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Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000 Rs! The Best Out of The Rest!

We recently visited a renowned electronics store and were blown away by how the sales reps were making fools of customers by recommending them laptops that will not work for even 2 years!

30000 RS is not a bad budget, you can get a decent laptop granted you are not going to play games or heavy-duty tasks like streaming 4K content, etc.

So in this article, we are sharing with you the things to look out for before buying a 30000 Rs laptop. In other words, a laptop buying guide under 30000 Rs. We are sure if you are buying your first laptop you will be very confident in your decision.

All the options below are decent performers and can help you achieve your daily needs of internet browsing, Entertainment (other than Gaming), and working with Google Docs, Office 365, or even Microsoft Office Suite.

Note: If you wish to extract the best value under 32,000 Rs then do check out the Acer Aspire One Lite 11th i3 variant with 512GB SSD storage. We bought it 3 months ago and it’s a remarkable purchase so far. Here’s a link for the detailed review.

Also, we have recommended our favorite picks that you can check out. With that said, welcome to PadhkeDekho, and let’s begin the laptop buying guide under 30000 Rs in India 2023 Edition.

Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

#1: Processor

It’s the main component that provides power to your laptop. Their performance is evaluated in Ghz. In a general sense, the higher the GHz the better the performance will be. And things can go even better if the processor is dual or even quad-core. I.e. set of 2 processors or 4 or even 8!

AMD and Intel are two big players and mostly in laptops, you will see either one. They are quite head-to-head in performance. But many AMD processors are APU which means they not only provide raw performance but also better graphical performance making them ideal on the budget.

For context, AMD’s Ryzen 3 series is quite comparable with Intel’s I3 processors in a border sense. Since Intel I3 laptops cost more than 30,000 Rs. So, with that budget in mind, you can go with Rygen 3 for the best performance.

If you are exclusively looking for Intel processors then you can also consider laptops from the below list.

BrandProcessor & PowerBest Buy Link
Acer One 14 AMD Ryzen 3 (3250U)
2.6 GHz Base Speed, 3.5 GHz Turbo Speed, 2 Cores,
4MB Cache Memory
Asus Vivobook 15Dual Core Intel Celeron N4020
1.1 Ghz Base Speed, 2.8 GHz Turbo Speed, 2 Core,
4MB Cache Memory
HP 247 G8AMD Ryzen 3 3250U
2.6 GHz Base Speed, 3.5 GHz Turbo Speed, 2 Cores,
4MB Cache Memory
HP Chromebook 11AMediaTek MT81
Up to 2 GHz Turbo Speed, 8 Cores,
L1 64KB Cache Memory
Asus Vivibook 14Intel Celeron N4500
Lenovo V15Intel Celeron N4500
1.1 Ghz Base Speed, 2.8 GHz Turbo Speed, 2 Cores,
4 MB Cache Memory

#2 Upgradable

Let’s say at the moment you have a small budget but after a few months, things will change and you will have money to buy a new laptop. But, think about it. Do you need to buy a new one or how about upgrading the one you already have?

It will not only save you money but also let you avoid the hassle of copying and pasting your data on multiple pen drives and then reinstalling all of your software!

So what can you upgrade on a laptop? Well, you can buy more storage for your data or files. Upgrade the RAM for faster processing, or even upgrade the processor for more heavy tasks. The possibilities are endless.

How can you upgrade laptops? To start with, you have two options; either your laptops’ brand support or visiting a nearby IT market in your city.

So now you know what you can upgrade and who will help but it will only happen if your laptop supports upgrading! With upgradability in mind, these 6 laptops below are the best possible options under 30000 Rs. Some are even maxed out to their full potential by the brand!

BrandRAMUpgradbleBest Buy Link
Acer One 14 8GB, DDR4Yes, Up to 32GBAmazon
Asus Vivobook 154GB, DDR4Yes, Up to 8GBAmazon
HP 247 G88GB, DDR4Yes, Up to 16GBAmazon
HP Chromebook 11A4GB, LPDDR4Maxed OutAmazon
Asus Vivibook 148GB, DDR4Maxed OutAmazon
Lenovo V158GB, DDR4Maxed OutAmazon
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

#3 Operating System

Nowadays laptops come with Windows 11 or Chrome OS. You will also see some listings with MS-DOS. Don’t worry you can always get a copy of Windows from the Microsft website. Or you can install Chrome OS or even any Linux distro.

if you don’t know Chrome OS is your Gmail account and all the Google services that you use are already using daily on your phone.

So if your daily work is based on Google Docs, Google Search, YouTube, or Google Meet then it’s better to go with a Chrome Book.

Chrome OS brings a lot of advantages, especially on a budget under 30,000 Rs. First, they feel fast. Second, they are lightweight and compact. Third, their battery backup is unmatched by a budget Windows laptop.

If it’s so good then what are the issues or cons?

It does not support Windows executable files (.EXE) files. It can only cater to your cloud or online software support. Does this mean no MS Office support? if you are talking about MS Office Suite 19 or installable software then yes it will not support it. But you can always buy an Office 365 subscription or use it free with a Microsoft or Outlook account.

So if you are dependent on 3rd party software then going with Windows 11 will be a better choice. Most of the laptops below come with the latest version of Windows 11 and 1 option for Chrome OS too.

BrandOSBest Buy Link
Acer One 14Windows 11Amazon
Asus Vivobook 15Windows 11Amazon
HP 247 G8MS-DOSAmazon
HP Chromebook 11AChrome OSAmazon
Asus Vivibook 14Windows 11Amazon
Lenovo V15Windows 11Amazon
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

#4 Graphic Card

Graphics memory is very important when you will be playing games or graphic intensive work like photo or video editing. Some brands give integrated graphics while others have dedicated graphics memory.

What’s the difference?

Integrated graphics are the bare minimum and are meant to provide Operating Systems’ minimum requirements. This means the integrated graphics memory will make sure to provide enough graphics to allow animations via the Operating Systems.

Under 30,000 Rs you will not find laptops with dedicated graphics cards anymore. So you are left with integrated graphics memory. Below are the best options for your graphical needs.

BrandGPU TypeModelBest Buy Link
Acer One 14 IntegratedAMD Radeon GraphicsAmazon
Asus Vivobook 15IntegratedIntel UHD Graphics 600Amazon
HP 247 G8IntegratedAMD Radeon GraphicsAmazon
HP Chromebook 11AIntegratedMeditek Integrated GraphicsAmazon
Asus Vivibook 14IntegratedIntel UHD Graphics 600Amazon
Lenovo V15IntegratedIntel UHD Graphics 600Amazon
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

#4 Storage

Storage is of 2 types HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) and both have their pros and cons.

Generally, HDDs are cheap to buy, with more storage than SSDs but lack speed. While SSDs are compact and performance is no match with a traditional HDD it’s expensive.

Nowadays, on a budget of 30,000 Rs, you can get a laptop with 256 or even 500GB SSD. So prefer that over a laptop with 1TB HDD. Sure 1TB sounds like a lot of storage but it’s HDD and it’s very slow in comparison to SSD.

What to do if I have a lot of files let’s say 700 GB? Even then, go with a laptop with an SSD and get a portable HDD for your heavy files of movies or games. Why? Let us explain!

Since under 30,000 Rs, the best processor we can get is a Ryzen 3 which is a good performer. But to extract the best performance, you need faster storage like SSD instead of a slow one which is a traditional HDD.

if you go with an HDD, it will put pressure on processing, and ultimately, the laptop will get slow and hang quite often.

So buy a laptop with SSD and get an external HHD for all your content. Here are the best laptops under 30000 Rs that offer the best storage options.

BrandStorage Type/SizeBest Buy Link
Acer One 14SSD, 256GBAmazon
Asus Vivobook 15SSD, 256GBAmazon
HP 247 G8SSD, NVMe 512GBAmazon
HP Chromebook 11AeMMC, 64GBAmazon
Asus Vivibook 14SSD, 256GBAmazon
Lenovo V15SSD, 256GBAmazon
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

#5 Screen Size

Laptops under 30000 Rs come in different scene sizes. It starts from 11 inches to 15.6. So which is the ideal screen size? It all depends on the use case

if you are a video editor you would like to have a 15.6 or bigger screen size as panning through the video timeline will be more convenient. Also, if you are an accountant you would need the Num Pad. Usually, Num Pad is seen on laptops with 15.6-inch screens.

Another way to look at it is portability. Carrying around a 15.6-inch laptop will be heavy and uncomfortable to use on the go. So if you are going to use it on the go then getting an 11-inch screen or 14 inches will be better.

With that in mind, here are 6 options with different screen sizes that you can check out.

BrandScreen SizeResolutionBest Buy Link
Acer One 1414-Inch HD1366X768Amazon
Asus Vivobook 1515.6-inch HD1366X768Amazon
HP 247 G814-inch HD1366X768Amazon
HP Chromebook 11A11.6-inch HD1366X768Amazon
Asus Vivibook 1414-inch1366X768Amazon
Lenovo V1515.6-inch FHD1920X1080Amazon
Laptop Buying Guide Under 30000

Wrapping Up!

There you have it folks! These are our 6 recommendations for the best laptops under 30000 Rupees in India in 2023. If you come across any questions or queries then please feel free to comment below or ping us on below given social accounts. We love to help our readers as much as we can!

If you liked the content then please share it with others who might be looking for the best laptop buying guide under 30000 Rs.

Thanks for reading!


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