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Sony MDR EX15AP Review | Lil Sony Packs Power!

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Sony MDR-EX15AP is the lite version of Sony MDR-EX155AP (Review) that we recommend as of today! This one, the “little” Sony cost half the price and gave surprisingly good results. Here’s our detailed feedback on the Sony MDR EX15AP review after 1 month of testing.

Under 1000 Rs, there are tons of wired earphones to choose from. We’ve tested many (mostly BoAt and others) but Sony hits differently. So, should you consider Sony MDR EX15AP or look for other alternatives? Well, that’s what we are for!

Here in this review, you will get to know the Built Quality, Looks, Grip and Comfort, Some Features, Audio Quality, Call Quality, and finally our verdict. So, this is the only review you need to know! With that said, welcome to PadhkeDekho, and let’s start with the Pros and Cons.

if you are new here, we buy tech products and use them for at least 1 month before sharing the review or comparison. This helps readers like you with insights that actually help to make a better-informed decision.

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With that said, let’s start the Sony MRD-EX15AP Review with pros and cons.

Sony MDR EX15AP Review
Sony MDR EX15AP Review

Pros & Cons

Built Quality (8/10)

Sony MDR EX15AP Built Quality
Sony MDR EX15AP Built Quality

Just like many wired earphones, it’s also a blend of rubber and plastic which is industry standard. It’s good thou! Sure, it seems delicate in the photos as well as while using. So be gentle with it. It just, not only goes for this particular earphone, most of the ones we have tested feel fragile.

Since earphones’ main objective is to be compact and portable, brands achieve it by using rubber and plastic. So, that’s the nature of budget-wired earphones.

But, one thing that Sony did better is the inclusion of L shaped headphone jack. It helps the wire to move in the direction of unwanted pull which ultimately prevents the wire from breaking.

During our testing, it got stuck in the zipper, pulled in the doors (many times), and unwanted stretching but the cable did not break, and neither got damaged. So it’s pretty durable.

We got a few messages about the built quality as few reviews claim the wire to be flimsy, weak, and break easily. Anything or any earphone will break if you intentionally try to do that.

With regular wear and tear, we’ve been using the Sony MDR-EX15AP for 1 month now and the Sony MDR-EX155AP for over a year now and we are just as happy with Sony MDR-EX15AP. Hence, 8.5/10 for built quality.

Looks (9/10)

Sony EX15AP Black Color
Sony EX15AP Black Color

With all the wired earphones, this one looks different thanks to the thin and small earbuds. You will not find any ear hooks on these. The buds are glossy and have Sony branding on both sides. Moreover, on the wire, you can also see the model number!

The overall design language is matte other than the earbuds which are glossy and it helps to enhance the looks. If you are going to Black color then you will feel that premiumness of what Sony feels like. We are coming back to Sony MDR-EX115AP from Blue to Black, and totally liked it!

As far as the cable goes, it’s a normal black with no texture. Since we went with the black color hence it looks simple but the other colors like Blue and Red spark up the price.

Hence for looks, Sony MDR-EX15AP gets a 9/10.

Comfort & Grip (9/10)

Most comfortable wired earphones under 1000 Rs
Most comfortable wired earphones under 1000 Rs

These are the most compact earbuds that we’ve owned. We did not have any issues with the size. It’s compact and can fit all ear types. Yes, we have tested it on around 10 persons.

Here, we have a blend of all ear types and no complaints of discomfort. For even better comfort, you get 3 silicone ear tips that will help you enhance the overall feel and comfort. As far as grip goes, the earbuds stay well put. Just make sure you put the right size.

As the cable is slightly long Sony has used a single cable that splits in two near the slider so you can adjust and marge the cables to one for better outdoor use. It clearly shows Sony did put A lot of thought process during the design.

So, if you have small ears or large ones, you can confidently pick the Sony MDR-EX15AP up! Hence, we gave it 9/10 for comfort and grip.

Some Features (8/10)

#1 9MM Audio Drivers: The earbuds are small but they pack in big drivers. Certainly, for the price, you don’t generally see this number. How well does it sound? Well, we did use it for 1 month with tons of songs, movies and podcasts. Here’s our detailed audio review section.

#2 L-Shaped Jack: Usually earphones come with a straight 3.5mm jack. Whereas, Sony and other big brands prefer the L-Shaed jack. Is it done just to look apart? No! It has practical differences. The L-shaped headphone jack prevents uneven damage to the cable. It allows flexibility to the cable rather than rigidness. Here’s our in the user experience section below.

#3 Compact & Lightweight: If you are looking for a compact and portable audio device for your outdoor adventures, this is one to get. You can wear these for hours and no pain whatsoever. The design is so perfect, it can fit any ear size. We’ve tested it on 10 ears before saying it.

#4 Amazing Color Options: It comes in three colors; Black, Blue & violet. We bought the Black as we prefer Black or White for personal reasons. But, Sony, did a good job with the color schemes, the earphone looks quite premium in all the colors.

#5 Tangle Free Cable With Slider: Wired earphones get tangled and the process of untangling them is a mess. Brand’s moved to a tangled cable to rectify the issue. With Sony, you also get the tangled free cable. The cable is one solid piece from the headphone jack and spits up in two near the slider.

With that slider, you can keep both wires together to a point where you don’t lose comfort. This helps to further prevent the tangle-free experience.

So for features, Sony MDR-15EXAP does a decent job. Hence, 8/10.

Audio Quality (9/10)

Sony MDR-EX15AP Audio Quality
Sony MDR-EX15AP Audio Quality

Sony MDR-EX15AP comes with 9mm audio drivers which seem good for the overall size of the earbuds! So what to expect? Well, to start the audio profile is great for the price. You get sharp vocals, trebles, and instrument separation. This profile is perfect for bingeing movies/shows.

As far as overall loudness goes, you will enjoy anything on these! Sony MDR-EX15AP goes very loud. On top of it, there’s no audio breaking or distortion that we experienced. The sweet spot is around 70 to 80% afterward, it leaks audio that you should watch out for in public.

What about bass? Well, the bass is good and goes well with the sound signature. Sure, it’s not bass-heavy but will get the job done. Out of 10, we would give 8 just for bass. If you need a thumping one then you can check out BoAt Bassheads 225, or JBL C200SI.

So for audio quality, Sony MDR-EX15AP gets 9/10.

Mic Output (9/10)

Sony and Infinity always impressed us with the mic output and this one is no different. The transmitted voice will be sharp with tons of detail. Sure, ambient noise will be transferred but focus on your voice will be prominent.

We did a lot of calls indoors as well as outdoors and we do not mind, using this wired earphone for calls be it professional.

1 more thing we liked about the Sony MDR-EX15AP is the original voice. There’s no auto-tuning or customizations to tune the vocals. As a result, the person on the call will not be able to guess whether you are talking on a phone or earbuds!

Therefore, just like the audio quality, we’d give the Sony MDR-EX15AP a solid 9/10.


Sony MDR EX15AP Review
Sony MDR EX15AP Review

If you are looking for a budget-wired earphone under 1000 Rs that will fit all ear types, offers good distortion-free audio with a long cable, and a great microphone for calls then it’s the one to get.

For this range, we’ve tested other wired earphones mostly from BoAt and Sony’s quality is superb but lacks base punch. If you need all the above features and more bass then you can consider the Sony MDR 155AP (Review) which costs around 1300 Rs. Otherwise, this little Sony packs in power and is worth the price.

Wrapping up!

There you have it, folks! That’s our Sony MDR EX15AP Review after 1 month of use. if you have any doubts then feel free to ping us on below social accounts. We are always here to help.

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