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RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review | Segment’s Best!

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Everyone who is into PC gaming dreams of owning RAZER gaming peripherals. They make top-tier niece-centric computer peripherals and come at a premium price. Their budget mouse is DeathAdder which we’ve been using for over two months. This RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review covers everything!

Let’s start with the Pros and cons, unboxing experience, built quality, looks, features, compatibility and specs, user experience, and finally our verdict with other recommendations.

Here at PadhkeDekho, we’ve reviewed other gaming mice you can check here. We aim to help you choose a good product rather than a hyped one! As a support to us, buying anything using the Amazon links we might earn a small commission at no added cost to you. Thanks for the support!

With that said, let’s begin the Razer DeathAdder Essential Mouse review with pros and cons.

RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review
RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review

RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Pros and Cons

Unboxing Experience (10/10)

Razor Mouse Unboxing experience
Razer Essential Wired Gaming Mouse Unboxing Experience

Being an entry-level model from Razer, you will not feel any cost-cutting while opening the box or during first impressions. Starting with the cardboard box, USB slot rubber protection, a well-packed mouse in proper wrapping along a fine print user manual are worth mentioning. Also, in the box, there are three Razer stickers that you can stick wherever you like!

Without a doubt, you will feel proud of your decision and regret why you did not purchase Razer products early will certainly crave in! Good job there, Razer, you will impress a lot of folks with the packaging.

RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review Features (9/10)

#1 Fully Customizable Software on Leading Operating Systems: Whether you have a Windows machine or a Mac or even any distro of Linux you can take advantage of the Razer software. Most brands only focus on Windows when it comes to DPI or other customizations. Kudos to Razer for thinking outside the box.

Be it button control swapping, setting your favorite shortcut via key mapping, changing the light effects, playing around with the DPI settings, and whatnot! Talked more about it in the user experience section below.

#2 up to 6400 DPI & 3 Polling Options: DPI is a concept around which every computer mouse or trackpad on a laptop is built. Some mice come standard (not customizable) while there are the like Razer DeathAdder that allow switching between multiple DPIs. More about it in the user experience section below

#3 Optical Sensor (No Red/Blue Light Underneath): If you are using a Logitech mouse, you might be familiar with the Optical sensor on Razer DeathAdder. As there will be no red or blue lighting underneath the mouse. This will help you if your work table is glass and you avoid using any mousepad.

#4 5 Programmable Buttons: On Razer DeathAdder Essential, you get 5 programmable buttons; for that, you will need the application installed on your PC. You can customize the side buttons for any purpose be it copy or paste. More about it in the user experience section below.

Built Quality (9/10)

Do Razor Mice offer good built
RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse offers well-built

Let’s start with incredible! Not hyping it but yes, it feels strong. No unwanted squeaks, panel gaps, ruff edges, etc. The designers must’ve spent a good time maintaining the quality which speaks quality for a 1500 Rs mouse.

The same goes for the primary buttons, scroll wheel, and side buttons. A few people pinged us about the scroll wheel and no that’s not a problem. We’ve been using it for over 2 months, tons of scrolling as we work on Google Docs, navigating on Excel sheets, making PDFs, and searching for music! The scroll wheel is strong and works well.

Another vital point to talk about is the cable length and quality. It’s a normal non-braided cable which is a good 1.2 meters (approx) and comes with a green color coating under the USB slot.

So for built quality, Razer DeathAdder gets 9/10.

Looks (8.5/10)

Does Razor Mouse Look Good
Does Razer Mouse Look Good

In 2006 the first Razer DeathAdder was launched and nothing much has changed since at least visually. This DeathAdder is from 2021 and still looks dope. You get a single Greenlight coming out of the scroll wheel and the distinctive Razer logo.

With the Synaptic software, you can modify the intensity, turn on the breathing mode, or even turn the light off! So you good amount of customization as well. More about it in the user experience below

As far as the overall looks go, the mouse offers all matte designs and similar color treatments all around. Another aspect of looks is the cable with the green ascent on the USB slot! Which is good but the cable is regular i.e. without any braiding.

So with the looks in mind, Razer DeathAdder Essentials is a good-looking mouse that will aesthetically improve your gaming setup and will avoid “unwanted attention” at the office!

Therefore, the Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse gets an 8.5/10.

User Experience (9/10)

How good is to use razor mouse
How good is it to use a Razer mouse

So, let’s talk about the first most asked question; is the Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Mouse Heavy? Yes, it’s heavy but you do not need to pick it up. The higher DPI makes it supper smooth on any surface. We’ve tested it on a glass table, gaming mousepad, wood table, and even floor!

The changeable DPI is a big relief. You can switch between all the options and decide which works best for you. For gaming though, anything above 3000 DPI is good. Rest, you can look around for the sweet spot.

Just not for gaming, DPI modes will help in your day-to-day tasks like panning around during video/photo editing or navigating between multiple displays. In simple English, DPI lets you move the mouse “pointer” quickly “then” the move itself!

As far as the buttons click go, they are the most responsive ones that we’ve tested. A little press is recorded and it can make the difference between “shot taken” or “death” during gameplay. It goes the same for the side buttons too. They are workable and simply not for looks.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Mouse is a full-size mouse that is ideal for medium to large hands. If you are currently using a compact mouse then you will need time getting used to this size.

Since the buttons are responsive and the area is big you can click anywhere near the scroll wheel, it will be registered. My 13-year-old niece used it for a few days and preferred it over other compact mice that we’ve reviewed.

The scroll wheel is also good. Sure, it’s not the smoothest like on Dell or HP mouse, but it’s more precise with 3 line switch. In the last two months, we did not encounter any issues with it though.

For the RGB fans out there. No, the Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Mouse offers no RGB lighting. Instead, it has a single glowing Greenlight that you can customize via Snaptics software or Polycromatic depending upon the Operating system.

There are options to enable breathing mode, increase or decrease the brightness. Even turn it off, if you like! But, you can not change the default Green Razer color to anything else. So, it’s not technically RGB but a single glowing light-wired mouse.

So far, the user experience with the Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Gaming Mouse has been great and we don’t think we will change the article often! If we did you get to know here. It’s all good, yet!

The Synaptics & Open-Razer Customizations (9/10)

Razer Software is the most detailed and feature-packed that we’ve experienced with gaming mice. There are many options. But, all the software versions on other Operating Systems have slight differences but one good thing to say is that you get support for Razer accessories on Linux distros as well!

If you ever consider switching to gaming components for your Linux PC then Razer is there for you! Sure, they don’t have a native app just yet. But thanks to Razer and the developers of Open-Razer for the back end and Polychromatic for the front end.

Let’s first talk about the Windows software that many of the readers will be using.


You will be able to customize the different DPI presets, and make a custom one using the slider on the bottom. Moreover, you can also change the Polling rate which helps in a better gaming experience. The options are. 125, 500, and 1000. The higher the polling rate the better the gaming experience and also more power use.

Since it’s a wired gaming mouse you can stay at a 1000 polling rate all the time!


As far as light tuning goes, you can change the intensity or velocity of the Greenlight, making it have a Breathing effect or static. There are options to turn the light off when the display is turned off or when the PC is left idle for a while. Moreover, you can turn the lights off as well!

Another important functionality is customizing all the buttons and making different profiles for work and gaming. There are many options to choose from. You can play along and find your favorite app or command that you commonly use to save time and effort.

On Mac, all of these can be done but the software model is Synaptics 2. Whereas on Windows it will be Synaptics 3.

On Linux, you will only be able to change the mouse DPI presets, custom DPI, and light control for this particular model, which means you will not be able to customize the buttons. So Razer DeathAdder Essential wired mouse, did try to cover up all the major Operating Systems which is great work!

So Razer DeathAdder Essential WIred Gaming Mouse Worth it?

RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review
RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review

Under 2000 Rs, there are many gaming mice but Razer is way beyond the competition. Be it the built quality, looks, features, app support for all major operating systems makes the deal sweater. Since we deal with different OS in the office and we do games; Razer gets our approval.

As a general mouse, it’s perfect. It’s big and heavy which makes it ideal for people with large to medium hands. Thanks to higher DPI settings, people with small hands or younger children can also use this mouse. The mouse clicks are very responsive and do not require high force to be addressed. Moreover, you get 2 years of warranty!

As far as customizations go, you can change or edit the functions of all the buttons to your needs and reduce the dependency on the keyboard as well!

For the gamers, It’s even better. Not only you can change the DPI to 6400, but you can also change the polling rate between 125, 500, and 1000. The rule of thumb here is the higher the better!

So overall under 2000 Rs, it’s a perfect mouse for office use as well as for gaming. It can take care of both needs. So with that, we recommend the Razer DeathAdder Essential wired gaming mouse under 2000 Rs.

Wrapping up!

This was our Razer DeathAdder Essential wired gaming mouse review after 2 months of testing! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support channels or the chat button on the right bottom! We love to help as much as we can!

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RAZER DeathAdder Essential Mouse Review – FAQ

Does RAZER DeathAdder Essential Wired Mouse Works With Linux?

Yes, it works with all operating systems. Though features and customizability changes. Officially, it is supported on Windows and Mac. But for Linux distros, Razer teamed up with developers at Open-Razer (backend) and Polychromatic (frontend).

What Polling Options are Available for Razer Essential Wired Mouse?

There are three values; 125, 500, and 1000.

RAZER DeathAdder Essential Wired Mouse Worth it?

Yes, under 2000 Rs, it’s totally worth it. But should you buy one? Here’s a detailed review after 2 months of testing.