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Tygot Ring Light Review || Best Ring Light With Stand Under 1000?

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Are you looking for a budget ring light under 1000 Rs? You must’ve seen Tygot 10-inch ring light and trust me it’s good. it’s the cheapest ring light with a stand. Do we regret that? Find out more in this Tygot Ring Light Review!

it’s been over 6 months so far with the ring light and at first, it feels delicate but we have dropped it quite a few times, and it has handled everything like a sturdy product. For the price, it’s good.

But should you buy one? Here you will learn about Pros & Cons, Box Contents, Built Quality, Features, User Experience, & our verdict. So this Tygot Ring Light Review is all you need!

Why should you trust our review? Unlike many others, we buy products, use them for over a month, and then share the feedback. This gives our readers a real user perspective and helps in their decision-making.

As a support for local content, you can use Amazon links on this page to make your purchase. We might earn a little commission from Amazon at no additional cost. Thanks for your support so far!

Tygot Ring Light Review After 4 Months of Use!
Tygot Ring Light Review After 4 Months of Use!

With that said, let’s start the Tygot Ring Light Review with Pros & Cons.

Tygot 10-inch Ring Light Pros & Cons

Tygot Ring Light In The Box Contents

Tygot Ring Light Box Contents
Box Contents

The box in which this ring light will come will be quite big even bigger than a laptop box! Anyways, in the box, you’ll get:-

  1. 10-inch Ring Light
  2. Phone Holder
  3. Ball Head
  4. Some Promotional Discounts on Next Tygot Product
  5. Phone Holder Mount

For the price, the brand has provided everything they could. So your unboxing and setting up experience will be quite good.

Built Quality

Okay, here are 5 things to talk about.

Tripod: It’s aluminum unlike plastic ones available in offline & online stores. Aluminum helps the tripod to be lightweight. Even a 6-year-old can pick it up with 1 hand! Since it is lightweight the sheet of aluminum is thin so use it with light hands.

Knobs: There are a total of 7 knobs for adjustments. They all seem to be holding the placement quite well. Certainly, for the price we have no complaints here.

Ball Head: It’s good. You can move it in any direction/angle without any issue thanks to the 360-degree rotation. It also offers an in-word cutout that can help you take overhead shots.

Controls: On the remote, there are 4 buttons out of which the power one is illuminated. The buttons are quite responsive and recognize the press quite well.

Cable: It’s about 1.2 meters long and starts from the ring light. It has a USB 2.0 interface which is fine if you’ll be powering it via the USB power of the PC. You can also power it up with a power bank or a wall charger.

So for built quality, we do not have any issues other than the Ball Head being a little wobbly/loose from the connection. Hence we are giving Tygot Ring light 4/5.

Features (5/5)

#1 3 Light Modes: The ring light supports 3 color modes; White, Natural Light & Warm Light. You can choose between the three by just pressing on the remote control and within seconds it changes it.

The best part is the well-controlled backlighting LED. There are no flickers while shooting videos in any light mode. This is surprisingly good at this price.

#2 10 Brightness levels: Tygot ring light 10 inches comes with 10 brightness levels to choose from. As per your video mood, you can set it accordingly. The ring light is very bright, so finding the best lighting will not be an issue. Since it gets very bright at 10 it takes videos by keeping it either on the 5 or 6th level.

#3 7 Feet Tripod: You will love the various height levels on this tripod. It can go as high as 7 feet, which most people will not use! Also, the lowest height is good. We shot a couple of Insta Reels, YouTube shorts, and Unboxing videos, and even used it as a nightstand!

#4 360 Deg Rotate Ring Light & Phone Holder: It’s just not for YouTube Shorts or Insta Reels, it has a lot of potential for other things. Thanks to the 360-degree rotatable ring light and the phone holder, you can set the angle accordingly.

#5 Non-Existing Heating: The more lighting you will have around you, the more heat the light will produce. Since you will be speaking in the video that means you might have already turned off the ceiling fan, water coolers, or even air conditioners!

Fortunately, the Tygot ring light does not go hot. It gets slightly warm but does not overheat. We tested it over 40 deg temperature for about 25 minutes and it was warm with no sign of overheating.

So keeping in mind the features, Tygot’s 10-inch ring light gets a 5/5.

User Experience (4/5)

Setting up a ring light is quite simple. First, you will unbox the tripod. Then on the top of the tripod, you will attach the ball head. On top of it, the ring light will mount. after mounting the ring light, now it’s time to pop in the phone holder.

The total unboxing experience will take about 10 to 15 minutes and the tripod will be up and running under 20 mins. It’s quite easy not manual or guidance needed. Just make sure you don’t apply too much force. The odds are you are connecting it wrong!

When everything is fine and running just plug in the USB socket and start testing.

Tygot Ring Light Color Modes
Tygot Ring Light Color Modes

The above picture demonstrates the 3 light modes; White, Natural & Warm at full brightness. As you can see the effects are quite appealing. When taking product shots lighting effects help. As we have mentioned in the features the brightness can go very high, it’s true.

When we are not taking any product shorts or making videos, we use this ring light as a table light (do comment if you have ever used it as a table lamp).

Best Ring Light Under 1000 Rs in India
Best Ring Light Under 1000 Rs in India

As we said, for features its total value for money. In fact, for the price it surprisingly offers so much. So should you buy one? Let’s talk about that!

Should You Buy Tygot 10-inch Ring Light?

Tygot Ring Light Review After 4 Months of Use!
Tygot Ring Light Review After 4 Months of Use!

It’s a perfect ring light with a stand under 1000 Rs. Be it overall built, features, and 10 brightness mode, does help to spark your creativity. Over the last few months, we have been testing it and did not have high hopes of it serving the harsh handling of some of the team members.

With time our confidence increased and started testing out new sports to record. It’s been over 5 months of us using this ring light and we like it.

But, there are two things which could’ve been better.

#1 Bal Head Connector to the tripod is wobbly. It’s fine but the connection between the ball head and the tripod hook is not very tight it has some wobbles in between. But once the angle is selected it does not move. It could’ve been better but for the price, it’s manageable.

#2 Higth adjustment knob does not give a lot of confidence. With just a little push it starts to swing a little. However, it can happen on any tripod or ring light that is maxed out in height. But the adjustment knobs can do a little better work.

We are Wrapping up!

For a low price of under 800 Rs, it’s certainly a value product. And the niggles we mentioned can be ignored.

if you are looking for alternatives you can check these options.

BrandRing Light SizeBest Buy Link
Digitek DRL-14C12-inchAmazon
Kreo Ring Light12-inchAmazon

Still not sure? Ping us on the social accounts below, we would love to help you!


Which is the best Ring Light Under 1000 Rs in India?

You can check out Tygot’s 10-inch ring light. It’s feature-packed and offers a decent build. We’ve been using it for over 4 months now and here’s our detailed review. Tap now to learn more.

Is Tygot Ring Light Any Good?

Yes, Tygot’s 10-inch ring light is good. We’ve been using it for over 4 months now and it’s holding up quite well. Here’s our detailed review which can help in your decision-making. Tap now to learn more.

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