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How to Resize Image in Ubuntu For Free & Easy [2023 Update]

[updated on Apr 17, 2023] Have you upgraded from Windows or macOS to Ubuntu and missing MS Paint or Preview for reducing the size of the images? Then you are in the right spot! In this article, I am going to show you how to resize Image in Ubuntu for free and easily!

By reducing image size you gain two things. First, the image size (as in pixels) gets smaller so you can use it on social platforms or even articles or blogs. And secondly, the size (as in storage) also decreases so it will make the web page load faster. So 2 problems get solved.

MS Paint Alternative Ubuntu

If MS Paint was available on Ubuntu then this article would have made no sense. Since I went through this I know how frustrating it can get. It is so silly but it hurts when you download apps thinking it will work but they require some amount of terminal coding.

But today, I am sharing with you, a method that requires no strings of code to run! And also I assure you this is the most detailed article about how to resize image in Ubuntu! So without anything else, let’s get started!

Using GNU 2.10 to Resize Image in Ubuntu

To resize images in Ubuntu for free you need an app that’s called GNU Image Manipulation Tool. It is also known as GIMP. It’s not a sponsored article whatsoever, I use it on daily basis, in fact, the images used below are from the exact sample!

GNU Image Manipulation tool 2.10 is absolutely free to download. It’s a great application. I’ve been using it for a while now before sharing it with you. So you can be completely safe and download it.

To download GNU 2.10, all you need is to search for it in the Ubuntu Software Center. It’s a 400 MB application. And once it’s installed just launch it from the App Launcher or search for it.

It is a very powerful photo editing application, image resizing is very little work. You can say it’s an “alternative” to Photoshop in a broader sense. GIMP is an open-source photo editor that’s available on Ubuntu (Linux), Windows, and macOS. I would suggest if you use photo editing then you can give it a shot.

I am dividing the steps to resize images as pre and post. Pre as the name applies will tell you exactly everything you have to do to successfully resize the file size. and in the post, the steps to have a successful export of the file. So let’s begin with the pre.

Steps to successfully Resize The Image Size (Pre)

Once GNU Image Manipulation Program is open you have to follow a few steps.

#1 Click on File and press Open. You can alternatively do that with Ctrl+O.

How to reduce image file size on Ubuntu 20.04

#2 Now you have to navigate to the file from the Places section and click Open.

Using GNU to Resize Image Size
Using GNU to Resize Image Size

#3 Now GNU will ask for Convert to RGB Working Space? You can either make choice under Rendering Intent with Perceptual, Relative colorimetric, Absolute colorimetric, or Saturation. if you like the colors of the original image, then press the Keep button on the bottom.

How to Reduce Image Size in Ubuntu

#4 The original photo will be shown to you. To resize the photo click on the Image tab and select Scale Image.

Lower File Dimension For Free

#5 Now you have to Scale Image. if you plan to upload these images on your website then stick to the px marked in yellow below. Now, what size to choose in Width and Height? From the above point, if you are going to use the resized images on a blog post or website then the image can be up to 800 px width in the landscape. Always remember; the lower the image px count lesser the image size will be.

Steps to resize image in GNU 2.10

The height will be automatically adjusted for a perfect aspect ratio. In the same way, if the image is portrait then lowing the height should be preferred. For height, I usually pick 300 or a max of 400 px. Rest you can try and explore!

Once you have selected the px value (either width or height) press the px button next to it so that the other unchanged value gets in the proper aspect ratio. Usually with 800px width height is 600.

#6 Now you will have a very small preview of the image. Don’t worry this is not the final size! Change the value from 25 to 100 percent pointed with a green pointer.


Steps to Successfully Export The Resized Image (Post)

#7 Congratulations, by now 80 percent of the work is done! All you need is to press the File tab and press Export As… Give the file a name or leave it as is and replace it with a bigger one if you don’t wish to use it as the original size and click export.

How to Use GNU 2.10

#8 Here you can make a few changes if you want to play around with the settings. Using the first, Quality tab you can lower the image size, etc. And the moment you will click the Export button you will have the exported file in the desired location.

Photoshop Alternative For Ubuntu Free

Wrapping up!

MS Paint Alternative Ubuntu

if you have followed all the 8 steps above, then nothing can go wrong but still, if you face any issues then I am just a ping away on the social accounts below.

As the above tutorial is for GNU 2.10 then the process may get changed in the future if it does then bookmark this page so that you should know how to resize an image on Ubuntu using GNU. if the file size is still higher than you require then here is a detailed article that can cut the size by 80 percent! The steps shared in the article will work on Linux, Windows, and Mac too! So do give it a shot!

And if you found this article of any help then do check out the other tips and tricks we have covered so far on the website!

Padhkedekho Out!

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