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5 Best Earbuds With ANC Under 2000 Rs That Are Actually Worthy!

Wireless earbuds are in great demand and the competition is bonkers! A while ago, support for fast charging and ENC were the main highlights of a successful TWS. But now the focus is shifted towards earbuds with ANC under 2000 Rs.

Why Active Noise Cancellation or ANC in earbuds is in great demand on a budget? if you don’t know ANC helps to reduce or in many cases block ambient noise around you like ceiling fans, air conditioners, water coolers, people chatting, vehicle engine humming and so much more.

This technology is expensive and ideally seen on flagship audio gears for around 10,000 odd rupees (even more). And when earbuds around 2000 started giving ANC, this makes them more desirable.

Best Earbuds With anc under 2000 Rs
Best Earbuds With anc under 2000 Rs

At PadhkeDekho, we have spent a good 1 month with these earbuds, and here’s all the information that you need to know about earbuds with ANC under 2000 Rs. In fact, below are sharing their mini-review that can help in your decision-making. But before starting here’s something more important to note.

ENC is Not ANC

Active Noise Cancellation is not Environmental Noise Cancellation. Many brands do it intentionally to make you “think of them” as an ANC model. Both have different working habits.

ANC works on blocking outside noise when you are listing to music or consuming media or even taking calls. Whereas, ENC works only when you are on the call to cut the ambient noise. In this article, we have covered both features.

Here are PadhkeDekho’s 5 best earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation under 2000 rs. we are sure these will take your user experience to the next level.


ANC Rating

ENC Rating

Amazon Link

BoAt Airdopes 413ANC



Flexnest Flexdubs



 Truke Buds Vibe



Boult Audio Omega



Boult Audio X60



#1 BoAt Airdopes 413ANC ( Best ANC Earbud Under 2500 Rs)

BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC Review || earbuds with anc under 2000
BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC Review


  • Good Built Quality
  • Design is Good
  • Comfortable For Long Hours
  • IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Overall Audio Quality is Bass Heavy
  • Vocals & Instrument Separation is Good
  • Upto 25db Noise Cancellation With Ambient/Transparency Mode
  • Touch Controls Work Good
  • Volume Can be Adjusted From The Buds
  • Call Quality is Great
  • up to 20 Hours of Playback With ANC
  • Supports Fast Charging


  • Limited Color Option
  • The Price Can be a Little Over 2000 Rs
  • Decent Gaming Performance

What’s good About BoAt Airdopes 413ANC?

BoAt Airdopes lineup offers great built quality. It’s evident on BoAt Airdopes 413ANC as well. The case is strong and the hinges are quite powerful. It closes with a satisfying click. The case design is matte making it look premium.

The buds feel very comfortable in the ears. The steam is little and the design is done quite well. We tried these for a little over 4 hours on the go and felt no pain or discomfort.

You get 10mm audio drivers which produce a quality audio experience. The bass is punchy, the vocals have clarity and the treble is the right amount to keep you grooving. Even at max volume, you will not feel any audio distortion.

It’s capable of Noise Cancellation up to 25db. We were quite impressed by the end results both indoors as well as outdoors. Since summers are here, coolers, ceiling fans, and ACs are in full swing it did a good job of cutting the ambient noise. Out of 100%, about 80% is blocked.

It also comes with ambient mode, which works quite well. It will allow the ambient surrounding noise while your music is being played. So you do not need to take the buds out if you need to talk.

The ENC works marvelously too. Be it indoors or outdoors, it can cut out most of the ambient noise and your voice retains all the detail and crispness. This makes it perfect for calling.

ANC does consume more battery. BoAt claimed about 5 hours of use with ANC and 6 hours without it. The real-world figure with max volume is about 4.5 hours with ANC and 5 hours without ANC. Also, you have support for fast charging.

What’s Not Good About BoAt Airdopes 413ANC?

One thing that might off-track you is your gaming performance. BoAt has not given any gaming mode or low latency mode as a result gaming is decent not the best. For casual gaming, you can definitely check these out. Otherwise, all the other options in the list offer better gaming performance.

Another con is the different prices for the colors. The violet one is available for 1999 Rs while the Carbon Black is for 2,599 Rs.

Brand/ModelANCENCBest Buy Link
BoAt Airdopes 413ANC9/109/10Amazon
BoAt Airdopes 413ANC Mini Review

#2 Boult Audio X60 ( Best ANC on a Budget)

Boult Audio X60 Review || earbuds with anc under 2000
Boult Audio X60 Review


  • Good Built Quality
  • Design is Very Impressive
  • Matte Design Looks Premium
  • 13mm Drivers Get Very Loud
  • Bass is Good
  • Overall Audio Quality is Enjoyable
  • Volume Can be Controlled From The Buds
  • Bluetooth 5.3 (Latest)
  • ANC up to 30db & Transparency Mode
  • IPX5 Water & Dust Resistance
  • At 45ms Gaming is Good
  • Good Call Quality (Quad Mic with ENC)
  • 4 to 7 Hours of Battery Backup
  • Support Fast Charging


  • Not Base Heavy Earbuds
  • The Buds Are Not Easy to Put in/Pull Out From The Case

What’s Good About Boult Audio X60?

Being the cheapest on the list, we liked the built quality. The case has no squeaking even the hinges are good. You can open and close the lid with one hand. Next comes the design. The silver texture on the case and the buds make it feel more expensive.

The earbuds have a stem design and are tilted about 45 deg which offers a snug fit. These buds don’t fall out that easily. We did not have any issues on the treadmill or jogging in the park. Also, the comfort on offer is good, we have tested wearing these for more than 4 hours.

It comes with 13mm drivers! Can’t say about better but it’s certainly louder. The bass is good (not bass-heavy), sharp vocals, and a good amount of treble at about 80 percent volume. Afterward, it starts to lose clarity as the vocals get on higher decibels.

Boult claims up to 30db on Active Noise Cancellation but feels like 25. We had no complaints filtering out Air conditioners and ceiling fans humming noise! Transparency mode allows more ambient noise while you are listing to music and being connected to the outside world safely.

ENC on these buds works better than the ANC though! The quad microphones are very powerful they can block about 90% of background noise.

Even the battery backup is impressive. The buds can provide up to 30 hours of juice without ANC and about 26 hours with ANC. Though there are no expect hourly claims but we tested about 6 to 7 hours with ANC and 8 hours without ANC. Also, you get support for fast charging.

The buds offer low latency of up to 45ms making them good for gaming as well.

What’s Not Good on Boult Audio X60?

Since the case is quite compact, taking or putting the buds in the case is not easy. You will need time to adjust.

Another reason is the ANC on offer. It is not the best for outdoor use. You can feel the difference without ANC and with ANC but only about 40 to 50%. So for outdoor use, we would recommend BoAt Airdopes 413ANC or the Flexnest Flexdubs.

Brand/ModelANCENCBest Buy Link
Boult Audio X608/108/10Amazon

#3 Boult Audio Omega ( Best ENC For Calling)

Boult Audio Omega Review || earbuds with anc under 2000
Boult Audio Omega Review


  • Good Built Quality
  • The Design is Perfect For Comfort & Looks
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • Up to 30db of Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode & ENC
  • Bluetooth 5.1 Seemless Connection
  • 13mm Audio Driver With 3 Custom EQ
  • Good Base & Distortion-Free Audio Experience
  • Good Gaming Experience With 45ms Low Latency
  • Up to 32 Hours of Total Playback With ANC
  • Supports Fast Charging


  • The Case is a Little Big
  • ANC is Not That Great While Outdoors

What’s Good About Boult Audio Omega?

Just like the Boult Audio X60, Omega is also on the same track. Everything from the built quality to looks, comfort, features, compatibility, and gaming mode, is great and with no complaints.

Boult Omega adds more features over Boult Audio X60. To begin with, you get a dedicated gaming mode (which was always on Boult Audio X60) and 3 equalizer modes that takes the music game to the next level.

We thoroughly enjoyed the different EQ presets with the 13mm audio drivers. It’s more convenient and practical. You’ll have options like Rock which is perfect for casual use (nothing overpowers anything only bliss), Bass Boosted (bass takes over with high vocals) & HIFI Sound (which increases everything and feel like dancing!) The Rock EQ is great overall.

For the price of 1600 Rs, we found the ANC to be good. It can easily cancel out the ceiling fan noise, air conditioners humming, and little office chatter! Indoors it can cancel out more than 80% of ambient noise. While we are at it, the transparency mode also works well. You can play your music and will not miss the next Metro announcement!

Just like Boult Audio X60, the ENC works flawlessly which makes the call quality great. The other person will not complain much even if you take the call on a busy street.

1 more thing which Boult Audio Omega does better is battery backup. The claimed figure with ANC is 32 hours and without ANC is 34 Hours. Also, on single-use, it can deliver up to 8 hours of juice with ANC.

During testing, we kept the ANC on and volume at full and were able to manage up to 7 hours with ANC. So the claimed values are achievable. Also, you get support for fast charging too.

What’s Not Good on Boult Audio Omega?

The claimed ANC is not that good while outdoors. It’s better than the Boult Audio X60 but not as close as Airdopes 441ANC or others on the list.

And another reason is that clarity during calls is missing. Though the ENC blocks out the ambient noise quite exceptional your voice will lose the treble as well as loudness. You’ll need to speak loudly.

Brand/ModelANCENCBest Buy Link
Boult Audio Omega8/109/10Amazon

#4 Truke Buds Vibe (Budget Nothing Buds!)

Best earbuds with anc under 2000 Rs
Flexnest Flexdubs Review


  • Great Built Quality (Case & Buds)
  • Case Design is Translucent/Matte; Looks Premium
  • Buds Offer Glossy Design
  • Bright LCD Display For Battery Percentage
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 13mm Audio Drivers
  • 4 EQ Modes
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • ANC (up to 35 dB) With Transparency Mode
  • Call Quality is Good With ENC (Quad Mics)
  • Gaming Performance is Good; Low Latency Mode (up to 45ms Present)
  • Battery Backup is Between 5 to 7 Hours With ANC
  • Supports Fast Charging


  • Call Clarity Could’ve Been Better
  • Only Two Color Options

What’s Good About Truke Buds Vibe?

The in-hand feeling is perfect thanks to the built quality. The case seems quite sturdy. And also the hinge closes with a satisfying click. The carry case looks dope. It’s translucent and the buds are visible resting inside.

The buds have a steam design and are comfortable for long hours of use. We had no issues wearing these for 5 hours. Also, the buds offer a secure fit and did not lose grip.

The 13mm audio drivers and 4 predefined EQs are perfect. The Balanced Mode is perfect for average use, Dynamic turns into HD; crisp quality, Bass Bosted enhances bass & vocals & Movie detunes bass and improves vocals.

The claimed ANC is up to 35db and it’s better than Airdopes 413. It’s perfect for limiting the ceiling fan noise, Cooler humming, and even the Air conditioner compressor!

For outdoor use, it surpassed the BoAt Airdopes 413ANC. Though it will not magically remove all the people around you their voices will be detuned and not stay in focus. if you wish to know what they are talking transparency mode will help!

ENC also works flawlessly. It can even cut around 90% of the ambient noise around you. We took a few calls on a busy street and the other caller did not complain about the noise or disturbance.

Truke Buds Vibe will kill your battery worries. With claimed figures of 48 hours, it’s the best one on your list. To be honest, we could not use the buds continuously in one go. It took us 15 days to reach 0 percent battery. So you can rest assured battery backup is great!

Truke also claimed up to 40ms of low latency mode. We tested gaming and it’s quite good. So for gaming needs, these are the ones to get.

What’s Not Good About Truke Buds Vibe?

Just like Boult TWS earbuds this one also has strong microphones that cut 90 percent of ambient noise. But this also limits your transmitted voice. It’s not robotic or bad it’s just low, which means you will need to speak louder to be addressed.

And another reason is the availability of just two colors. This impressive case design needs more color options. We would have loved to see these in Black and even White!

Brand/ModelANCENCBest Buy Link
Truke Buds Vibe9/108.5/10Amazon

#5 Flexnest Flexdubs (Second Best?)

Best Earbuds with anc under 2000 Rs
earbuds with anc under 2000


  • Good Built Quality
  • The Design of The Case is Good
  • The Translucent Case Looks Premium
  • Overall Matte Design (Case & Buds)
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Fast Connection
  • 10mm Audio Drivers
  • Bass is Good
  • Vocals & Trebel Are The Highlights
  • Loudness is Quite Good
  • ANC (up to 40db) & Transparency Mode
  • Call Quality is Good With ENC (Quad Mics)
  • Supports Fast Charging


  • Only One Color Option (That’s Bad)
  • The Case is a Little Big & Has a Weight to it

What’s Good About Flexnext Flexbuds?

Flexnext is popular for their gym equipment all over the globe and tws earbuds are their new passion!

The build of the earbuds and the case is quite good. Especially the magnetic pull and the hinges are perfect. The case looks premium in all matte and the silver lining around the cap is a nice touch. Similarly, buds are also matte and the overall design is good.

The buds have a slightly thick stem which gives more area to play with touch controls and avoid unwanted control triggers. Also, the comfort on offer is good. We had no issues wearing these for 4 to 5 hours.

As far as audio goes, these come with 10mm drivers. The overall sound quality is good with sharp details. The bass is good (not bass heavy). Vocals & Instruments separation is quite good too. The main highlights are the vocals and treble. The buds are moderately loud.

The brand claims up to 40db of ANC! It is surprisingly better than BoAt Airdopes 413ANC and even Truke Buds Vibe. It blocks the ambient noise by about 95%. Air conditioners, fans even water coolers are not a problem!

You can use these buds indoors or even outdoors. And when you need to be aware of the surrounding you can turn on the transparency mode which is also good. But the ENC is not good (will talk about that in the not-good section).

The battery backup of the Flexbuds is quite good too. Claimed figures with ANC are about 30 hours which is not a problem. You can easily get 4 to 5 with ANC and without ANC it can go around 7 hours. Also, you have support for fast charging.

As far as gaming goes, the company has given low latency mode but the figures are not disclosed. In our testing, we felt it was around 50ms which is fine for gaming. Online multiplayer games were tested and the gaming experience was quite good.

What’s Not Good About Flexnext Flexbuds?

Though the ANC is the best in the list still we could’ve taken this as the #1 option in our best earbuds with ANC under 2000 Rs. There are a few things that stopped us from doing so.

The call quality is not that good. Though it offers a quad mic like all the buds in this list, they clearly lack clarity and the vocal transmission is low. There’s some amount of disturbance too.

We also found a few things which might not work for you. First, the case is quite big and is not easily pocketable. It’s more suited in a backpack. And another reason is the weight of the case feels heavy.

Brand/ModelANCENCBest Buy Link
Flexnest Flexbuds 9.5/107/10Amazon

What Type of ANC Performance to Expect From Earbuds With ANC Under 2000 Rs?

To be frank, ANC is a premium feature and it improves with the money spent on the audio gear. For context, Apple AirPods Pro 2 are the best earbuds for ANC. Then comes OnePlus Buds Pro 2, and Zebra Elite 7 Active. Under 5000 Rs, you can check out OnePlus Buds Z2, OnePlus Nord Buds 2, etc. But these are at least 2 to 3 times the ones we are comparing them with!

So, we should not keep our expectations like that! This does not mean you can buy any of the earbuds with that plea. All the buds on the best earbuds with ANC under 2000 Rs list are totally worth it and that’s why we are recommending it.

Sure, they will not magically move a car or bus in the air like the Apple AirPods Pro 2 commercials, but they certainly can work to reduce or remove the ambient noise around you in the room. You can sense the change when you’ll use these earbuds for just 10 mins.

Let me just put all the earbuds as per their ANC, Transparency Mode, and Call Quality.


ANC Rating

ENC Rating

Amazon Link

BoAt Airdopes 413ANC



Flexnest Flexdubs



 Truke Buds Vibe



Boult Audio Omega



Boult Audio X60



Wrapping up!

There you have it guys, these are our 5 picks for best earbuds with anc under 2000 Rs. If you have any questions regarding any of these then feel free to ping us below social accounts. We love to help our readers make remarkable choices.

Liked the content and feel like supporting us? We would appreciate it if you can share the blog with others who might be interested. Also, you can buy any of these earbuds using the Amazon links on this page. We might earn a little commission from Amazon at no additional cost to you!


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Under 2000 Rs we’ve tested quite a few earbuds for more than a month and found these as good options.

#1 BoAt Airdopes 413ANC

#2 Flexnest Flexbuds

#3 Truke Buds Vibe

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We hope our list of the 5 best earbuds with ANC under 2000 Rs, will help in your decision-making.

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