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Best Moto G10 Power Covers Starting At 127 Rupees

Congratulations on ordering Moto G10 Power or if you are considering one! Since it doesn’t come with a case in the box. Therefore, before the smartphone arrives at your doorstep, it’s better to buy a case. So here are the 6 best Moto G10 Power covers that need your attention!

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These best Moto G10 Power covers offer good built and truly justifies their price. Buying any of them will certainly be a good product.

At PadhKeDekho, we have thoroughly researched and made a list of favorites for our Moto G10 Power as well. So if are selecting these for ourselves then they certainly mean something!

The list covers silicone cases, rugged cases, and even flip covers hence you will find the one for your G10 Power for sure. Therefore that being said, Welcome to PadhKeDekho, and let’s begin the best cases for the Moto G10 Power list!

6 Best Moto G10 Power Covers And Cases

1. Silicone TPU Case (Cheapest And Lightweight Case)

Best Soft Silicon Case For Moto G10 Power
Best Soft Silicone Case For Moto G10 Power

In the list, this is the cheapest Moto G10 Power back cover. Its sole purpose is to prevent the phone from getting scratched or even falls until you get any screen protection. You must be thinking about how this is better than the ones available in the offline market? Well, we tried a few from the market that in the same price range had a very bad built. Infect the edges were sharp.

Whereas this case as well as this one from Amagav offer decent built considering price below 200 Rupees.

As far as the cutouts of the ports go, you will get non-sharp cutouts for the camera module, fingerprint scanner, USB-C charging port as well as 3.5mm audio jack. Surprisingly, the jack has a bigger cut out hence you will have no issue connecting it to any Aux cable in the car or home theatre.

Since it is a transparent silicone case, it will get yellowish over time. However, for the initial time with the phone, this one justifies the price and adds some protection. But if you need a silicone case that offers a good design then the next recommendation can do the trick!

2. Nainz Designer Printed Silicone (Adds Looks and Protection)

Nainz Printed Silicon Case For Moto G10 Power
Nainz Printed Silicone Case For Moto G10 Power

This is also an entry-level Moto G10 power cover. That’s almost the same price as the first one. Moreover, offers few things up its sleeve! If a designer silicone case under 200 Rs for Moto G10 Power is on your mind, then this is it!

Unlike the first case which is transparent, this one offers a strip design with black, red, and white. This enhances the look by a few notches. Secondly, the quad-camera setup makes the first look from the back as a premium smartphone!

As far as the port cutouts go all the ports, camera modules, and fingerprint scanners are evenly cut and the case is completely compatible with Moto G10 Power.

Since it is a silicone case that too with a printed design hence it can lose color after rubbing in the jeans pocket or table. Under 200 Rupees it is good but it’s better to keep your expectations as per price.

If you need a sturdy case that can protect your Moto G10 Power and go one for few months? Then the next case is certainly going to grab your attention!

3. JGD Armor Rugged Case (More Protection At Silicone Case Price)

JGD Rugged Case Moto G10 Power
JGD Rugged Case Moto G10 Power

Under 200 Rs this is a good alternative that is durable and rugged. The horizontal line design adds more to the grip and comfort. Secondly, the glossy carbon fiber pattern adds more looks. So all in all, the case looks great and feels good in the hand.

As. far as the built quality goes, the overall construction of the case is TPU plastic which is miles better than silicone material for long life. So if you plan to use this case for a year and more then you can go with this one.

Keeping in mind the price, the JGD Rugged case is certainly a good choice if you need to add protection to your new phone. But all this safekeeping adds a little weight and thickness to a phone which is already on the heavier and thicker side. So if at the moment, without the case you feel the phone to be heavy then soft silicone cases will be suitable for your needs.

But if you need more protection and premium looks then don’t worry. The best Moto G10 Power covers list is going strong!

4. The GiftKart Back Cover ( The Good Rugged Case)

Best Rugged Case For Moto G10 Power
Best Rugged Case For Moto G10 Power

The GiftKart rugged back cover takes on the JGD case to the next level on everything. Be it built quality, looks, or even protection. The carbon fiber and split design element look more appealing and premium. Moreover, the design adds more grip and restricts fingerprint marks.

This is the “go-to choice” in the best Moto G10 Power covers on our list. First of all, it is a “good” rugged case that can handle heavy-duty protection from falls and scratches.

Secondly, it is available in two dashing colors; Black (our favorite) and Brown. The icing on the cake is the material used for construction.

Both the silicone cases above had soft material whereas this one has a hard yet flexible TPU material. This helps in better-built quality and provides an additional layer of protection against falls on the back as well as on the sides.

Just like every phone in the market Moto G10 Power also has a protruding camera bump. If you don’t put a case and put it flat on the table then this might put scratches on the camera lens. Who would like stretches on a brand new phone camera lens? if this is what affects you then, this case is among the best Moto G10 Power covers on the list!

Moto G9 vs G10 Power Camera Comparison
Moto G9 vs G10 Power Camera Comparison

The case is raised near the camera bump so that it not only prevents scratches but also restricts damages when the phone falls. The same level of protection for the screen or display is also taken.

Hence, if your phone falls on its screen then the probability of the display being unaffected is high! To be on the safer side, get a tempted protection too for complete peace of mind!

The best part of this case is that even after good built quality and protection of offer, this case manages to be very lightweight and slim. This is not the case with the JGD rugged case.

So if you need the best build quality, proper cutouts for ports, then the GiftKart rugged case is the way to go.

The above cases don’t excite you enough? then maybe you are interested in flip covers! We have two of those in our best Moto G10 Power covers list. Coming right up!

5. Hupshy Faux Leather Flip Case (Cheap And Best Flip Cover)

Best Flip Case For Moto G10 Power Hupshy Brand
Best Flip Case For Moto G10 Power Hupshy Brand

if Flip case is your thing, then this Hupshy flip cover is the minimalistic one that you can buy. it provides 360 deg complete protection while enhancing the looks by the red and black design pattern.

The outer layer of protection is of rexine material that looks and feels like leather. And underneath the cover is TPU material that holds the phone rigidly on the go.

Hupshy case can turn into a phone stand that will come in handy to watch videos and movies on a table or on the go. And once the phone is not in use you can lock the cover with the help of a magnetic lock.

Even though it is the cheapest flip case, it offers decent quality and has proper ports and camera cutouts. The edges are not rough like some of the offline cases in the market.

In terms of practicality, you can carry two cards on the go. if you use digital payments then you can even let your wallet at home. Unfortunately, it misses on carrying money in the case.

Keeping in mind the price, the Hupshy flip cover does a decent job of protection as well as convenience. However, if you need more card storage and the possibility to carry money, then the next case on our list is the best choice for you.

6. Pidgeot Leather Flip Case

Pidgeot Cse Cover For Moto G10 Power
Pidgeot Case Cover For Moto G10 Power

The last case in our best Moto G10 Power covers list is the Pidgeot leather flip case. And by far it is the best flip case for Moto G10 Power. Why? let me explain!

Pidgeot offers a better quality thread finish and the overall quality of rexine is best. Secondly, it is more convenient to carry 3 cards, cash, and even a passport size photo! On top of it, you get a side stand or phone holder with 3 levels adjustments. So you have your hands free while watching movies or videos.

Just like the Hupshy flip cover, this one also offers a TPU case to hold the phone. Hence you can use the phone in the case securely and without the thought, it might break or fall. And even if it falls, then your phone is fully protected with 360 deg protection.

All of these features along with 3 color options; brown, black (our favorite), and blue make it a good deal!

As far as the port cutouts go then you need not worry about anything. The cutouts of ports and fingerprint scanner are perfectly done and the edges are smooth. Moreover, the magnetic connector on Pidgeot is better and holds the flap securely.

So all in all, if you need a flip cover for Moto G10 Power then the Pidgeot leather case is the best option.

There You Go, Folks!

I hope you would have liked our recommendations for the Best Moto G10 Power covers. If we were able to help you find your favorite G10 Power cover then do share it with others so that they choose better! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter we post interesting articles twice a week!

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