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Cosmic Byte GS430 Review || Gamers Approved; But For Music?

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For PC gaming we always recommend wired headphones or earphones. It’s because of lag-free gameplay. On top of that, comfort is also better. About 6 to 8 months ago, we bought GS430 from Cosmic Byte and it’s been amazing. So, if you looking for a gaming headphone under 1000 Rs, in that case, this Cosmic Byte GS430 review is all you need.

Not just for gaming, it’s perfect for day-to-day use. But should you buy it for music needs? Let’s find that out!

Like always, welcome to PadhkeDekho. Here we buy tech products and use them for at least a month before sharing the feedback or comparison. This helps readers like you make a better-informed decision.

Readers like you support us. Buying these headphones using the Amazon links on the page will help us earn some commission at no additional cost to you. Be assured this does not affect our review of any product. Thanks for your support, we are about to be 4 years old now!

With that said, let’s begin the Cosmic Byte GS430 Review with Pros and Cons.

Cosmic Byte GS430 Review
Cosmic Byte GS430 Review

Cosmic Byte GS430 Pros & Cons


  • Good Built Quality
  • Amazing Color Options
  • Comfortable Earcups
  • Headband Adjustment Make it Fit Any Ear Size
  • RGB Effects is Cool
  • Quite Long Braided Cable
  • Volume Controls & Mic on/Off Toggle Remote
  • Gaming Performance is Good
  • Mic Works Very Well
  • 50mm Audio Driver Produce Good Music
  • Mids & Highs Are Very Good


  • Earcups Are Fixed (No Swivel)
  • Cable Can be Long For Mobile Users

Review Breakup

Built Quality

GS 430 Cosmic Byte Headphone Review 2024
GS 430 Cosmic Byte Headphone Review 2024

Headphones under 1000 Rs are made with average to decent generic plastic quality. Most of them are flimsy and need to be gently used. They also make noises when worn or removed. This is to be expected for the price.

Where does Cosmic Byte GS430 stand? Well, it’s FAR BETTER than those. You will not find any squeaking. It’s the most flexible headphone that we have ever bought! You can even twist the headband and take your frustration out! So, it’s a good headphone if you keep dropping it or looking for a tuff headphone that you can carry without worrying.

As far as cable goes, it’s braided and quite long. This makes it perfect for PC use. Not just long, it’s thick too as shown in the above image. This quality is unreal for the price under 1000 Rs. Kudos to Cosmic Byte.

So for overall built quality, Cosmic Byte GS430 gets 9/10.


Best Looking Headphone Under 1000 Rs
Best Looking Headphone Under 1000 Rs

Many headphones that are designed for PC users are just boring. Thankfully, Comisc Byte GS430 comes in unique colors. Also, the addition of RGB does give them a new life.

The color scheme is matte and looks good with the glowing RGB lights. We bought these in Black in a hurry and now there are so many shades to choose from. In total, there are 6 colors. You can check all the colors on Amazon.

In terms of design, the headphone is full of lines and curves that absorb more RGB colors. While the light squares are quite small. The team at Cosmic Byte went the extra mile to make it work! Another thing that takes the design to the next level is the Blue braided cable.

We are not exaggerating it but, comment below if you think there’s an even better-looking gaming headphone under 1000 Rs.

Till then, in terms of looks, Cosmic Byte GS430 gets 9/10.

Comfort & Grip

Comfortable Gaming Headphone Under 1000 Rs Tested
Comfortable Gaming Headphone Under 1000 Rs Tested

When we shared the story on Instagram people said it looked big and heavy. They are not wrong to say that because it’s an Over-Ear headphone that weighs around 200 grams. With more than 6 months of daily use, we are confident you can wear these 4+ hours without pain or discomfort.

How? Because the weight distribution is well done. The earcups are soft and do not press ears tightly even if you wear spectacles. And secondly, the cushioning below the headband adds more comfort.

if you are an on-ear headphone user, you will feel the difference. The first one will be comfort. On-ear headphones have high clamping force.

If you don’t know, clamping force is the pressure that the headphone applies on your head to form a grip. The more clamping force the lesser the comfort becomes.

Usually, On-Ear headphones are designed for workouts and sports hence they offer high clamping force like the Infinity Tranz 710 (Review) or the Infinity Tranz 700 (Review). Whereas, Over-Ear headphones like Cosmic Byte GS430 are designed for comfort and long hours of use.

So, if you need a workout-friendly headphone, you can check the above two options. Otherwise, the Cosmic Byte GS430 is a good over-ear headphone for long hours of gameplay or movie streaming.


Headphone For PC Under 1000 Rs
Headphone For PC Under 1000 Rs

#1 Dedicated Mic On/Off Button: This makes gaming headphones unique. if you don’t trust the video calling software or game mute button, you can physically turn off the microphone. It’s great as it gives you control and there’s no override with software.

#2 7 Color RGB: Unlike headphones that say RGB but come with just 3 colors, Cosmic Byte gives 7 colors that will improve the look of your gaming setup. The lights automatically change within seconds and the effect is good.

If you are wondering no you can’t set one color as your primary default theme. Hey, let’s be real, you are buying an entry-level gaming headphone!

#3 50mm Audio Drivers: Audio drivers generate the sound you listen to via headphones. Usually, 40 or more mm driver size is available for over 2000 Rs. This means you are getting the biggest drivers for a low price. We’ve talked more about the audio in the detailed audio test section below.

#4 3D Gaming Surround Sound: It’s not a marketing term, at least for Cosmic Byte! You will feel it during playback. The overall focus is present and the left and right balance is noticeable. Dialogs will be clear and much more. We’ve talked about gameplay in the audio section as well.

#5 Compatible With Many Devices: The device outputs a 3.5mm jack and a USB 2.0. This means you can plug into any device with a headphone jack like a smartphone, gaming console, tablet, laptop, etc. While the USB Cable is only for RGB lights. For mobile users, you can plug the USB into a wall charger or a power bank if you need ARGB during playback.

Cosmic Byte GS430 Audio Test (Gaming Test)

Cosmic Byte GS430 Audio Test
Cosmic Byte GS430 Audio Test

What differences can be observed between a regaining headphone and a gaming headphone? Well, the first one is in audio quality.

Gaming headphones like Cosmic Byte GS430 focus more on mid and high frequencies like the vocals and treble as they play a major role during gameplay and media consumption.

Which results in audio playback with good vocals, instruments, and trebles. Another thing you will notice is the distortion-free music even at max volume.

As far as bass goes, it’s decent; not very strong nor flatline. It’s not for Bassheads though. In that case, you can check out these options from BoAt which are heavy on bass and great gaming performance.

For audio quality, the Cosmic Byte GS430 gets an 8/10.

Mic Quality

Best Headphone with mic under 1000 Rs
Best Headphone with mic under 1000 Rs

Under 1500 RS we always recommend buying Infinity headphones as they offer the best mic quality. And you will be pleased to know that Cosmic Byte GS430 is on the same level.

If you need the mic for casual gaming or professional calls, you can pick this one. The transmitted voice will be clean, unedited, and non-robotic with a little noise isolation.

As far as noise isolation goes, yes it blocks some of the ambient noise which is good for the price.

Will it completely block or remove the utensils being washed in the background? No! It will not do that. But yes, it will focus on your voice rather than the surroundings. Hence, Cosmic Byte GS430 gets an 8.5:10 for mic performance.

Should You Buy Cosmic Byte GS430 IN 2024?

Cosmic Byte GS430 Review
Cosmic Byte GS430 Review

We bought it for 1500 Rs and we liked it for that. And now we are jealous as it’s available for just 999! Which makes the whole deal irresistible! You can say it is the best gaming headphone under 1000 Rs that you can buy.

There’s nothing that can be a deal breaker with this headphone. It offers good build and looks. Comfortable design for long hours, a dedicated mic on or off toggle, retro volume control wheel, 50mm drivers, good mic output, and amazing gaming performance.

On a budget of 1000 Rs, Cosmic Byte GS430 is a perfect option.

That’s all Folkes!

There you have it, this is the Cosmic Byte GS430 Review after 8 months of use. If you come across any issue or query, please feel free to ping us below the given social accounts. We love to help as much as we can.

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