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Infinity Tranz 700 Review | Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs?

if you have a thousand Rupees and are looking for a good headphone then Infinity has an answer for you! It sounds great and has a lightweight/compact design with a grip that gymgoers will appreciate. We are talking about the Infinity Tranz 700 that we bought a month ago. Should you buy one? Let’s find out in this Infinity Tranz 700 Review!

Here, you will find the Pros & Cons, Specifications, Built Quality, Looks, Comfort/Grip, Features, Audio Quality, Mic Output, Battery Backup, Gaming, and finally our verdict. So with that said welcome to PadhkeDekho.

if you are new to our website, we buy tech products and use them for at least a month before sharing the review or comparison. This gives users like you insights that help decide whether to buy or not to buy the product.

As a support to us, you can use the Amazon links in this article to buy the headphones. Be assured you will not be charged a penny extra. Amazon will take care of it! Thanks for your support, we are more than 3 years old now!

Let’s begin the Infinity Tranz 700 review with pros and cons.

Infinity Tranz 700 Review Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs!
Infinity Tranz 700 Review Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs!

Pros & Cons


Infinity Tranz 700 Review One Month Later!

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Built Quality 9
Looks 8
Grip 9
Comfort 7
Battery Backup 8
  • Great Built Quality
  • Tilt & Fold Adds Convenince
  • Amazing Audio Quality
  • Mic is Good For Calling
  • Up to 20 Hours of Battery Backup
  • Not For Heavy Gamers
  • No Aux-in Support

Infinity Tranz 700 Specifications

Dual EQYes (Normal Mode & Bass Mode)
Frequency Range20hz – 20 kHz
Infinity Tranz 700 Cushion69mm
Infinity Tranz 700 Bluetooth Version5.0
Driver Size (mm)32
Battery mAh200
Noise Isolation-8 db
Best Buy LinkAmazon

Built Quality

Infinity Tranz 700 Built Quality
Infinity Tranz 700 Built Quality

All Infinity headphones that we’ve tested like the Glide 500/501, Glide510, Tranz 710 and now Tranz 700, are built using High Tensile PP material which is said to be the toughest form of plastic. This means you can use it as you like and it will not break that easily.

Before switching to Tranz 700, I’ve been using Infinity Glide 510 (Review) as my daily gym headphone for over 3 years now, and even today it’s good! So build is the most impressive part of the headphones.

Using high-quality plastic becomes essential on a headphone that offers tiltablity and a folding mechanism. That is rightly done on Infinity Tranz 700. The total mechanism works very well and does not feel cheap it might break with a little pressure. Trust me, we’ve tested many budget headphones and most of them offer cheap built quality.

So in terms of built quality, Infinity Tranz 700 gets 9/10.


Infinity Tranz 700 Black Color
Infinity Tranz 700 Black Color

Infinity knows how to make a headphone with minimalistic design elements. Their product lineup offers a “blend-in” type of design that can be easily worn outdoors in public as well as in the office without falling into any objection! Thus, you will see Infinity Tranz 700 comes in two colors; Black and Blue.

We already had Infinity Tranz 710 in Blue (Review), Glide 510 in Black (Review), and went Black for Tranz 700. Because it looks more premium in that color. The black and gold color combination certainly looks good.

Be it any color you get, the headphone has a matte design except the side section of the headband. The glossy element extends towards the sides of the ear cups and forms a complete overall lining. This does add some life to the headphones! On both the earcups you will see the distinctive Infinity logo in Gold color.

For looks, the Infinity Tranz 700 gets an 8/10.

Comfort & Grip

Infinity Tranz 700 Comfort Test
Infinity Tranz 700 Comfort Test

Infinity headphones are known for their workout-friendly design with high clamping force. If you don’t know, claiming force makes sure that the headphone does not fall when working out like jogging, weight training, etc. The more the clamping force the better the grip will be.

But this high clamping force means the comfort will not be the best. And that’s evident with many Infinity Headphones. So for grip, it’s a 10/10 product but for comfort, you will have to let it settle down and get used to your head size. Usually, headphones take a few days to form a perfect grip and comfort spot.

To overcome this discomfort you can use the headphones by stretching to the max level, just use the headphones for short intervals for a few days. It will get adjusted to your head size. Once it’s worn the right way or adjusted to your head size, you will be able to wear it for 2+ hours.

The headband offers 6 height adjustments which is acceptable for a teenager as well as a grown-up person. My father also wore these headphones for a few days and did not complain about the small size. Since the headphone is designed to be compact, it cannot be worn on any headgear. Winter cap is fine though!

Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs
Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs

Hence if you are looking for a headphone that can be worn for workouts and best grip, then Infinity Tranz 700 is the way to go. Otherwise, if you looking for a comfortable on-ear headphone that offers the best comfort then you can go with BoAt Rockerz 450 (Review).

With that said, the Infinity Tranz 700 gets a 9.5/10 for Grip and a 7 for comfort.


Should You Buy Infinity Tranz 700
Should You Buy Infinity Tranz 700

#1 Dual EQ Mode: What if you don’t like the sound profile of a headphone after using it for a while? You can use a default eq app on your phone and make changes. But headphones like Infinity Tranz 700 come with 2 eq modes namely Normal Mode and Bass Mode.

You can switch between the two modes just by pressing the plus and minus buttons together for 2 seconds. Be it any mode you select it becomes the default mode and stays active until you change it back.

#2 Tiltable & Foldable Design: Most headphones offer just tiltable ear cups i.e. you can only move the ear cups but cannot fold the headphones. Sure that can be fine for many but foldability adds a little more protection as well as convenience while traveling. As a result, Infinity headphones are travel-approved!

#3 Lightweight & Portable: The headphone weighs only 104 Grams and the overall design is compact which makes it very lightweight. Being lightweight also adds a little comfort as well. You can fold it and put it into a bag pack or tilt the ear-cups and wear them around your neck, this headphone gives you choices.

#4 Hygiene-Friendly Design: As we continue using a headphone it not only collects sweat but also dust and ear wax. Cleaning the fabric from the inside is a tough task. Fortunately, all the Infinity headphones we’ve tried had replaceable ear cups. The complete process is very easy for removing, cleaning, and putting back on. Moreover, when the fabric gets torn, you can buy the ear padding which saves you money instead of buying a new headphone.

So these were some major features of Infinity Tranz 700. Let’s talk about the audio quality now!

Audio Quality

Infinity Tranz 700 Audio Quality
Infinity Tranz 700 Audio Quality

Infinity Tranz 700 comes with 32mm audio drivers. Usually, on-ear headphones range from 30 to 40mm drivers. So for paper specs, Infinity has not done any cost-cutting. Just don’t go for the numbers, a higher number doesn’t guarantee quality. Let’s talk about the actual audio experience.

The overall audio quality is great. Crystal clear vocals, strong mid-range, and perfect high range. Overall experience is bang on keeping in mind the price. As far as loudness goes, the headphone offers impressive loudness as well. Switching between the audio eq does make a lot of difference.

If you prefer high bass along with the overall loudness of vocals, instruments, and treble then “Deep Bass” is the way to go. This mode will help you keep the adrenaline flowing with heavy bass be it you are dancing or working out.

Whereas, “Normal Mode” amplifies vocals and trebles which makes it perfect for movies and podcasts. So you can make your choice as you need.

So, for audio quality, the Infinity Tranz 700 gets 8.5/10.

Mic Quality

if you take calls via headphones then be ready to be impressed by the Infinity Tranz 700. The overall experience is quite impressive even the best under 1000 Rs. Be it indoors out outdoors you will prefer it over TWS earbuds, any day! Let’s talk about that.

Many budget headphones have poor mics. The issues faced are low transmitted voice, static disturbance, away from the microphone, etc. None of these issues are experienced on Tranz 700 be it indoors or outdoors.

The only issue or drawback is the lack of ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). As a result, the ambient noise around you will be transferred as it is. There are no blockers or filters as a result you have to keep silent surrounding for calls.

Thanks to this only con, the mic transfers the best call quality; most of the time the person on the other side can’t distinguish whether the call is via a phone or the headphone.

So for call quality or the mic’s overall performance, Infinity Tranz 700 gets a 9.5/10.

Battery Backup & Charging

One might think that the compact and lightweight design might have consequences in terms of battery backup but that’s not the thing! Infinity Tranz 700 comes with a 200 mAh battery and claims to provide juice for 20 hours. As far as charging goes, it supports quick charging too! So on paper, it does quite well.

After 1 month of testing, we have only charged the headphones 3 times so far and my daily use is about 2 to 3 hours a day. Most of the time I stay between 80 to max volume.

So per charge, we were able to pull around 18 hours or 10 days of playback. Which is quite good for the price.

As far as charging goes, the headphone support quick charge which should not be considered as fast charging! The quick charge means with 10 mins of charging you can use the headphone for about 60 mins or equivalent.

Whereas, Fast charging means charging the headphones from 0 to 100% quickly, which is not the case with the Infinity Tranz 700. It easily takes around 3 hours to fully charge. This is the result of using a 5-watt charger as it’s recommended by Infinity.

Around the same price, you can buy BoAt Rockerz 400 (Review) which is also an on-ear headphone a few hundred rupees more but only claims a battery backup of 8 hours and also does not come with a quick charge. So for the price, Tranz 700’s battery backup and charging time figures are good.

Therefore, the Infinity Tranz 700 gets an 8/10 for battery and charging.


Moto G51 Gaming
Infinity Tranz 700 Gaming Test

With the use of Bluetooth 5.0, the gaming performance is decent. You can play all sorts of games but can experience latency in fast-paced multiplier shooter games. Whereas, games like Cash Of Clans, Clash Royals, Asphalt Series, and other games are good to play.

if you are into casual gaming then you can buy Infinity Tranz 700 but it’s not ideal for a dedicated gamer. For that, you should check out wired earphones as they offer the least latency.

So Infinity Tranz 700 is a decent performer not a great one for gaming. Hence 7/10.

Should You Buy Infinity Tranz 700?

Infinity Tranz 700 Review Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs!
Infinity Tranz 700 Review Best Gym Headphone Under 1000 Rs!

Under 1000 Rs, Infinity Tranz 700 is the best option. It offers the best possible build, good looks, great audio quality, an amazing mic for calling, a decent gaming experience, long battery life, and a compact/lightweight form factor which is appreciated by travelers around the globe.

Thanks to the high clamping force, it is even suitable for people who are into workouts and weight lifting as the headphone does not loosen up or fall. With that high clamping force, the comfort is not the best offered.

If you need a headphone that you’ll wear for not more than 3 hours on a single use then you can pick this one. Otherwise, you can go with BoAt Rockerz 450 (Review) (It’s the most comfortable on-ear headphones).

To sum up, this is the 4th Infinity headphones we’ve bought and never had to worry about the built quality or how badly we test a headphone. Infinity Always handles it quite well.

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Wrapping up!

There you go, folks! This is our Infinity Tranz 700 Review after 1 month of use. If you have any questions then please comment down below or reach us on the social handles mentioned just now.

We hope this article might’ve helped in your decision making and as a support, you can buy it from Amazon using the below button.

Doing so will not cost a penny extra. Amazon will take care of it. Thanks for your support we are more than 3 years old now! You can also support us by sharing this article with people you think might be looking for better insights into Infinity Tranz 700!

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