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Hammer Bash Max Review | The Best headphone Under 2500 Rs?

if you are looking for a comfortable over-ear headphone that you can wear for extensive hours, we’d say stop right here! This headphone has the potential. Other than comfort, the looks are quite spectacular too! What about other things? Well, here’s the Hammer Bash Max Review that you need to check out!

It packs everything a headphone around 2.5k should have like; USB-C Charging, Mostly fabric body, premium looks, Dual Bluetooth connection, etc. But still, there are many things that we experience using our 1 month of testing. So let’s talk about that.

But if you are new to PadhkeDekho, we use a product for a month before publishing our statistics. All the testing was done indoors, outdoors, during transit, and all the other places where users use headphones. Just so that our readers get the best information.

As a support to us, you can buy the headphone using the Amazon links in this article, it will help us earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. Your contribution helps to keep the website up and running and try out new products which will ultimately help readers like you to choose a better product.

In this Hammer Bash Max review, you will get to know the Pros & Cons, Specs, Unboxing experience, Built Quality, Looks, Comfort, Features, Audio Quality, Mic Quality, Battery Backup, and finally our verdict on whether you should buy it or not?

With that said, let’s begin hammer headphone review with pros and cons.

Hammer Bash Max Review
Hammer Bash Max Review

Pros & Cons


Hammer Bash Max Review After 1 month of testing

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Hammer Bash Headphone Review

Features 9
Built Quality 9
Looks 10
Comfort 9
Workout Friendly 9
Overall Audio Quality 9
Bass 8
  • Premium Built Quality (90% Cloth)
  • Impressively Light Weight Being Over-Ear Headphone
  • 3 Amazing Color Options
  • Touch Controls Work Best With Dry Hands
  • Soft & Tiltable Ear Cups
  • 6 Months Warranty is a Bummer
  • Only Tiltable; No Folding Mechanism

Hammer Bash Max Specifications

Bluetooth Version5.3
Dual Bluetooth ConnecitonYes
Audio Drivers (MM)40
Frequency Range2.402 GHz – 2.480 GHz
Battery mAh3.7v, 500
Charging Voltage5V/1A
Media ControlsTouch Panel on Right Earcup
Color Options3
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Built Quality

Hammer Bash Max Built Quality
Hammer Bash Max Built Quality

The moment you hold the headphone, it’s all gonna be cloth & soft fabric on your fingertips. It’s because more than 90% of the headphone is made of cloth. Be it the headband or the earcups you will certainly feel it’s a premium product. Other than fabric, you will see some plastic for headband adjusters as well as a tilt mechanism.

The adjusters have a very common in-and-out design which stops and gives a feeling of many levels of adjustments. So far over a month, the headband adjusters work fine and there’s no squeaking or panel plastic noise.

Just below the headband, you will see the tiltable earcups. Thanks to the design, you can totally flat out the earcups and rest them on the neck or in the backpack when traveling.

On the right ear cup, you will see the touch controls as well as only one button to control media or accept or end the call. It’s quite a neat headphone.

What about durability? In this one month of testing, this headphone has been visited the gym a few times, jogging sessions, late-night movie marathons, ruff handling, etc. and it’s in implacable condition. Sure, we will test it more and keep on updating the article as time passes.

So at the moment, the built quality is quite good and Hammer Bash Max gets a 9/10 in this department.


Best Looking Headphone Under 2500 Rs
Hammer Bash Max Headphones Look

Hands down, Hammer Bash Max is the best-looking headphone under 3000 Rs. Starting off from the ear cups the headband design is very futuristic. The use of fabric on the headband (the top and bottom a different designs) makes it look very premium. It shows attention to detail.

The ear cup fabric always speaks quality. It’s quite a soft and breathable material that snugs so well that you will not wish to remove it even after long sessions. More about it in the Comfort section below.

We went with the Grey color and the overall color scheme feels like a 7-8k worth of headphones. It also comes in Apricot which enhances the look further. Do not that the color schemes need cleaning quite often.

Hammer has not offered any color combination, it’s pure single color but the plastic and fabric combination gives it a remarkable presence. I personally liked the “fake leather” treatment on the earcups fabric. It’s a fabric

Hammer Bash Max, is clearly a looker and we’d give it 9.5/10 for that!

Comfort & Grip

Hammer Bash Max Comfort
Hammer Bash Max Comfort

When it comes to comfort nothing beats Over-Ear headphones. This statement is true for Hammer Bash Max as well.

The ear cup padding is very soft, the fabric on the headband generates a firm grip and the best part is the clamping force, It is so firm that the headphones rest around the ears with utmost comfort. Since the earcups have tiltablity, you will find your sweet spot the moment you wear these.

Hammer Bash Max is a very comfortable headphone that you can easily wear for 4+ hours. It’s so comfortable that even after testing, I personally prefer to use it in the office or at home.

So if you are looking for an over-ear headphone that you can wear for long hours without a single minute of discomfort then this is the one to get.

Many over-ear headphones are designed for comfort while on-ear ones are better for workouts due to high clamping force. This headphone clearly, nullifies the statement.

It’s comfortable for long hours or use as well as during workouts it does not fall. I myself, do a lot of cardio activities and it did not fall even once. It’s a different breed of over-ear headphones that check marks comfort as well as grip during workouts.

So, Hammer Bash Max gets a solid 9/10 for comfort as well as workout-centric nature.


Hammer Bash Max Specifications
Hammer Bash Max Specifications

#1 Dual Bluetooth Connection: Hammer Bash Max can be paired to two devices simultaneously. This is a great feature if you switch between two devices quite often. So, you are watching a movie on your laptop and get a call on your phone. You can just accept it and take the call via the headphones.

#2 Touch Controls: Usually headphones have physical buttons to increase/decrease the volume, move to the next track, or repeat. But Hammer added touch controls to this headphone and things are working quite well. You will need to spend some time before getting used to it. But before that please remove the sticker for an even better response.

#3 Full-Tiltable Headphone: The headband allows 90-degree revolvable ear cups. As a result, you can tilt the earcups completely 90 degrees and lay the headphone straight in your bag pack. This helps in better space management during travel. Also, it will enhance comfort if you keep the headphone on your neck during travels.

#4 Bluetooth 5.3: Under 3000 Rs there are many headphones that offer Bluetooth 5.0. But the latest version is 5.3 and that’s what Hammer has offered. We are not saying 5.0 is bad, but we have experienced better reception with a higher Bluetooth version of audio gear. As a result, we did not face audio breaking or disturbance even when the paired device was about 5 to 6 meters away in the bag while I was working out.

#5 IPX3 Water Resistance: when a headphone can be used in a gym or for jogging some amount of water resistance is a must. Because water can cause damage in the long run. With Hammer Bash Max, you get IPX3 water resistance that will allow you to focus more on the workout than the water damage! Though it’s not the best water resistance out there it’s still better than not having one!

Audio Quality

Hammer Bash Max Audio Quality
Hammer Bash Max Audio Quality

This is the very first time we’ve tried Hammer headphones and they are certainly good ones. Hammer Bash Max comes with a 40mm audio driver. As you know we never boast an audio gear with the driver size as it is just marketing. What matters is how good the quality of the driver is. Let’s talk about that.

The very first thing you will notice is the distortion-free sound signature. Yes, we’ve tested a variety of songs, podcasts, media content, etc, and nothing baffled the audio drivers. Kudos to Hammer for that.

The overall audio quality is crisp and full of detail. The vocals, instruments, and trebles are the strong suit. While bass is present but certainly is not a bass-heavy headphone. If you enjoy music or vocals in general then you would enjoy Hammer Bash Max.

The sound signature is good. Though volume could’ve been better. if you are coming from Infinity or BoAt headphones you will feel the volume is around 80%.

This means Hammer Bash Max is a headphone with no audio leak. If you do not use over-ear headphones outdoors because of audio leaks then this is by far the best one under 2000 Rs. We had never been so confident about it while outdoors.

So to sum up, the overall audio quality is quite good with plenty of details in vocals, instruments, and even trebles but the bass is decent not the best.

Score Card Value
Overall Loudness8/10
Overall Clarity9/10
Best Buy LinkAmazon

Therefore, Hammer Bash Max gets 8/10.

Call/Mic Quality

Most headphones offer a microphone but there are a few ones that are actually usable. Many have static disturbance or some sound very distant from the microphone. So for calling via headphones, there are a few good options and Hammer Bash Max is on it!

Though there’s only one microphone on the headphone that too on the right ear cup it picks up voice quite clearly. There will be no complaints of static disturbance or low volume from the other person on the call. Moreover, the mic is so responsive it picks up your voice even if you are speaking silently.

Since there’s no ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) the mic picks up ambient noise too. Hence, if you have a lot of disturbance or people talking loudly in your proximity it will be transferred as is.

During our testing of the mic indoors as well as outdoors, we found it quite good and did not have a single network disturbance or interference.

So for calling, Hammer Bash Max gets an 8.5/10.

Battery Backup & Charging

Over-ear headphones are known for their battery backup and Hammer Bash Max is no expectation either! It packs in 500 mAh battery and can provide juice for about 18 hours. So, what are the real-world figures?

Well, you can expect anywhere between 12 to 15 hours even with Dual Bluetooth Connected Devices and max volume. If you’ll use this headphone for around 2 hours a day you can go a little over 1 week.

Everyone has a different listing pattern so can’t exactly say how much exactly you will experience. if you prefer to listen to music at around 60 to 80% volume, then you will move closer to the claimed figures.

In terms of battery backup, you will not be disappointed. However, you should also know that there’s no provision for aux-in. This means you will not be able to use this headphone as a wired headphone. This can be a deal breaker for many, so choose accordingly.

Sure, there are headphones like Zebronics Zeb Duke (Review) that offer around 24 hours of battery backup. But you should also check the weight of that headphone. Over-ear headphones in general are on the heavier side, however, Hammer Bash Max is the most lightweight Over-ear headphone that we’ve tested.

So with that weight, we have no issues with the battery backup. Thus, 8/10.

What About Charging?

Hammer Bash Max Charging
Hammer Bash Max Charging

Hammer Bash Max comes with a USB-C cable and supports fast charging too. Though, that’s not mentioned anywhere on the website. On the user manual, it says to use 5V/1A voltage. I guess using a higher-powered charge can damage the battery.

During testing, we used a 20-watt charger, it reached from 10 to 100% in 2 hours and 10 mins. You can even use a bigger one if you wish to take the risk of damaging the battery in the long run. With the recommended battery rating, it took close to 3 hours to fully charge.

if you are a casual user who uses headphones for 2 to 3 hours a day, you will be fine for a week. So we do not mind the battery backup. There could have been an aux-in mode.

Should You Buy Hammer Bash Max?

Hammer Bash Max Review
Hammer Bash Max Review

Well, if you are looking for a comfortable headphone that can be easily worn for 4+ hours on a single stretch then, yes. Other reasons to buy it are the premium built quality, best in-hand feel, comfortable and workout friendly, good mic for calling, overall good audio quality, dual Bluetooth connection, and more than a week’s battery backup!

Why you should not buy Hammer Bash Max? There’s some latency while gaming and the lack of “aux-in” does pinch being a gamer. Another reason to avoid this headphone is the bass. It’s decent but certainly not a bass-heavy headphone as the brand claims. As far as warranty goes, Hammer gives only 6 months of warranty which you should also know.

With all the pros and cons, we think Hammer Bash Max is a good headphone for the price especially since the build/feel are the biggest highlight. This is the most premium headphone you can get under 3000 Rs. Is it the best for audio quality? Well, no! It’s not the best but has good potential if you are not just looking for bass.

Out of 10, the Hammer Bash Max gets an 8.5/10 from us.

Wrapping up!

This was our Hammer Bash Max review after 1 month of testing. If you have any queries then feel free to ping us on the social accounts below. We try our best, to help as much as we can.

Does this article help you with decision-making? if yes, then please support us by purchasing these headphones from Amazon using the button below. It will help us earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps readers like you with genuine insights.

You can also help us in spreading the word to someone who might be looking for valuable insights about this headphone. Thanks for your support so far, PadhkeDekho is more than 3 years old now!

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