very proud of my choice. What is so great? Well, everything!

To begin with, the bass; which is a thumping one, literally! Unlike some tws that get boomy around full volume, these don’t need to be at full volume to dance to your favorite song!

Other than that, everything; be it vocals, instruments, or even vocals is well-tuned so that you will not miss your headphones.

I generally use Hammer Bash Max (Review) an over-ear wireless headphone. One Plus Buds Z is so good I prefer it many times!

So for audio quality, OnePlus has tuned their audio drivers to the best in the industry.

Mic Test

Other than the audio quality, if you need a great microphone then One Plus Buds Z is the one you need. It’s the only earphone under 3000 that has dual mics on each earbud. As a result, the end-call quality is clear and not at all robotic. Another good thing about the dual mic is the blocking of outside noise to some extent.

For the last 1 and a half years I’ve taken all the Zoom meetings and calls via One Plus Buds Z and never received a single complaint of bad audio quality.

So if you need a good pair of tws for calling then One Plus Buds Z is for the rescue.

Battery Backup

In this OnePlus Buds Z long term review, I was not at all worried about the battery backup. why? Because it supports fast charging. Just 10 mins of charge can get around 3 hours of juice. Since I’ve One Plus Dash charger I can confirm that!

Secondly, on a full charge, One Plus Buds Z can be used for 3 to 5 hours. So it’s good. On top of it, the carry case has a 450 mAh battery that can charge the buds for 3 to 4 hours.

After 1.5 years I haven’t experienced any drop in battery backup as such. So in terms of battery, you can be less worried and enjoy more!

Should You Buy One Plus Buds Z?

One Plus Buds Built Quality
One Plus Buds Z Built Quality

Under 3000 Rs, One Plus Buds Z is one of the best tws earphones that you need. Because it offers the best audio quality experience, great microphones for calls, and in-ear detection along with touch controls that work great.

if you own any One Plus smartphone then it’s like icing on the cake. You get so many other features exclusive to OnePlus devices. Don’t have a OnePlus smartphone? no worries! You can install One Plus’s “Harmony” app from Google Play Store as well as App Store at no additional cost.

As far as grip and comfort go, One Plus Buds Z offers a decent grip and will not fall off easily. On top of it, you’ll get IP55 water and dust resistance. Hence, if you need a pair of tws for workouts without worrying about sweat then also One Plus Buds Z takes the crown.

Due to Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll experience good connectivity under 10 meters. Usually, I keep noticing a little network disconnection, but One Plus Buds Z gave me zero such disconnections.

After 1 year and 5 months, the OnePlus Buds Z is working great and is in good shape even after my rough use. So One Plus Buds Z easily gets my recommendation under 3000.

There You Go, Folks!

This was my OnePlus Buds Z long term review after 1 year and 5 months. if you still have doubts or queries, reach us on the below-mentioned social accounts. We love to help our readers!

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