Wireless Earphones Under 500 Rupees That Sound Good!

In India, you can find lots of earphones in any price category be it under 500, 1000, 1500, etc. The list goes on and on. But when it comes to wireless earphones under 500 Rupees then things are different. Because of so much competition, you will not only find wireless earphones under 500 but also you can grab wireless headphones under 500! And guess what few Truly wireless options as well! Seems too hard to believe, but trust me it’s not!

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On E-commerce websites, you will find so many Bluetooth earphones under 500 Rupees. Based on our research we have narrowed it down to only the top 10 wireless earphones under 500 Rupees! And a few Bluetooth headphones too!

Our criteria were simple. The product should have decent to good audio quality, a built quality that will last long. And could take decent to good calls be it for online classes or just chit-chatting! Therefore every product below meets the above conditions.

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Best Wireless Earphones Under 500 RS

This is going to be a detailed article, hence we are providing you with the jump links that will take you to the specific earphone or headphones. If you can spare 5 mins of your time and read the complete article, then you will not be missing anything and can make a purchase that is un regrettable!

Note: The earphones or headphones are randomly placed in such order. We are not ranking them based on their characteristics as yet. So doesn’t mean the earphone at number 6 is bad in context to number 1. Moreover, because of competitive pricing, some product’s prices can go up and down. So if any product goes above ₹500 then it’s not in our hands. We hope are clear by this.

  1. Lowfe (Cheapest Bluetooth Earphone)
  2. Quantum SoundShot 1 (Blend Of Quality And Audio)
  3. Digitek DBE 005 (The Best Selling One)
  4. pTron Bassfest Plus (Best Wireless Neckband Earphone On A Budget)
  5. Edict By boAt EWE01 (Music Powerhouse)
  6. Zebronics Zeb-Sporty (Support Dual Paring Mode)
  7. Techfire P47 (Wireless As Well As Wired On-ear Headphone)
  8. SKYPHR SH-12 (Over-ear Headphone That Comes In Multiple Colors)
  9. SKYPHR Mini (Truly Wireless Earphone On A Budget)
  10. Techfire Boom Boom (Best Budget Truly Wireless Earphone)

Because of the competition, some duplicate products are also listed on the E-commerce websites. So we have provided Amazon’s listings that are authentic and of genuine products. Thanks!

1. Lowfe (Cheapest Bluetooth Earphone)

Wireless Earphones Under 500 2021
  • Magnetic ear tips
  • Okayish audio
  • Decent vocals
  • Good for calling
  • The Bluetooth range can be an issue
  • Not for someone who is looking for music

Why To Buy

You must be thinking as it is the cheapest Bluetooth wireless earphone under 500 Rupees then it must be bad or something like that. But it is not. We were amazed by the feedback. People reported acceptable built quality and decent audio output, keeping in mind the price.

Most people use it for calling and meetings and are satisfied with it. If you also plan on taking calls then do give this wireless earphone a shot.

Why Not To Buy

As per customer feedback, the wire connecting the earphones seems weak and fragile. So you should be gentle with it. This also applies to the media controls.

2. Quantum SoundShot 1 (Blend Of Quality And Audio)

Quantum SoundShot 1 Review
  • Decent audio quality
  • Supports Bluetooth version 5
  • Up to 5 hours of battery backup
  • Un-tangles type cable
  • Comes With 1-year warranty
  • The cable could have been a little longer

Out of all the above brands, Quantum must have ringed a bell in your mind. Because Quantum also makes computer peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc. The odds of you having Quantum products at home is high! What makes Quantum special is that it offer decent quality under budget. Below ₹500 this is the most branded wireless option to get entertained!

Why To Buy Quantum SoundShot 1

By the looks, it doesn’t feel like an entry-level product. Even if we talk about its built quality then also this earphone doesn’t fail to impress.

You get magnetic connectors on the ear pods to keep them together when you are not using them. Moreover, you get ear hooks that let you tuck them well in the ears. For the perfect fit, you get 2 pairs of additional ear tips that can change as per your ear size. So all in all, in terms of built quality and look and feel, it gets 8 out of 10.

we call “Paisa Wassol” a product that offers great specifications and features that are hard to believe under a considering price. This one certainly is!

Why Not To Buy Quantum SoundShot 1

However, it would have been great if multiple color options were available, except the only black. Not a big thing, but still. And secondly, the wire connecting both the earbuds is a little tad small. This is something that we have received as feedback.

3. Digitek DBE 005 (The Best Selling One)

Digitek DBE 005 Bluetooth Earphone Review
  • Magnetic connectors
  • Decent built quality
  • Good loudness and treble
  • 3-5 hours of battery backup
  • Splash resistance available
  • Best for calling
  • Comes with Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Beats are less
  • Extra ear cushions not present in the box

Why To Buy

This is the most popular and highest selling 500 Rupees Bluetooth earphone. Well, there are reasons for that! To begin with, the ear tips offer a good hold on the ears which makes it good for activities like running, jogging, etc. Most importantly to battle with sweat it comes with sweat protection too!

The earphone offers decent to good audio quality especially loudness and vocals. So you will have a good time while making calls with this one.

For the calls and entertainment, Digitek DBE 005 can provide you juice for up to 5 hours. Which is considered good keeping the price bracket in mind.

Why Not To Buy

Cost-cutting is evident as it misses out on extra ear tips that other earphones are giving in this price range. Secondly, customers reported less to average bass. And it doesn’t come with the latest Bluetooth version that is 5.0.

If you are looking for a good wireless earphone then pTron Bassfest Plus and Edict by boAt EWE01 can be the best choices.

4. pTron Bassfest Plus (Wireless Neckband Earphone On A Budget)

Wireless Neckband Earphone Under 500 RS
  • Best built quality
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • Can activate voice assistance
  • Good audio quality
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Goes slightly above 500 Rupees

Why You Should Buy pTron Bassfest Plus

In this 500 Rupees price category pTron Bassfest Plus offers the best-built quality. Which gives confidence for longevity. With Bluetooth 5.0 you can actually experience good quality music and Bluetooth range.

With such audio quality, battery backup of 4 to 5 hours sounds like Christmas carol! As per customers’ feedback, this is one of the best neckband wireless earphones next to Edict By boAt EWE01 (coming up next).

Why You Should Not Buy pTron Bassfest Plus

This is the only wireless earphone in the 500 Rupees category that has not received major concerns. The only thing is that it goes a little above the 500 Rupees mark. If it is ok then you should definitely go with this one!

5. Edict By boAt EWE01( boAt Sub-Brand)

Best Wireless Earphones Under 500
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Can connect to 2 devices simultaneously
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • One year warranty
  • Extra ear tips are given in the box
  • Good bass
  • Great audio quality
  • Call quality could have been better

Why To Buy

The “Edict” is the subsidiary of the most popular earphone maker in India. It is the #1 earwear brand and the #1 TWS brand in India. It is none other than boAt. This brand is no joke when it comes to music and built quality. Their products are anywhere between good to great. This holds true for Edict EWE01.

Yes, they are not like Bose or JBL but hey! The price at boAt earphones are available is on point. Other than audio quality this earphone will also impress you with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. As a result, the Bluetooth range will be great. Moreover, you can connect to two devices simultaneously.

This doesn’t mean it can play both the devices together. But it will be convenient when you are watching something on a laptop and then switch to the smartphone for taking Zoom calls.

Why Not To Buy

The only con faced by the customers is the microphone output. Other than that, nothing major has been reported.

Note: We have also reviewed boAt Rockerz 255 (Bluetooth neckband earphone)and boAt Airdopes 121v2 (Truly wireless option) that are around 1000-1200 Rupees. If you want you can check out those.

* Read More: boAt Airdopes 121v2 Review

* Read More: boAt Rockerz 255 Long Term Review

6. Zebronics Zeb-Sporty (Rings Any Bell!)

Zebronics Earphone Under 500 Rupees
  • Supports dual pairing
  • Charging cable in the box
  • Good built quality
  • Un-tangle type cables are offered
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Battery backup of up to 3 hours

Just like Quantum, Zebronics has also been a part of our daily life. Be it a mouse, keyboard, wired headphone as other computer peripherals. Their products are always budget-centric that bring great specs to the table. Having a Zebronic earphone in our wireless earphones under the 500 Rupees category heats the competition. This Zebronics Zeb-Sporty is no expectation either.

Why To Buy

The primary reason will be built quality; it seems like a durable long-lasting product. Secondly, the shape of the earphones is very different from the others. In this, the earphone rests on your ear offering the best fit while working out and running.

Just like Edict by boAt EWE01 you can also pair it with 2 devices at the same time. So you can easily switch from your online meeting on the smartphone to your smart TV with a press of a button. Even if you talk about the audio quality it is as good as Edict by boAt and pTron Bassfest Plus.

Reasons Not To Buy Zebronics Zeb-Sporty Bluetooth Earphone

Though the look is unique however the form factor is old school. Feedback of pain and lack of comfort by wearing for hours has been reported. This also depends on your ear size. And the battery backup can also be a limiting factor at around 3 hours. So you should also keep the points in mind.

7. Techfire P47 (Wired As Well As Wireless Headphone)

Techfire P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
  • Multimedia controls
  • Can be used as wireless or with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Decent built quality
  • Best Audio in the price range
  • Good Bass
  • Comes in 3 modes; FM, Bluetooth, Aux mode
  • Up to 6 hours of battery backup
  • Supports an SD Memory card as well
  • Comes in only black color
  • Headband could have been of better quality

Why You Should Buy Techfire P47

To begin with, it’s about the features on offer. Techfire P47 here offers unique features like FM radio, 3.5 mm aux port. Moreover, you can pair up a Micro SD card if you are not carrying your smartphone everywhere for some reason!

Secondly, the audio output is great for the price. You can experience good bass, loudness, and clarity that is hard to find in this price category for wireless headphones.

Ear cushions are very soft and under long use, you will not find it uncomfortable. And last but not the least, the built quality is solid. The headband has multiple customization options that will fit all head types.

Reasons Not To Buy Techfire P47

Since this is a foldable wireless headphone, the hinges feel delicate. So you’ll need to be careful when unfolding it. Secondly, it comes only in Black color.

8. SKYPHR SH-12 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone (Comes In Multiple Colors)

Wireless Headphones Under 500 RS
  • Multiple color options
  • Comes with 3 modes; Bluetooth, Aux, SD card
  • Good built quality
  • Best in class bass
  • Big ear cushions
  • Over the ear type of wireless headphone
  • Bluetooth range can be an issue

Reasons To Buy

Under 500 Rupees this Bluetooth headphone offers the best-built quality. Everything from the headband to the ear cushions is on point. Even the headband allows a soft and comfortable feel. So extended period of use will not cause you any pains or discomfort.

Just like Techfire P47, this one also comes in 3 different media modes. Like Bluetooth, Aux, or even memory card support. Therefore, in terms of features, things are 10 out of 10. SKYPHR SH-12 offers big ear cushions making it an over-ear kind of headphones.

Another good reason for buying it is going to be the battery backup. Users have reported anywhere near 5 to 8 hours. Which is something to consider while buying a Bluetooth headphone.

Why not to buy

Few customers reported not receiving a USB cable in the box. Other than that, the Bluetooth range is around 6 meters. So keep the phone in your pockets or hand for a better experience.

9. SKYPHR Mini (Truly Wireless Earphone On A Budget)

SKYPHR Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review
  • Cheapest truly wireless earphone
  • Decent audio overall
  • Good call quality
  • The carry case can charge the earpods around 3 times
  • Size of earpods is a little big
  • Battery backup is around 2 hours

Why You Should Buy SKYPHR TWS Earphone

This is the most popular TWS earphone under 500 Rupees. Due to its white color, it “looks” something similar but very bigger than Apple Airpods however it doesn’t cost a fortune! This is the primary reason for its success. Yes, the music quality will not be like Apple Airpods but under 500 Rupees it is decent to good. The carry case will charge the earphones 3 times which is good.

If TWS earphones under 500 Rupees is your need then this one check marks your requirements. But read below.

Why Not To Buy SKYPHR TWS Earphone

If you have small ears, then this TWS earphone will look a little big on your face. Secondly, the battery backup is around 2 hours which can be an issue. But the charging case can power it up almost 3 times. The audio quality is decent but beats are on the lower side.

10. Techfire Boom Boom Wireless Earphones (Upgraded Truly Wireless Option)

Wireless Earphones Under 500
  • Cheapest truly wireless earphone option
  • Up to 5 to 6 hours of battery backup
  • Smaller in size than SKYPHR TWS earphones
  • Decent audio quality
  • Good for calling
  • Bluetooth range is not good

Why To Buy Techfire Boom Boom TWS Earphone

If TWS earphone below 500 Rupees is your target then you can go with this one. Because it is smaller in size than SKYPHR TWS earphones. Built quality is also notch above. Gives better battery backup than SKYPHR TWS earphones. Moreover, you will enjoy better music on this one.

Reasons Not To Buy Techfire Boom Boom

Few customers reported that the Bluetooth range is not good. So to avoid the issue they keep the phone in the pocket or hand for better connectivity. Otherwise, nothing serious in these TWS earphones reported.

What To Expect From Wireless Earphones or Headphones Under ₹500

Since wireless earphones under 500 are from the entry-level wireless category, so you simply can’t expect them to be outright performers. But they will get your work done. Be it listing to music or taking calls or both. All the earphones and headphones above work and do what they are meant to do. But certainly, there is no clear winner.

What we meant by this is that every Wireless earphone under 500 Rupees has its own share of pros and cons that you have checked above. However, based on the feedback from the customers and the internet we are going to give you recommendations of what you should buy and why!

Which Is the Best Wireless Earphone Under 500 Rupees?

If you don’t want to shell out more money but need wireless earphones or you lose one easy then Lowfe can be your next earphone. While writing this article, it is for only ₹249. At this price, you don’t even get a good pair of wired ones as well!

Want to experience something of the latest generation i.e. planning for Truly Wireless earphones under 500 Rupees then also you can get your hands on SKYPHR Mini or Techfire Boom Boom. Both are good, but Techfire Boom Boom packs more features and is small in size.

These don’t excite you enough then you must like headphones!

We found 2 best options for you. You can go with Techfire P47 or SKYPHR SH-12. Just like above, Techfire P47 here offers more features like FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 mm aux port. Moreover, you can pair up a Micro SD card for some reason! But SKYPHR Sh-12 has better-built quality and choice of colors like Blue, Green, Black, And White. Unlike Techfire P47, which comes in black only.

If you prefer neckband designs for your workout and sprints then pTron Bassfest Plus or Edict EWE01 can do the work.

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Which wireless earphone is best under 500?

Under 500 RS you can get neckband type earphones, headphones, and even truly wireless ones’s so choosing one is hard. In this article, we have selected 10 earphones/headphones that will help you choose better!

What are the best cheap wireless earphones?

Here’s a list of best cheap wireless earphones under ₹500 Rupees ($7).

  1. Lowfi (Cheapest Option)
  2. Quantum SoundShot 1 (Blend Of Quality And Audio)
  3. Digitek DBE 005 (The Best Selling One)
  4. pTron Bassfest Plus (Best Wireless Nechband Earphone)
  5. Edict By boAt EWE01 (Music Powerhouse)

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