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Made In India Tripod List You Should Know {April 2024 Updated}

Here at PadhkeDekho, we have bought quite a few tripods. It started with Tripod 3110 which is a basic entry-level budget tripod. While buying it we saw multiple tripods in different price segments dominated by Chinese companies.

This article is not against any country whatsoever. However, we felt to bring up some good tripods that are being locally produced. So here is a list of Made In India Tripods that need your attention. So without any further, we do, let’s begin the list, shall we?

Top 5 Made In India Tripod List

#1 Ionix 2.1(Best Budget Made In India Tripod)

Ionix 2.1 Tripod

If you are looking for a budget make-in-India tripod under ₹500, it is the best option after the M-fit tripod (will be discussed below). It will meet most of your requirements.

Ionix 2.1 In-the-Box Contents

  • Phone Holder

The most important part of any tripod is the head mount. Ionix 2.1 can strongly hold the phone, DSLR, and multi-level locks will let you record videos at your desired angle for YouTube.

And if you like to make Reels or YouTube Shorts then it’s even better! The tripod can go as high as 6.8 feet for portrait videos. You can also record landscape videos as well. So it’s a complete solution for any video needs. You will not have any issues while taking lectures or classes for sure.

Ionix 2.1 weighs around 880 grams and can fold under 70 cm making it ideal for travel and outdoor use. Since it is a budget category made-in-India product, it offers decent steel legs. The legs being steel are not very strong and will require a little care while operating.

Other SpecificationsProperties
Max Load2.99 KGs
Ionix 2.1 Weight880 Grams
Ionix 2.1 CompatibilitySmartphones, Go-Pro, DSLR Cameras, Digital Cameras
Pan AvailableNo
Ionix 2.1 Tripod Specifications

#2 m-fit 1.6 Tripod (Great Alternative For Ionix 2.1)

M-FIT Tripod 2020 New

After Ionix 2.1, m-fit 1.6 is also quite similar in price and specifications however it offers a few improvements. Those features and improvements can make m-fit 1.6 the ideal choice for you. Let’s have a look at the m-fit 1.6 made in India tripod.

M-fit 1.6 In-box Contents

  • Phone Holder
  • 360 Deg Swivel Head Mount

M-fit 1.6 comes with a 360-degree Swivel head mount unlike Ionix 2.1. With m-fit 1.6 you get support for many devices like smartphone, Go-Pro, and DSLR cameras.

Do you plan on recording videos outdoors or on uneven surfaces? then there’s a lot more for you! This tripod comes with a level tester that will be quite handy for you. The level tester will be able to identify whether the tripod is properly placed or tilted rather than straight.

Apart from the head mount, the tripod legs also play a vital role. The m-fit tripod comes with durable aluminum legs that are quite sturdy. The locks on the tripod are easy to lock and unlock. This helps to hold any particular angle while recording a video.

Other SpecificationsProperties
M-fit Tripod CompatibilitySmartphone, Go-Pro, DSLR, Digital Camera
Maximum Height7 to 8 Feet Approx
Pan Shots AvailableNo
M-fit Tripod 2020 New Specifications

#3 M-Fit 2020 Tripod With Light Ring (Best Made In India Tripod For Instagram Reels)

M- Fit 2020 Tripod With Ring Light

If your goal is to make better quality Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, then it’s the most suitable choice for you!

M-fit 2020 Tripod With Light Ring In-box Contents

  • Ring Light
  • Phone Holder
  • 360 Deg Ball Mount

The best part about this tripod is its height. Since the m-Fit 2020 tripod is 7 feet long you can record videos or go Live on Instagram or Facebook Live, etc.

Unlike other tripods with a ring light, this tripod is on another level. To begin with, the LED on this ring light can operate between 3000K and 6000K, enabling you to have 30 light effects for videos and live streams! So setting a warm day or cold evening look will not be a problem.

Like the rest of the tripods on our list, it is also easy to fold and travel-friendly.

Other SpecificationsProperties
M-FIT 2020 Weight1 KG
Supported DevicesSmartphone, Mirrorless Camera, DSLR, Go-Pro
Ring Light Features30 Light Effects On Constant Current Drive
Built QualityMetal
M-fit 2020 Tripod With Light Ring Specifications

#4 Osaka OS 550 (Heavy Duty But Easy On The Pocket) (Our Pick)

Osaka OS550 Origin

If you are a beginner or just starting, you can pick Ionix 2.1 and M-fit 1.5. However, if you want to level up your content quality mostly for landscape content for YouTube channels or professional-level photography skills, you should check out Osaka OS 550. Let us present to you the things that separate them from others!

Osaka OS550 In-box Contents

  • Phone Holder
  • Tripod Bag

Unlike the previous tripods discussed above, the Osaka OS550 offers a 360-degree head mount & pan functionality. Because of this combination, taking smooth transitional shots, b-roll shots, and 360 pan shots at any angle will be quite easy! Osaka OS 550 is like icing on the cake for Tech YouTubers and professional photographers.

The best part about the Osaka OS550 tripod is that it weighs only 800 grams making it the lightest heavy-duty tripod on our list! It is foldable and can be easily taken for outdoor shooting. it also comes with a good quality tripod bag which will help you carry and protect the tripod easily.

Osaka OS 550 tripod can hold devices up to 2.5 kg. Smartphones, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, Go-Pro, or action cameras are within the weight limits of this tripod.

The tripod is made up of premium-quality Aluminium. Since the tripod is foldable it can stretch a maximum of 54.3 inches and as low as 16 inches in height making it perfect for unboxings and reviewing videos!

To fix any tripod at a particular angle or height you need to have a decent set of locks on the tripod legs. You will be pleased to know that this is one of a few made-in-India tripods that offers the best lock clips in its price segment!

Other SpecificationsProperties
Osaka OS550 Max Waight Supported2.5 KGS
360 Pan ShotsYes
Supported DevicesSmartphones, DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Go-Pro
Osaka OS550 Weight800 Grams
Osaka OS550 Specifications

Do you plan to mount a Telephoto lens or heavy equipment? It’s better to check the next product that is designed for professional-grade users.

#5 Osaka VCT880 (Very Professional Yet Affordable) (Must Buy For Pro)

Osaka VST880 Made In India Tripod

If there’s an award for best in a class professional tripod, then Osaka VCT880 we would have given it hands down! Here’s why!

Osaka VCT880 In-Box Contents

  • Tripod Bag

Features And Specifications

Osaka VCT880 is meant for serious professional camera gear. On this tripod, you can mount camera equipment of around 3.5 Kg!

Since it can hold up to 3.5 kgs of weight, Osaka has equipped a Geared Elevator in vct880. Geared Elevator is a hydraulic leg that allows you to move the camera vertically without requiring any force.

This tripod can be stretched a maximum of around 6 feet (183 cm) and the least it can go is 661 mm (66 cm). Being a Pro-grade tripod, while being lightweight & compact makes the overall experience awesome. While we are on the subject of travel, it comes equipped with a travel bag which is offering great quality.

The aluminum legs on the Osaka VCT880 offer the best-built quality at this price range. On the bottom of the legs, you’ll find moveable rubber knobs. These knobs help to record video on uneven surfaces by adjusting the tripod for the best possible grip. Additionally, you can mount weights via a hook in the center for even better grip e.g. in windy mountain areas.

Other SpecificationsProperties
Osaka VCT880 Weight2 Kg 700 Gms
Maximum HeightAround 6 Feet
Osaka VCT880 CompatibilitySmartphones (Holder Sold Separately), DSLR, Mirrorless Camera, Cameras With Tele Photo Lenses, etc.
Osaka VCT880 Specifications

Which Tripod Is Best For You?

If you are beginning your YouTube channel or content creation, you can consider Ionix 2.1 and M-Fit 1.6. As both tripods are great for video recording. Later on, once you have gained a little exposure to video recording, upgrade to Osaka OS550.

And if you happen to have a Tech channel then you should begin your YouTube journey with Osaka OS550 as it lets you have B-rolls and 360-degree pan shots that are vital for tech videos.

Aiming to be an Instagram Influencer or Instagram Reels celebrity, yes? then M-Fit 2020 Tripod With Light Ring is the finest choice for you.

If you have been in this industry for a while, nothing would have impressed you other than Osaka VCT880. From the portability to mounting heavy equipment there’s nothing this tripod can’t do. It is made for those willing to take their photography to the next level and try new ideas.

Be assured, buying any tripod from this list is worth your time and money. And keeping in mind that all the above are the best made-in-India tripods!

There You Go, Folks!

These were our top 5 made-in-India tripods for you, we hope you have found something for yourself. if not, then drop us a comment or let us know on social accounts we will help you out!

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Thanks! PadhKeDekho Out!

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