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Philips 20000 mAh Power Bank Review | The Unexpected!

We were looking for a decently priced Power bank and if it was from a reputed company then it would have been awesome. I have had it for about 2 years now and it’s as good as new.

On Amazon, this particular Phillips 20000 mAh power bank had very interesting reviews and we were quite impressed by them. So without thinking much, I ordered one, and here’s my initial Philips 20000 mAh power bank review in Black Lithium Polymer color. 

In the Box Contents

Philips 20000 mAh Powerbank In Box  Contents

In the box, you’ll find 

  • A Philips-branded USB 2.0 Charging Cable 
  • User Manual in English
  • Power Bank itself 


Features of Philips DCP1720CB

The Philips Powerbank has a textured design on a plastic body that prevents the power bank from sliding out of the hands. For connectivity, it comes with multiple ports selection. Philips has provided a USB-C port that most modern smartphones have.

Charging older or other devices using this power bank is also possible.

On the power bank, a Micro USB slot is also present that will be very beneficial if you have other devices like Cameras, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Additionally, 2 USB ports are also given those will come in handy when you want to charge the power bank and at the same time charge any other device.

Heads up though, it will not charge two devices using USB ports at the same time.   

Philips DLP1720CB has a plastic body and a weight of 421 Grams which makes it a little heavy and quite thick for my liking. But keeping 20000 mAh in mind it’s fine! 

While we are on the subject of mAh, we have some good news for you. For all international flights, the allowed power banks are those whose wattage ranges between 100 to 300. 

This Philips DLP1720CB has around 74 Wattage which makes it travel-friendly. So, if you are planning to go somewhere, you can carry this power bank in the cabin as it will be allowed on international as well as domestic flights.   

As far as dimensions go it is 68 MM in height and 134 MM in width which makes it comfortable to hold in hand and carry around. 

Philips 20000 mAh Features

Features of Philips 20000 mAh Power Bank that made me opt for this power bank

1. Fast Charging (10 W)

I have a Moto Z Play that supports Fast charging and this Power Bank charged my phone within 1 Hour and 20 minutes (Approx.). The charging time of Moto Z Play is almost the same though it has a 15 W power charger with it. With this power quick charge will also improve.

2. USB-C Support

Since my phone has a USB-C charging socket it made this deal like icing on the cake. On the plus side, it also has an additional socket which is a Micro USB socket, which enables the Philips power bank to charge two devices simultaneously. So yes, Type-C and Micro USB both are covered!

3. Supports multiple devices

I have a few gadgets that I keep with me while traveling. Some of them are Androids (Smartphones and Tablets) as well as Apple devices (iPhones, iPad, iPods). You’d like to know that all the major players like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Motorola devices are compatible. 

4. Effective Power Management

This power bank can charge 2 devices simultaneously and on top of it, irrespective of smartphones capable of power charging will be charged consistently. By this, you will get a better battery backup from your power bank. 

5. Overheating and Voltage protection

Have you noticed your power bank behaving differently under load or charging it when there are voltage fluctuations? Then you won’t feel that using this power bank. Philips has implemented 

Initial Experience

It’s been around 1 week now and we haven’t even charged the power bank even once. Philips DLP1720CB came fully charged out of the box. So far it has charged my Moto Z Play 4 times which has 3510 mAh of battery in it.

On the power bank, we have just lost one bar out of four present. So I think it will provide me with quite a few changes as well. We will be updating the review very soon so do follow us on Instagram, and Twitter for the notification. 

As of now, the power bank is holding up very well. In our testing, we charged Moto Z Play a few times with this power bank. Now for your reference, Moto Z Play came with a 15W turbocharger and this power bank supports only a 10 Watt quick charge. 

We thought it would be slow in charging however it was not the case. To our surprise, being underpowered by 5 watts still, the power bank charged the phone almost the same time as our turbocharger does.

Not only that, the phone is also capable of holding the charge, unlike some power banks which charge the phone even quicker than the turbocharger but the phone used to lose charge very early.

According to us, you should buy this power bank and experience everything that we did.

That’s it for the Philips 20000 mAh Power bank Review. I hope we were able to help you out in making the right choice. If you have any queries or doubts, do let us know either under the comments section or ping us on the social accounts!

Do you have doubts or queries? Connect us via social accounts. We would love to help you out! Thanks for reading guys!

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