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Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rs – Comfy & A1 Sound!

[Updated on 26 July 2023] If you are looking for the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees, then kudos to you for making the best decision. Why? Because over-the-ear or over-ear headphones are super comfortable and can be worn for very long hours. Unlike on-ear headphones.

This doesn’t mean you can open Amazon and buy any over-ear headphones! There are so many things to look out for! Primarily, the built quality, comfort, how good/bad they sound, and what type of mic is on offer.

On Amazon itself, you can find various over-ear headphones but not all are worthy of your time and money.

At PadhKeDekho, These are our recommendations for the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees. To make this list, we have actually used 10+ headphones and narrowed it down to just 7. On the basis of that, here’s a list of the best over ear headphones under 2000 you can buy!

The Criteria for selection best over ear headphones under 2000 was fairly simple; they should have good built quality, are comfortable, have good/great audio output, and some have decent/good microphones too. So you can consider any of them and not be disappointed. 

Note: This article is going to be long and you don’t need to research anymore as we have done it for you! We are sure you will find the next over-ear headphone with our detailed guide! So let’s start with the best over-ear headphones under 2000 that are wired.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Wired Options

Clicking any link below will take you to the particular headphone review on this page. Just to make sure, we have not been paid or sponsored by any brand for this review. These are 100 percent honest reviews.

  1. AKG K52 (Second Best Over-Ear Pro Headphone)
  2. Sennheiser HD206 (Best Pro Headphone) (Our Pick)
  3. Boult Bassbuds Q2 (Cheap & Best Over-Ear Headphone)

Wireless Options – Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000

Clicking any link below will take you to the particular headphone review on this page. Just to make sure, we have not been paid or sponsored by any brand for this review. These are 100 percent honest reviews.

  1. Blaupunkt BH11 (Underrated + Capable Over-Ear Headphone)
  2. Zebronic Zeb Duke ( Different Yet Comfy Design + Good Sound) (Our Pick)
  3. BoAt Rockerz 550 (Better Noise Isolation + Dual Mode) (Second Best)
  4. Flix X1 by Beetle (Comfy + Stylish Headphone)
  5. Boult Audio Probass Ranger (Trendy + Bass Heavy Audio)

Best Bass Heavy Headphones Under 2000 Rs {Tested}

Bass heavy Headphones in India Under 2000
Bass Heavy Headphones in India Under 2000

With time we have come across demand to cover bass-centric headphones under 2000 by our readers. And here we are with the 5 best options that you can buy under 2000 Rs. Here’s our detailed review that you should check out.

Wired Options – Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000

Not everyone prefers to have wireless or Bluetooth headphones. We get it, some might be having computers that don’t have Bluetooth drivers or they favor nostalgic wired headphones. In general, wired and wireless headphones do have some major differences. The first significant one is latency. Which is a slight delay while watching a movie. This lag becomes serious when you are playing a competitive online game where every mile and second counts.

There is no latency on wired headphones. It’s the Wireless ones that have to deal with latency. So here are our 3 best over-ear headphones under 2000 Rupees.

#1 Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 (Cheap & Best Over-Ear Headphone)

Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 List
  • Good Built Quality
  • Earcups Are Big
  • Padding is Soft & Durable
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Bass Centric Headphone
  • Vocals Are Distortion-Free
  • Decent Microphone
  • Cable is Long Enough to be Used Via PC
  • Only Black Color Option

The first headphone on our best over ear headphones under the 2000 list is Boult Bassbuds Q2 which is a good quality cheap over-ear headphone. We were surprised upon using it. Everything from its built quality to audio quality is good.

On top of it, being close to just 500 Rupees make it a great deal. So let’s have a look at its key specifications and features.

Audio drivers 40mm
Designed For Extra BassYes
Connection TypeWired
In-Built MicrophoneYes
Can Activate Voice AssistantYes
Compatible WithPC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Built Quality

In terms of built quality, it’s all plastic which is quite durable. This is not common among the plastic used by other companies. As a result, the squeaking noise is quite less.

This holds true for the headband adjuster as well. They are fairly loose and easy to adjust to your liking.

The headphone is designed keeping portability in mind, hence it can be folded, unlike many headphones that are rigid and have to be put in the bag just like that. Kudos to Boult for thinking about it. While we are at it, the mechanism is soft and doesn’t make any squeaking noise.

As per the 500 Rs price tag, it actually is better than double the price of headphones in the market for sure!


The biggest USP of Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 is the over-ear design. This makes the ear cups quite bigger and wider than the on-ear headphones at the same price. Secondly, the fabric on the ear cups is very soft and the padding is thick so it’s very comfortable on the ears.

Another thing that will help in better comfort is the headband adjusters. It is plastic but the adjusters provide multiple levels of adjustment so finding a comfortable spot is very easy. One place where it lacks some amount of comfort is below the headband, which has some grip but no soft fabric. Boult could’ve given some cushioning for better comfort. But keeping built in mind, this seems like being greedy!

Audio Quality

Usually, headphones and earphones around 500 are pretty basic and not much to talk about. Sure there are good options that we have also covered that you can check out all are great! Surprisingly, Boult has really done great work.

First of all, this headphone is marketed as a heavy bass headphone, and it does what it says. The bass is pretty strong not like the Sony XB series but surely quite good. Secondly, the overall audio quality is great and offers quite a level of detail be it vocals, instruments, or stereo effects.

However, the treble is reduced. This is the case for most of the headphones that are bass-centric. Because for bass, either you have to detune vocals or treble.

So if you need high treble headphones then this is not for you. Otherwise, go for it you will not be disappointed.

Mic Test

Same story in this department too. Headphones around 500 have average quality at best and the end result sounds like a robotic voice. However, Boult has not left this stone unturned too. You can expect decent-quality calls. So if you need an over-ear headphone that can take care of your calling needs then you can definitely consider Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2.

Who Should Buy This?

All in all, Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 is a great deal around 500 Rupees that you can consider if you are tight on budget. It packs in good built quality, comfort, audio output and surprisngly great bass!

#2 AKG K52 (Second Best Over-Ear Professional Wired Headphone)

AKG 52 Closed Back Headphone Review
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 List
  • Very Comfortable Earcups
  • Design is Very Good
  • No cost Cutting Evident in Terms of Built
  • Can be Worn For Long Hours
  • Looks Heavy But it’s The Opposite
  • Natural Sounding Audio Quality
  • A Little Bass Centric Headphone
  • The Vocals are Very Clear
  • Self Adjusting Headband
  • Very Good Noise Isolation
  • No Microphone For Calling

In our best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees list, this is the second-best professional-grade headphone. You might be thinking about what grounds make pro headphones unique? Well in everything! Let’s start with some features and specifications!

Audio Drivers40mm
Designed For Extra BassYes
Connection TypeWired
In-built MicrophoneNo
Can Activate Voice AssistantNo
Self Adjusting HeadbandYes
Best Suited ForDesktop & Laptop
Compatible OnLaptop, PC, Smartphone, Tablet

Built Quality

AKG K52 is built keeping long & continuous use in mind. For someone, it can be for 5 hours or even 10 depending upon work. So for that, it offers a build that can support some rough and tuff handling, drops, etc. The headband frame is all metal which is great for providing a sturdy structure to the headphone. Just underneath the metal frame, you can see a cloth that will help the headphone form a nice and good grip on your head.

While the earcups are plastic but they seem quite durable and can take a few falls without any damage. So the overall built quality is great and no squeaking can be heard even if you apply force. This cannot be said for other headphones apart present on the list!


The best part about the AKG K52 is the comfort on offer. The earcups are quite big and can easily fit on any ear size be it small or large (like me) before the circular padding. Due to this, you will experience the utmost comfort even for two-digit hours!

Some over-ear headphones have a smaller diameter of the earcups so you can feel unusual pressure on the ears. But not on AKG K52 in any possible case! Though the ear padding doesn’t seem to be thick, it does make a snug fit without causing any pain.

We can easily recommend AKG K52 for someone who needs to wear it for more than 10 hours. This is how good it is!

Audio Quality

When we talk about pro headphones these bring so many things to the table. Primarily being detailed in everything without overpowering anything. Every brand has its own sound signature. Some are bass-heavy, some prefer details in vocals, etc. But AKG does things differently.

The audio output via the 40mm audio drivers is crisp and full of details. Vocals, instruments, treble everything is flatline. Which means nothing overpowers the original specs of the song. In other words, you will hear it as it is meant to be. Without enhanced bass or vocals.

AKG K52 is a reference type headphone which is great for audio creators and even while video editing. This gives an idea of how your vocals actually sound.

Even if you don’t create music you can still experience great audio quality. We felt the bass to be slightly on the heavier side which can be good or bad depending upon your need.

For casual listing this is great and you will certainly have a good time. But if you plan on audio creation you can use this but Sennheiser HD206 will be an ideal choice.

Mic Output

Unfortunately, AKG K52 doesn’t come with a microphone. So you cannot perform calling via it. This might be off-putting for you. But it all makes sense as it is for audio monitoring purposes and to be used with a laptop, computer, or tablet.

You can use it with a smartphone but you will have to manage the 2.5 meters long cable!

Who Should Buy This?

AKG K52 is a great over-ear headphone for your professional use as well as casual listing. By tuning the eq you can experience thumping bass too!

#3 Sennheiser HD206 (Pro Headphone With Flatline Sound)

Sennheiser HD206 Over Ear Headphones
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 List

Pros & Cons

  • Built Quality is Good
  • Cable is Long Enough to be Used With a PC
  • Design is Old School
  • The Headphone is Comfortable For Long Hours of Use
  • Faux Leather on The Earcups
  • Great Sounding Headphone
  • Vocals & Instruments Are the Strng Points
  • Misses on Microphone
  • More Suitable For Laptop And Computers

Sennheiser HD206 is also an audio-monitoring wired headphone that can be used by pro and non-pro users. Secondly, it’s quite a popular headphone in our office! That’s why it’s on the best over ear headphones under the 2000 Rupees list!

It may or may not work for you. But for the most part, it does a great job! Let’s have a look at some features and specifications

Audio DriversNot Disclosed
Designed For Natural SoundYes
Audio Monitoring Yes
In-built MicrophoneNo
Can Activate Voice AssistanceNo
Best Suited ForLaptop, Computer & Tablet
Compatible WithPC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Built Quality

Since it’s an entry-level headphone from a big company, it manages to be quite great next to other headphones in this price range. Sure, it’s completely plastic but it’s quite durable and we know people who are using it for more than 2 years!

Even the headband adjusters are plastic. In this price range, you can get headphones with metal adjusters but Sennheiser went with plastic. But this doesn’t mean it’s bad. While adjusting for the right size, it doesn’t feel cheap.


Being an Over-ear headphone, it does offer good comfort. Though not as good as AKG K52, still much better than on-ear headphones. If you’ll notice the earcups are oval on Sennheiser HD206 this means if you have large ears it might put some pressure on the ears. Which most people don’t like. Because it restricts the headphone to be worn for long hours like 8 to 10 hours.

I do have big ears and had no issues wearing them for 5 to 6 hours. So if you are worried about comfort, then ease up a little! Secondly, the headband adjuster provides a wide range of adjustments hence finding a comfortable spot is quite easy. Thankfully, Sennheiser has not done any cost-cutting by removing the padding below the headband.

It really enhances the overall comfort and you can literary go on for hours without worries.

Audio Quality

This is the forte of Sennheiser headphones. While reviews on Amazon and Flipkart state otherwise! Usually, those reviews are coming from people who are habitual of listing to music on regular headphones with overpowering bass. I am not saying they are wrong, but they expect the bass-heavy sound signature, and this headphone simply doesn’t have it.

To those people, HD206 might not be an ideal choice. It’s a more flat and natural-sounding headphone that doesn’t just focus on bass. Not everyone likes this sound signature. Even, though I don’t like it! I am one of those who enjoy bass-heavy headphones.

But after giving it a fair share of time, there’s more than just bass to consider! You can experience great clarity and detail in the vocals, instruments that seem to be paying close to you, and loudness that you cannot handle at full volume. With all this, you get decent bass that is present.

Next to AKG K52, this generates similar audio output but the bass is considerably low. So if you need audio monitoring headphones with a slightly heavy bass then AKG K52 takes the lead. Otherwise, you can give Sennheiser HD206 a shot.


Just like AKG K52, Sennheiser HD206 also doesn’t come with a microphone. So you cannot do any calls with it. This can be a bummer for many readers out there.

Who Should Buy This?

Sennheiser HD206 is the perfect solution for audio creators who need a flatline sound signature that will actually represent how your voice and music are. Using it for casual use is good on detail but bass will not be much appealing. If you need a pro headphone with a better than AKG52 is the better choice.

Best Over Ear Headphones Wireless

While talking about the wired headphone, we did mention latency or lag in wireless headphones. This overtime has been reduced quite a bit. All the headphones below have minimum latency and by using the aux cable (in the box) for gaming, you can remove the latency completely.

Above we have reviewed the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees that are wired. And now, let’s share some light on the best over-ear wireless options too!

#1 BoAt Rockerz 550 (Better Noise Isolation + Good Audio)

BoAt Rockerz 550 vs Infinity Glide 510
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List
  • Good Built Quality
  • Metal Headband Adjusters
  • Comfortable Earcups And Fabric
  • Decent Microphone For Calling
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 50mm Audio Drivers Are Good on Detail
  • Vocals & Instruments Are Its Strong Suit
  • Mutliple Color Options
  • No Overwhelming Bass
  • Can be Used Wired as well as Wirelessly
  • Not a Foldable Headphone
  • Bass is Average

BoAt Rockerz 550 is our favorite choice in the best over ear headphones under the 2000 list. Why? Because there are so many reasons for that. But first, let’s begin with some of the features and specifications.

Audio Drivers50mm
Designed For Extra BassNo
Connection TypeBluetooth + Aux Mode
In-built MicrophoneYes
Can Activate Voice AssistantYes
Best Suited ForEverything
Compatible WithComputer, Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet

Built Quality

Under 2000 Rs plastic is the most commonly used material in many headphones. But, what’s great with BoAt Rockerz 550 is the quality of the plastic. Rockerz 550 has not even had a single squeaking when adjusting the headband or wearing/removing the headphone. This gives quite a rich and premium built quality. Moreover, the same treatment is followed on the ear cup hinges as well.

The ear cups are slightly tiltable so that you can find a comfortable and better fit. Unfortunately, you can not fold the headphone for the sake of baggage travel. It will go in the bag the way it is. or it way stays on your neck. We have tried it many times it stays quite comfortable on the neck too.

Let’s now talk about the headband. Here, BoAt has used metal which is good. Because most brands prefer all plastic. Due to the metal, the headband feels more durable and sturdy while adjusting for a perfect fit.


When we talk about comfort with headphones, there are a few things to check out. First of all, is the earcup size. Since it’s an over-ear headphone it can perfectly cover your eyes hence it will cause no pain even if you wear spectacles.

Secondly, the ear cushions also play a vital role. if this is thick it will help form a comfortable grip around the ears which will give you two things; one is nice isolation and the other is extreme comfort. All the above conditionals are met on BoAt Rockerz 550.

Another point to consider about comfort is the cushioning below the headband. This not only helps in better grip but restricts the weight of the headphone. BoAt has also given literally everything to make your experience comfortable.

Now at the last, is the number of adjustments on the headband. There are so many levels of adjustments that can even help you make it a perfect fit for a kid or for yourself without much effort.

We were quite impressed with BoAt Rockerz 550’s comfort on offer. You can easily wear it for 7 to 8 hours without any issues other than sweat. 

Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, BoAt has really stepped up. The 50mm audio drivers produce good quality music be it vocals, instruments, or even treble. Unlike some BoAt products that are bass-heavy, this one is moderate and focuses more on detail.

Don’t get us wrong, it offers quite a good bass but it’s not overpowering by restricting treble or instruments for that.

Secondly, the audio experience is distortion-free. Even if you crank up to max volume, there’s no cracking of audio at all. On this headphone, you don’t need to push the limits because it goes very loud! The sweet spot is up to 80 percent, where the audio leak is the bare minimum.  

If you like to enjoy every bit of vocals & instruments that doesn’t overwhelm with extra bass then this is a good headphone for you.   

Another great thing about BoAt Rockerz 550 is the noise isolation. Due to the built and big earcups with thick padding, it pretty much restricts the outside noise even without playing any song. Keeping in mind it doesn’t come with active noise cancelation, this is quite rare in this price range.

So with Rockerz 550, you can enjoy music or movies indoors without any major disturbance. While outdoors use it responsibly at a lower volume as you might not hear things in your proximity.

Mic Output

BoAt Rockerz 550 has a good microphone that can be used for online classes and meetings. But it does its magic well indoors. The audio transmitted is clear and loud. Due to Bluetooth 5.0, the range is quite good too. So you can move freely in the room/house under 10 meters with very little distortion.

But as soon as you will go outside, it tends to capture more ambient noise than your voice hence people on the call will complain of low volume or disturbance. While we took a few calls in the Delhi metro, my friend on the call was easily able to wear people next to me! 

This is pretty much common in headphones and earphones at this price range. So it’s not to complain about.

Battery Backup

In this department, you will not be disappointed too. The BoAt Rockerz 550 comes with a 500 mAh battery that can go on for 20 hours as BoAt suggests. But while testing we got around 17 hours. Which is great! This again will be dependent on your preferred volume. We tested it at below 80 all the time. 

The best part about BoAt Rockerz 550 is the dual mode. So you can use the headphone with any smartphone or laptop via the aux cable in the box. This will not only save the battery of the headphone but also sound slightly better.

BoAt Rockerz 550 is quite an interesting headphone as it comes with Bluetooth as well as aux support too! This will make sure whether you have the battery or not the songs will keep on flowing!

Who Should Buy This?

If you need better noise isolation and a mic that can be used for calling along with good audio quality without compromising on comfort, then BoAt Rockers 550 is the way to go!

#2 FliX X1 By Beetle (Best Looker + Portable Option Under 1000 Rs)

Flix X1 Over Ear Headphone Review
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List

Pros & Cons

  • Very Smart Looking Headphone
  • Good Built Quality
  • Travel-Friendly Headphone
  • Bluetooth 5.0 For Seemless Connection
  • Micro SD Card Support
  • Mic Could Have Been Better

Do you remember using Beetle landlines at home or in offices? if you are from the ’90s then you can easily recall. Beetle telephones had the best incoming call quality and were loud next to MTNL’s native landlines.

The same brand has now entered the audio industry with a sub-brand named FliX. Under 1000 Rs it’s quite a deal and it’s great. It’s even better than some headphones under the 2000 category. So that’s why it’s on the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees list!

So is it like the good old times or should you let FliX X1 slide? Let’s have a look at some features and specifications first.

Audio Drivers40mm
Bass Centric HeadphoneYes
Types of ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 + Aux Mode
Foldable HeadphoneYes
Microphone For CallingYes

Build Quality

FliX X1 is primarily made up of plastic and considering the cost of around 1000 we think it’s acceptable. But you will not hear squeaking while adjusting for the best spot or stretching. Another thing we noticed is flexibility. Usually, headphones are quite rigid in this price range. Hence, FliX X1 can be handed in a hash manner.

What’s great about the built quality is the metal headband. Under 1000 Rs finding an over-ear headphone that too with elements of metal is very rare. Usually, metal is used in headphones starting from 1500 Rs. Beetle has done their homework because many people leave headphones that don’t have metal headband adjusters. Because metal adds durability and longevity to a headphone.

The overall structure of the headphone is made by keeping portability in mind. You can fold the headphone into half the size and can easily carry them in the backpack. All the headphones above except Bould Bassbuds Q2 are fixed and folding them is not possible. But this, being cheaper than many can do what they can’t so that’s another reason why FLiX X1 is on the list!

Moreover, the design of the headphone really impressed us. We think it is the most stylish over-ear headphone under 1000 for sure!


Being Over-ear headphones has its own perks and goes in the favor of the customers. The ear cups are big for small to medium-built people. And if you have large ears, then don’t need to worry. Even though the earpads will be pressing your ears but the clamping force is not very strong hence it will be comfortable for long hours (My personal best is 4 hours!).

Secondly, you will also find padding below the headband, which is again not very common under the 1000 category. All the above and multiple levels of adjustments will help you find the perfect spot for comfort as well as a grip while doing workouts.

So in terms of comfort, you are going to have a good time!

Audio Quality

Beetle not only worked hard for build & comfort but on sound quality too! Most of the headphones in this price range lack details in vocals, instruments, and treble but somehow Beetle has managed all of these quite well. Moreover, the bass is quite good too!

The 40mm audio drivers produce a great level of detail in vocals. We were actually not expecting this! Moreover, the bass on offer is very good. How good you ask? it’s a thumping one! Another great thing about FLiX X1 is the distortion-free music. You can crank up to full volume and no audio creaking is evident.

We have tried a few generic over-ear headphones under 1000 and they were not great at all. So If you prefer heavy bass and details in vocals, then you will like the sound signature of FLiX X1!

Mic Test

This is where we think Beetle could have done better. The mic on offer sounds robotic and the person on the call can easily identify you are using a headphone. This is okay for casual calling. However, for professional work, we think there are better options available.

At this price, over-ear headphones with better mic are available like Zebronics Zeb Thunder and pTron Studio.

Battery Backup

Since it’s a wireless headphone, it comes with a 250 mAh battery to provide you juice for hours! As per Beetle FLiX X1 can give 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge. This is quite great!

The headphone gets charged in under 2 hours depending on the charger. We always charge it with 5 watt 1-amp charger that’s why it takes around 2 hours. With a Moto Turbocharger, it goes 0 to 100 in under 1 hr 30 mins or even less.

Along with that, it also supports aux mode. So if you are out of battery, you can always plug the flat type cable into any device and enjoy music without worrying about the battery.

Connectivity Options

Beetle Flix X1 comes in 3 different modes to enjoy music. The first one is via Bluetooth. Not just any version, but 5.0 which is the latest one in the consumer market. Secondly, if you are running low on battery, you can connect the headphone to your smartphone, laptop, or computer with the 3.5mm aux cable provided in the box.

With this wired connection, you will not be using the battery of the headphones. Hence, it will come in handy when you need a wireless connection.

This headphone also comes with support for a micro SD memory card (not included in the box). So you can go on walks or jogging without even carrying your smartphone. It will help you perform better sprints and let you focus on workouts.

Who Should Buy This?

If you are not willing to spend around 2k on your next headphone or perhaps looking for a great over-ear headphones under 1000 then Beetle Flix X1 is the best choice.

#3 Zebronics Zeb Duke (Tuff Built + Good Audio) (Our Pick)

Zebronic Zeb Duke Over Ear Headphone Review
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + Aux Support
  • Premium Built Quality
  • Metal Headband Adjusters
  • Comfortable Ear Cups
  • Good Built Quality
  • RGB Lighting
  • Can be Used For Long hours
  • Clamping Foce is Decent; Not Lose Nor Tight
  • The mic is good But Sounds a Little Far Away
Property Value
Audio Drivers40mm
Bass Centric HeadphoneYes
Dual Bluetooth ConnectYes
Connection TypeBluetooth 5.0 + Aux Mode
Can Activate Voice Assistant Yes
Mic Available For CallingYes, a Decent One
RGB Lights Can Be ControlledYes, Press + And – Together

Built Quality

Zebronic has really stepped up its headphone game with Zeb Thunder and Zeb Duke. To be honest, we were not expecting this in a positive way! Zeb Duke has a good built quality overall. Though the ear cups are plastic the headband adjusters and the overall structure of the headband are made up of metal.

This structure gives it the strength to stretch out for any head size. After using it for a few months we can say the headphone seems quite durable for long life. Another great thing we noticed is the use of good-quality plastic. There is no squeaking noise while adjusting for the perfect grip. So if you need durable headphones that will not break easily then this is for you!


For comfort, Zebronics have used a different design of ear cups. In photos, it looks bulky but it’s actually not. This is a good thing. The more lightweight the headphone the better comfort it offers. Now coming to the cushioning on offer. You will get thick padding on the ear cups as well below the headband. We had no issues in this regard.

The clamping force of the headphone is the bare minimum hence this is not good for workouts or running. But are great for comfort! I personally, have used it for 4 hours on a stretch and have no issues in terms of comfort. Sweating is prominent though but it happens with many over-ear headphones after a few hours of continuous use. So can’t complain about that.

Therefore, in terms of comfort, you will not be disappointed.

Audio Quality

Zebronics have not left any stone unturned with this headphone. Without any second doubt, it is the best over ear wireless headphone below 1500 Rupees in terms of audio. The 40mm audio drivers do a really good job of delivering clear vocals & instruments, treble & sharpness without any audio distortion even at full volume.

You can listen to any pop song or KDM’s and experience great detail in pretty much everything. What’s even better is the bass! It’s not thumping ones that will rock your ears but the signature is so good with details that you will surely have a good time.

Mic Test

After taking several calls indoors and outdoors, we have reached the conclusion that the headphone mic is acceptable. It’s nothing special to talk home about. But it will let you take a few calls and get the job done. Be it indoors or outdoors, we felt the mic was sounding a little far away hence we had to speak in a higher tone. Though the call quality was clear on both ends of the meeting, we just had to be slightly loud.

It can be okay if you are in a closed room, but will certainly disturb you if you are working night shifts! Don’t get us wrong, the mic on offer is not bad at all. It’s good under 1500 Rupees, but the positioning of the mic could have been better.

Battery Backup

In terms of battery, Zebronics claims about 30 hours of non-stop entertainment. While testing it at around 80 percent volume we achieved around 27 to 28 hours of battery backup with some amount of calling. This is a great battery backup. Hypothetically, you can go for 3 days if you spend around about 8 hours a day.

The Zebronic Zeb Duke charging time is about 2 hours which is equally good. So 2 hours of charge can give you around 27 hours of playback time. This is beyond amazing! Secondly, Zeb Duke also supports aux input. So if you need to save some battery for later use or perhaps you are out of juice, then aux mode is for the rescue!

Types of Connectivity

Zeb Duke supports two connectivity options. The first one is the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for consumer products. During our testing, we had no issues with network disturbance or frequency breaking even at 6 to 7 meters far away from the source.

The second mode of communication is the aux mode. A 3.5mm decent quality audio cable is provided which doesn’t have a microphone. So if you are connected via wire then you cannot use the microphone of the headphone.

if you need to do calling you either have to do it wirelessly or buy an aux cable that has a mic inbuilt.

Who Should Buy This?

Zebronics Zeb Duke is for users who are eyeing at best built quality with a metal headband and sound that is bass-centric without any audio distortion.

#4 Blaupunkt BH11(Underrated + Capable Over-Ear Headphone)

Blaupunkt BH11 Over Ear Headphone
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List
  • Premium Built Quality
  • Normal And Bass Mode
  • Soft Ear Cushions
  • Good Design
  • 24 Hours Battery Backup
  • Foldable And Travel friendly
  • Engraved Buttons
  • Aux Support Too
  • At This Price, It Still Comes With USB 2.0 Interface

Great things are discovered when you are not looking for them!

This is what exactly happened with someone on our team. We were looking for new over-ear headphones and were quite surprised to see Blaupunkt headphones. To be honest we didn’t have any idea they used to make it!

If you don’t know Blaupunkt makes amazing car systems and speakers that even you might have used. We have owned many car stereos and speakers of Blaupunkt in the past and got excited to see an over-ear headphone from our favorite brand.

So 6 months ago we bought Blaupunkt BH11 and it is surely capable to be on the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees list!

Property Value
Audio Drivers40mm
Designed For Extra BassYes
Bass Centric Audio ModeYes
Mic For CallingYes
Connectivity OptionsBluetooth 5.0 + Aux Mode
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List

Built Quality

The major construction is of good quality plastic that has no speaking or elements of getting broken while adjusting the headband. Secondly, the headband adjuster lock is of metal and seems quite sturdy.

Blaupunkt BH11 is very flexible and can be stretched quite further. This cannot be done on many headphones be it on-ear or over-ear. Why you will be stretching it? Because the headphone has to potential to be adjusted on any head size. We have team members that tie turbans even if they are liking it!

The overall fit & finish of the headphone is very premium and doesn’t feel like a 2000 Rs product. It clearly gives the impression of the worth 5000 Rupees.

So in terms of built quality and design, it’s a great over-ear headphone and has no major issues after using it for 6 months.


It’s way beyond what we imagined. Let’s first talk about the earcups. The ear cups are big and circular that will easily fit on your skull perfectly while holding your ears in between. Due to this, it restricts a lot of outside noise too. Secondly, the memory foam used is very premium and quite soft that will not cause you any pain even after 6 hours of continuous use.

As we said in the built quality, the headband is quite big and can easily accommodate any head size. The headband itself is soft and there’s a cushion above and below the headband. So it’s comfortable all around. The headband adjusters are quite different from what we were used to but we kind of liked the mechanism of locking.

So the headphone is very comfortable for long continuous use and doesn’t feel that heavy on the head.

Audio Quality

We always liked the audio quality of the Blaupunkt in our car and surely we can say that about Blaupunkt BH11! It is a great sounding pair of our best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees. Period.

First of all, the bass is amazing. It can surely rock your ears. You can literally feel vibrations next to your ears. Not just that, it delivers a wide range of low frequencies that will give you goosebumps! So it’s a bass-heavy headphone? Yes, but there is more! It just not only pumps bass but the 40mm audio drivers deliver detailed mids and highs. Usually, headphones, have a bass-centric sound signature and don’t have impressive mids and highs. But Blaupunkt has done quite impressive work!

You can expect great detail in vocals, instruments, bass, and treble in the normal mode. As soon as you’ll hit the Turbo Bass Mode, the bass is even enhanced and for the bass lovers, you cannot let this headphone miss your side! In this mode, the treble is detuned to compensate for the extra bass, but still, the sound signature is sharp and has plenty of details.

We are quite sure you won’t find a headphone in this range, that even comes close to this. But it’s weird people are not giving enough credit to this gem.


Due to working from home, we spend a good share of time taking calls and we always prefer to use Over-ear headphones for that. Because meetings are uncertain and can go a little longer!

if you take the mic seriously and will be taking calls in a closed and silent room then look no other and give Blaupunkt BH11 a shot. You will be impressed by the call quality.

It’s so good, that the call will go through and friends will be shocked after knowing you used headphones for that! However, if you have traffic or people chatting close to you, the person on the call will hear it as there is no noise cancellation in the microphone. But hey! We can’t expect that in this price range.

So for a good calling experience indoors, Blaupunkt BH11 is the way to go!

Battery Backup

Blaupunkt BH11 comes with a 450 mAh battery which can give you a complete day of battery backup which is great. For charging it still comes with a USB 2.0 hence it gets completely charged in around 2 hours. At the time price, we were kind of expecting USB-C. But it’s okay!

Additionally, you can plug the headphone into your device thanks to the 3.5mm audio cable provided in the box. So if you are low on battery, you can plug in the headphone on a laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet and enjoy the great audio quality with tons of bass!

So 24 hours of battery backup and 2 hours of charging + support for aux mode seems like a great deal!

Types of Connectivity

You can pair BH11 headphones in two ways; Bluetooth and aux mode. As far as Bluetooth is concerned you get the industry standard 5.0 which helps in seamless wireless connection. We had no issues roaming around in the house while either being on-call or just enjoying music.

Along with Bluetooth, you can also form a connection using the 3.5mm audio cable in the box. We didn’t notice any audio quality difference in both modes, however, gaming performance gets better with no latency.

Who Should Buy This?

if you are looking for a premium headphone that doesn’t compromise on looks, built quality, audio quality, and most importantly comfort, then Blaunkpunkt BH11 should be your choice!

Which Are The Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List?

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000
Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees List

All of the above are great over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees. Definitely, they have the pros and cons that we have shared above. But selecting one is quite tuff even for us. Because some are good in music quality, some are ahead in terms of built quality, etc. However, we are sorting the headphones based on our liking. So let’s see the Best over-ear headphones under 2000 – PadkKeDekho Ratings!

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 Rupees – Wired Options

Best Over-Ear Wired Headphones

2. AKG K52

1. Sennheiser HD206

3. Boult Bassbuds Q2

Second Best Pro Headphone With Great Comfort & Bass-Heavy Sound Signature

Best Pro Headphone With Good Comfort But With Flatline Sound Signature

Chepest Over-Ear Option With Good Base & Comfort

Best Buy Link

Best Buy Link

Best Buy Links

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000 – Wireless Options

Best Over-Ear 

Wireless Options

1. Blaupunkt BH11

2. Zeb Duke

3. BoAt Rockerz 550

4. Flix X1 by Beetle

Comfy + Great Sounding + Extra Bass Mode

Comfy + Good Sound Signature + Flexible

Comfy + Good Audio Quality + Decent Mic For Calling

Comfy + Flexible + Good Audio Quality + Stylish Design Under 1k

Best Buy Link

Best Buy Link

Best Buy Link

Best Buy Link

There You Have it, Folks!

These are our recommendations for the best over ear headphones under 2000 Rupees. To make this list, we have actually used 10+ headphones and narrowed it down to just 7. We really hope you would have found the one for you. If you did, then let us know in the comments it will motivate us to bring more articles like this. What do you think of our best over ear headphones under the 2000 Rupees list? Do share it with your friends and help them out too!

Still, having difficulty choosing the best over ear headphones under 2000? Then also comment below or reach us out at PadhKeDekho’s official accounts. We would love to help!

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