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How To Install Windows 10 Driver On Assembled Pc

Well, congratulations on successfully building your own assembled computer! You have finally managed to turn it on and work on it. But still, the performance and visual look are not pleasant. Why? Because your Windows PC is missing the essentials; in terms of software. If you buy a branded prebuilt PC, then it comes with a DVD for the essential drivers. But for custom-built PC’s things are not as easy out of the box. But how will you find the drivers for Windows 10 for an assembled computer? So in this article, we will tell you 4 methods that will let you install Windows 10 driver on assembled pc for free in 2021!

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How To Find Windows 10 Drivers On Assembled Pc

Windows 10 is the latest and the most updated version of Windows we have ever used. If you are new to Windows 10 then you should definitely check out the best 11 things to do in Windows 10. There are so many things that make Windows 10 the much-awaited update. Also, you can tune it for better productivity.

1: Using Windows Update

The best place where you’ll find drivers for your Windows 10 assembled computer is through Windows update. But wait! Older version of Windows also used to get Windows updates? Yes, what makes Windows 10 updates better is that depending upon your hardware they can provide you with the best drivers automatically without doing much for it. Which was not the case with older versions of Windows.

Driver For Assembled PC

All you need is a strong internet connection and click “Check for updates” in Windows 10 Settings. If you are doing it for the very first time, then have patience because Windows will first download the essential pending updates and then it will install it. This process can take up to 20 mins depending upon your PC’s hardware.

Finding Driver For Aftermarket Computer

2: Using Device Manager For Finding Driver On Assembled PC

If you don’t have a strong internet or let say you use mobile internet as a hotspot, then you can download an update for a specific feature. To do so, go to Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start button on the taskbar. Or press Windows + X key combination, and then press M character on the keyboard.

Shortcut To Open Device Manager

Once Device Manager opens, you will find a yellow exclamation mark next to the features that are missing the drivers. Right-click on the particular feature you need and click the Update driver option from the list.

How To Update Software Using Device Manager

After clicking the Update driver from the list, click on Search automatically for drivers. Windows 10 will find and latest versions on the internet. And once the installation is done, for some changes to take effect restart is required. So do perform a restart after installing any software.

Install Windows 10 Driver On Assembled Pc

3: Getting The Latest Drivers From The Manufacturer Website

Most of the computer peripherals makers have stopped giving CD/DVD in the box. Which is a good thing. Because those disks were not re-writable ones and by the time you have bought the product, odds of the company releasing a new version that is better performing one could hit the market. Thus, making the one with you obsolete. This mostly happens with the graphic drivers. So whenever you need to install the driver download the latest one from the vendor’s website.

Download Driver From Manufacturer

Another reason for downloading the latest version via the manufacture’s website is that it gives you early access to the new version. This usually is the case with graphic card drivers. However, for that particular update to be available in the Windows software updates takes time. So if you have paired a brand new RTX 3090 then it’s better to get the driver from the Nvidia instead of a Windows update.

4: Using DRP.SO Or Similar Websites

Are you getting errors while installing Windows 10 drivers? This is quite normal and happens on the new machines. You can always run Windows update troubleshooter.

But let say you still had no luck with that, then don’t worry there are some websites that have tons of options that can let you find Windows 10 Driver On Assembled PC. Rather than downloading all the software and wasting tons of data, you can check out DRP.SO website.

What’s so special about this website is that it has a wide variety of drivers depending upon the components inside your assembled PC. Since you have assembled the PC, you must be aware of the components inside. Let’ say you have a network card of TP-LINK then you check out the specific driver on this website.

Download Specific Driver Online

If you don’t want to get so technical and need a simple software that will check the components and install the required ones, all by itself, then this website provides you that option for free! Just open the website and click the green Download button saying “Install drivers for Windows 10” and depending upon your internet speed, it will download an .EXE file that will do the required work!

Using DRP.SO Website To Download Driver

If you are having trouble using this website then you can also check out Softonic website. But here, you will need to search driver as per your components in your assembled computer.

Which Method Should You choose?

We will recommend the methods in the order of our writing. I.e. first try to update Windows drivers using the Windows updater even if you are getting errors keep on trying or use a Windows update troubleshooter. Then use the Device manager if you are looking for something specific like an audio driver or USB 3.0 driver.

And if you are not having any luck with the two methods above then you can check out the vendor’s website. If don’t want to do so much work then DRP.SO will do all the work for you for free! This is the procedure that we follow when we are setting up our new Windows 10 assembled computers.

Since you don’t need to worry anymore about the drivers that means your Windows 10 experience will be great. So, if you have decided to get your hands on Windows 10 then checkout Amazon as there are few great deals going on.


How do I download drivers for assembled pc?

We get this question a lot! And just like that, we have 4 methods through which you can download drivers for assembled PC. Read this article.

Does Windows 10 have inbuilt drivers?

Yes. Windows 10 comes with the most common drivers as per your computers configuration. And as soon as you are connected to the internet it will start downloading the latest versions and bug fixes.

What drivers to install after building a pc?

Pretty much everything. However the most important ones are the display adapter, graphic card driver, audio drivers, LAN or WI-FI driver.

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