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Noise Twist Smartwatch Review | Best Wearable Under 1500 Rs?

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Noise has launched a new smartwatch under 2000 Rs that offers 100+ sport modes, an auto workout selector, IP68 water resistance, and a 1.39 circular dial watch.

Does it offer what it claims or it’s just another budget smartwatch in the already overloaded market? Let’s find out in this Noise Twist smartwatch review!

At PadhkeDekho, we’ve tested several smartwatches you can check out here like Noise Pulse Grand (Review), or the BoAt Wave Lite (Review) in the budget segment. On the Premium side, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE (Review) & Apple Watch SE Second Gen (Review Soon).

With these smartwatches, we know what to check and how to extract the best of these tiny wearables. Today, we present to you, the Noise Twist Smartwatch Review!

In this Noise Twist smartwatch review, you will find the pros and cons, box contents, built quality, looks, features, sports testing, battery backup, calling test, and finally our verdict with recommendations. With that said, let’s start with the Pros and cons.

Noise Twist Smartwatch Review!
Noise Twist Smartwatch Review!

Noise Twist Smartwatch Pros And Cons

How Durable is the Noise Twist Watch?

The dial is metal while the strap is rubber/TPU material. As a result, it feels comfortable and premium with a little weight on the wrist. It’s not the “most lightweight watch” at around 120 grams but it does not feel heavy even when worn at night.

The display or dial is circular and the diameter is big as a result it looks big on the hand next to the square smartwatches.

Budget smartwatches don’t come with any screen protection so it’s better to get screen guards otherwise you will end up with scratches within a week!

The rubber strap makes it strong and ideal for workouts as it will not get scratched easily. Here’s our after 2 months of aggressive use! Still no damage.

Noise Twist Smartwatch Comfort Test
Noise Twist Smartwatch Comfort Test

For me though, it’s perfect and feels good on the wrist. Hence, the Noise Twist smartwatch gets a 9/10.

Does Noise Twist Smartwatch Look Good?

Noise Twist Smartwatch in Blue Color
Noise Twist Smartwatch in Blue Color

The highlight of the Noise Twist smartwatch is the round dial. The circular dial with red treatment on the bottom button visually enhances the look. Since we bought it in Blue the dial offers a matte blue look and black bezels look good.

As of now, the Noise Twist smartwatch comes in many color schemes like Blue (showcased above), Black, Gold Wine, Grey and Pink.

From any angle, it doesn’t look cheap or budget-centric. If you are attending a marriage or formal function get a steel band and change the watch face to any chronograph design. You will be good to go, trust me!

Spigen Metal Case Worth it Looks
Spigen Metal Case Worth it Looks

How Much Noise Twist Smartwatch is Customisable?

Noise Twist Smartwatch Comfort Test
Noise Twist Smartwatch Comfort Test

The strap size is 22mm opens wide customization options from the official Noise store and offline market.

As far as the watch faces go, you will not be disappointed either. The app features 100+ watch faces and they keep adding new ones.

If you wish to go above a notch, you can make your custom watch face with images and fonts you like!

Unlike other brands, Noise custom watch faces “look” exactly as you “designed”. Here’s a quick impression of the desired output.

Noise Twist Custom Watch Face
Noise Twist Custom Watch Face

That’s pretty much you can do the “custom watch face”. custom watch face also means you must ditch the steps, distance covered, or even calories burnt. For customizability, we couldn’t have asked more. Hence, the Noise Twist smartwatch gets 9/10.

How’s The Display of Noise Twist Smartwatch?

should you buy noise twist smartwatch

Noise Twist smartwatch packs in a big 1.38-inch TFT display a huge display next to a square smartwatch.

Moreover, the bezels are not very intriguing. Here’s a watch from Fireboltt which has seen better days! Just compare the screen size and the bezels. Noise has done a good job.

Noise vs FireBoult Smartwatch Comparison
Noise vs FireBoltt Smartwatch Comparison

If you look closely the bezels are almost similar but noise has done the markings as well as the text Home and Sports which covers the bezels. Also, the screen size is bigger on Noise.

Score CardValue
Display Size1.39inch
HD DisplayNo
Brightness Nits500
Display TypeTFT
Check Deal PriceAmazon

The display is quite good for the price. The 500 nits brightness is enough for outdoor use. Even under direct sun light level 3 brightness does the work. You don’t need to max out the brightness.

What about the touch responsiveness? It’s good too. All the touch inputs are registered even if your hands are sweaty or wet. We even got a screen guard for protection and it still works well.

So, does it have the best display under 1500 Rs? yes, it is. But if you can add a few hundred Rs and get an HD display like the Noise Twsit PRO it offers HD display. What’s better? The resolution improves and watch faces look more live.

With that said, Noise Twist is not bad either. Therefore, the Noise Twist smartwatch gets an 8.5/10 for Screen and Display.

Noise Twist Smartwatch Features

#1 Auto Workout Selector: You are going for a morning cycling workout and after some minutes you realize you did not start the workout. It happens! But with the Noise Twist smartwatch, you will get a prompt with a few selections that the watch thinks you are doing. Just tap on the one you are doing and it starts to record. We experienced that, on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE!

#2 Calculator: To some extent, it’s not common among budget smartwatches. It can be useful in many situations when you need to make quick calculations and your phone is not with you. For me though, it’s not a big deal but I do get a lot of messages to know whether XYZ watch has a calculator or not!

#2 Flashlight: We prefer Noise smartwatches for this feature. Believe it or not, it’s quite a useful feature. The screen gets quite bright and helps to get a safe passage to move. On top of it, the light remains on for very long too. We tested it for about 5 minutes and it did not go off. Just don’t tap on the screen.

#4 Calling: This is quite common on smartwatches with calling. if this is your first smartwatch with calling then you would love it. You can accept calls, reject calls, dial a number, search for a contact, and make the call—no need to do that via your phone. Just make sure the watch and the phone are connected.

#5 Standalone Alarms: Many budget smartwatch allows applying alarms via the native app on the target device. But Noise added a dedicated alarm app that even does not need to be connected to a device. Just set the alarm be it one time or a repeat one or want to hit the snooze no problem, you can do that on the Noise Twist smartwatch.

#6 Great Sport Selection Modes (100+): Noise smartwatches always impress folks who are workout-centric. You can choose between 100+ modes as per your liking. It’s not like, the watch has all the modes “on the watch” You can select the main category from the app and it will then show you specific ones in the Workout Testing section.

#7 Silent Mode. Just like on your phone, “Silent” when enabled will give you all the notifications but without any alert sound. Be it a message or call, it will just glow on the screen and that’s about it. Adds a little convenience and makes you aware of what’s happening.

#8 DND Mode: Unlike, SIlend Mode where notifications are shown on the display, DND Mode does not even glow the LED. It’s best when you don’t wish to know any updates or wish to be a ghost for a few hours.

Noise Twist smartwatch packs in good features as well as workout modes and truly justifies the price of 1500! Hence, 9/10 for features!

Noise Twist Workout Review

how to add more workout modes in noise twist smartwatch
how to add more workout modes in the Noise Twist smartwatch

Smartwatch brands try to market their products with a high number of workout models. The higher the better is the Mantra for success. Noise did the same with Noise Twist and gave 100 sports modes!

If you are a workout-motivated person, you will certainly like Noise smartwatches. But there’s a catch!

The smartwatch does not “come equipped” with all fitness modes. You will need to make the selection via the NoiseFit App. Which is compatible with iPhones with iOS version above 9 and for Android it’s version 8.

Don’t worry when setting up, the app will ask you about your goals and target for getting a smartwatch.

Depending upon the workout you performed the watch will keep track of vitals as any smartwatch can but we found the smartwatch was able to store information about the latest 20 workouts in the watch itself.

This is quite hard to believe on a budget smartwatch. We experienced this on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE which is expensive than the Noise Twist smartwatch.

Now, let’s say you went for a quick cycle, and here’s all it will record!

Noise Twist Smartwatch Workout Testing
Noise Twist Smartwatch Workout Testing

During a workout, you can pause, resume a workout, change soundtracks and even if you get a call it will still monitor the workout. You can also set up your goal for certain calories burnt, distance covered, or steps taken. The watch will vibrate to confirm ok competition.

As far as data recording goes, the workout statistics are fairly accurate which gives an idea exactly where your health is going. It’s better to have a smartwatch than a phone during a workout.

What About Trackers and Tracking?

Noise Twist smartwatch comes with the following sensors: SP02, heart tracking, stress monitoring, breathing meditation, sleep tracking, female cycle tracking, etc.

So for the price, it packs in some good features. Let’s get to the basics; how accurate is the Noise Twist smartwatch? Let’s talk about the step meter, distance covered, calories burnt, sleep tracking, health rate monitoring, SP02, stress monitoring, etc.

The step counter is mostly accurate. We’ve tested it alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE as well as the Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen and it’s quite close. You can say a variance for a few hundred steps is there. But hey, those are costly watches!

One good thing is, that the steps do not count when you are riding a scooter or motorcycling (a major problem with budget watches).

In the same way, distance covered and calories burnt are on the same level as the premium watches that we mentioned just above. Which is a big statement for a budget smartwatch.

What about other vital like heart rate, SPo2, and stress monitoring? Well, you will be pleased to know that the statistics are quite accurate too. These tests were done with medical equipment and the figures monitored on the Noise Twist smartwatch are fairly consistent.

Sleep tracking is on point too. It keeps a track record of going to sleep & walking up. Movements in between like visiting the washroom is also tracked. Overall you will get to know REM sleep, Light sleep, Deep sleep, and awake time.

Unlike BoAt Wave Lite that we had before this did not keep overall track of sleep. Usually, budget smartwatches have issues monitoring sleep after waking up after washroom visits. But Noise does not do that. Which is good!

Note: Smartwatches are not to be replaced with medical equipment. Though the figures are “similar” doesn’t mean you should not consult a doctor if you don’t feel right. There’s always a margin of error.

User Experience During Workouts

Our previous Noise smartwatch was ColorFit 2 Grand (Review). The best part about it was the map view tracking. This same feature is present in Noise Twist. What does it mean? Well, if you go jogging, cycling, or even walking the watch will remember the route you take.

It helps to know factors like elevation, downhill, etc. We did miss BoAt Wave Lite (Review) as there was no map view.

But for this feature to work, you will need to allow location permission to the watch via your smartphone as Noise Twist does not come with GPS like all budget smartwatches!

So before launching a workout, you will need to unlock your phone and allow any NoiseFit popup for location access. Otherwise, it will not record a map view.

Before launching a workout, you can also set a goal for a particular duration or calorie target or steps taken. This is very helpful when you wish to challenge yourself and not overdo yourself.

During a workout, you can pause or resume it. We tried to pause a workout for 1 hour and it did not terminate the workout. Moreover, media controls also work (unlike BoAt Wave Lite).

So for user experience, Noise Twist is a great smartwatch under 2000 Rs. Therefore, 9.5/10.

How’s NoiseFit App?

Noise has really done their work and the app reflects it. It’s the most motivating and challenging app one could ask for staying fit and healthy.

To begin with, the UI is very smooth be it on an iPhone 7 or the 13 it gave us no issues of compatibility. Similarly, tested on Android too and the experience was similar. Good job there, Noise!

When it comes to working out you need two things; discipline, motivation, and reward. And this app takes care of it.

After setting up the app and your goal for fitness you will see a daily walk or “step streak” for 3000 steps a day. On a successful day, you will be rewarded with 10 points.

These 10 points will get 2X,3X,5X, or even 10X as the time paces and you achieve the step goal every day. if failed, the streak will break and you will start from Zero!

How is NoiseFit App
How is the NoiseFit App

These points can be redeemed to buy special coupons or buy items at a discount from Noise. This takes care of the discipline.

Noise also organizes weekly challenges and you can complete them with other Noise users in real-time. Events offer different rewards to the winners. We’ve seen smartwatches, TWS earbuds, neckbands, etc.

If your friends have Noise smartwatches then you can add those people and directly challenge them for step walks or other challenges. The one with higher statistics wins! This takes care of motivation!

how to challenge a friend on noisefit app
how to challenge a friend on Noisefit app

We’ve used many budget smartwatches, and NoiseFit is by far the best one with tons of features and customizations.

How Good/Bad is The Call Quality of Noise Twist Smartwatch?

We’ve tested a few other smartwatches with calling and most of them are pure average. For the best call quality, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (review) is the way to go, if your budget allows. Otherwise, Noise Twist can be considered!

The call quality is good. You will not have any issue understanding what the other person on the call is saying. In the same way, your voice will be transmitted. Is it as per the smartphone’s level? No! it’s not! But it’s more like a TWS earbud output.

Many people think calling via smartphone seems a little too much. Here’s a scenario to understand the need better. Let’s say you are in the metro does not feel safe to take out your phone. You can take your short calls via the smartwatch itself.

Another situation is when you are you are riding a scooter and you keep the phone under the seat storage area. And when you get a call you don’t need to open the seat and pick up the call as it will take some time. You can simply pick up the call via the smartwatch and talk your immediate communication there.

So for calling, the Noise Twist smartwatch gets a 9/10.

How Long Can Noise Twist Smartwatch Be Used?

Noise Twist Charging Time
Noise Twist Charging Time

One thing that is quite clear after testing many Noise products is that the battery claims are on point. For instance, the Noise Twist smartwatch claims up to 7 days of battery backup. And will calling the claimed figures are for 2 days. So what will be the real-world figures?

During our few months of use, we witness anywhere between 2 to 3 days of battery backup. This will everything on; like 24/7 heart rate, sleep tracking, rise to wake turned on, 80% brightness, moderate calling, many workouts, etc.

You can even experience up to 4 to 5 days of battery backup if you cut on a few things. Like staying in silent mode, raising to wake to time specific (when you need to), no calling, 50% brightness, and turning off auto heart rate.

As for charging, it’s quite quick. From 0 to 100% via PC/laptop, it charges under 2 hours. Using a 20-watt charger can fully charge it under 1 hour 40 mins.

So for battery backup, the Noise Twist smartwatch gets 8.5/10.

Wrapping up!

To sum up, the Noise Twist smartwatch is a capable smartwatch with tons of sports modes, Bluetooth calling, and good build, and looks. The statistics recorded are somewhat accurate and knowing where your health is going always helps in the future. Therefore, we award it as 8.5/10.

Buying a Noise Twist smartwatch using the link above will help us earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. tuis motivates up to buy more products and bring genuine content for genuine buyers like you.

So this was our Noise Twist Smartwatch Review after months of testing. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment below or contact us on the social accounts. We love to help our readers!

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Noise Twist Smartwatch FAQ

Does Noise Twist Has HD Display?

No! Noise Twist has a TFT Display. For HD display, you might need to check out Noise Twist Pro.

Can Noise Twist Smartwatch Track Map View?

Yes, It can track map views during walks, jogging, cycling, and many more.

Does Noise Twist Really Have 100 Sport Modes?

Yes, but you have to select the ones that are important to you via the NoiseFit app.

Noise Twist Call Quality?

It’s good be it indoors or outdoors.