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Styleys S11064 Review – Ultimate MacBook Air Protection!

Styleys S11064 Review Material: Polycarbonate (plastic) hard shell cover| Designed for MacBook Air A1466/ A1369| Protects the top and bottom of the MacBook along with keyboard protection skin (Silicon material)| Easy installation and removal| No Apple logo cutout.

MacBook Air by any means is not a laptop with a weak body. All-around aluminum construction makes it the best-looking laptop however the same aluminum makes it quite prone to scratches and dents if not taken care of.

MacBooks are built to last but the experience will be hampered if you get scratches and dents on the body. Therefore, protecting your MacBook becomes a necessity. So do you want to protect your MacBook Air and use it carefree?

If yes, then we have something for you that will make your life less worrying! Not only it will protect the outer body of the laptop but also the truly amazing backlit keyboard. So without saying much let’s proceed.

Styleys S11064 Review For MacBook Air A1466

Styleys S11064 is available on both Flipkart And Amazon however it was slightly cheaper on Amazon so we bought it from there. In this price range, you’ll find a few options but it is simply the best. Let us explain.

Styleys S11064 For MacBook Air

Styleys S11064 weighs only 213 grams making it the lightweight hard-shell case for MacBook Air in that price range. As MacBook Air is known for its lightweight and portability this case will not affect the prime aspects of your MacBook!

The back cover is so light that the screen of your MacBook will not tilt backward without your consent. This is great because many cases have heavy back panels as a result the screen tilts like it has a mind of its own.

In-Box Contents

  • Back protector
  • Bottom protector
  • Keyboard protector skin

Built Quality Of Styleys S11064

The cover is made up of polycarbonate (plastic) and offers a matte finish all around. It provides a soft touch feel as well as a premium look. Since there is no Apple logo cutout, the logo will shine through the back cover. As a result, you’ll have a slightly blurry Apple logo impression.

The same feel and feedback are present on the bottom. Fan vents are evenly placed and the 4 anti-skid rubbers work great in holding the laptop study on any surface. Kudos to Styleys for using a soft texture that will not poke while the laptop is sitting on your lap.

The overall construction seems quite good and you will not find any rough edges on the hard-shell protecting case. keeping the price in mind, it gives great built quality.

If you have any MacBook Air between 2012 to early 2017 model then you should buy it as it offers the best-built quality and proper fit on a budget!

Styleys S11064 Colors

Along with protection, this cover offers a great set of customizations as well. Styleys S11064 is available in three striking colors Black, Navy Blue, and Pink. As per your liking, you can choose any of them.

The best part about this cover is that it comes with a keyboard protector skin as well. That too in a similar color as per your case color choice. Since we bought the Black color case we got the black keyboard skin.

Styleys Cover For MacBook Air Colors

So if you are looking for protection as well as to make your MacBook stand out then nothing beats this hardshell case for MacBook!

The Styleys Keyboard Protector Skin

Do you often get moisture on your fingers due to which keys on your Mac get oily marks on them? If that’s the case, then you should definitely get a keyboard protector skin.

The provided keyboard skin does a great job of preventing the keyboard from accumulating dust or residuals. Just have a look by yourself.

Styleys S11064 Keyboard Skin

The left one has strains on shift, option, command, and spacebar keys. In the right image, you can clearly see no stains or marks on the keys. With this keyboard protector skin, rest assured all your worries regarding dirt/marks/strains will vanish in no time.

Due to the translucent material of the skin, you are going to lose the keyboard’s backlit lighting drastically. If you use your Mac in a dark environment then you’ll have a hard time getting used to it as keystrokes are not clearly visible.

Keyboard Protection For Mac

Styleys Protector On MacBook Air Side Cutouts

If you were worried about improper cutouts for the ports then take a deep breath and relax. All the cutouts are evenly done! Also, the fit and finish near the ports is very soft and have no rough edges.

Stylyes Side Cutouts

Styleys S11064 Worth It?

Definitely! There are many reasons for it. To put it in simple words it offers the best-built quality, premium looks, lightweight 2-piece construction, good quality keyboard skin protector, proper cutouts for ports, etc!

On Amazon, there are only keyboard skin protectors available for half of its price so yes it is priced competitively and offers great bells and whistles for users like you.

While writing Styleys S11064 review, it is around 3 weeks old and we have not found any major issues with it except the back cover which is a fingerprint magnet, and lack of backlit passing through the protector keyboard skin.

If you can bear the shortcomings then you should without a doubt consider Styleys S11064 hardcover for your MacBook model numbers A1466 and A1369!

There You Go, Guys!

These were our two cents for Styleys S11064 review for MacBook Air A1466. If you have any concerns or queries regarding it then do let us know in the comments or on our social handles Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at your convenience!

Styleys S11064 Specifications

Supported MacBook AirA1466 And A1369
Keyboard Protective SkinYes, In the box
Apple Logo CutoutNo
Weight213 Grams
Screen Guard In The BoxNo
Country Of OriginChina
Styleys S11064 Specifications

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