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How To Reduce Image Size Up To 80% In 3 Free Steps!

Have you also come across an online document that needs a lesser file size photo? Or perhaps you have a bunch of photos for your next blog article but are worried about the website loading time?

If you are going through any of the scenarios then you are in the right spot! In this article, we are going to share 3 methods that will help you reduce image size up to 80 percent or even more!

All the steps to reduce image size are totally free and without any trials. Moreover, you can edit and even customize the images as per your liking.

So without anything else, welcome to PadhKeDekho, and let’s get started!

Steps To Reduce Image Size For Free

The methods we are going to use are Canva, Tinypng, and your computer’s default photo editor. All this works hand in hand to help you reduce image size. So that being said, let’s first have a look at Canva.

Setting up Canva

If you don’t know Canva is a great template website that can let you make customized Youtube thumbnails, Instagram posts, office presentations and so much more for free. If you are not aware of Canva then don’t worry we will explain everything from setting up to and how to reduce image size for free and instantly.

The photo I am going to use is one that has the dimension of 4000 x 6000 px and a size of 1.53 MB.

File Before Edit Canva

Step 1. Getting started with Canva is very easy. Just open the official website and click on Sign up.

How to Use Canva For Beginners

2. You can Sign up to Canva, via 3 options.

Get Started With Canva

3. After creating an account, within seconds you will be up and running. Click on Create a design button.

Creating a Design With Canva

4. Now at this point you’ll need to click the Edit photo button.

Uploading Files To Canva

5. After clicking on the Edit photo button, the file explorer will open. Navigate to the file and click Open.

Uploading File To Canva

6. Once the file is uploaded it will be shown upfront with 2 options; click on Edit photo.

Editing Photo In Canva

7. On the left side you can see all the customizations options like Templates, Elements, Uploads, Text, Background and so much more. But for the sake of the article, we are not adding anything. At the center top, you will find an option to name the file. After that click on the Download button.

Editing Options And Download

8. Here you will find the drop-down button under File Type. Change it from PNG to JPG and click Download.

Convert PNG to JPG

9. And here is a photo after editing via Canva.

Photo After Edit Canva

As you can see the reduced image size is now 1.33 MB which was 1.53 MB. Some improvements there! But it’s still not ready to be uploaded on the article. Now you need one more thing for the size conversion.

And that is the Tinypng website. Don’t worry it’s just a matter of 2 clicks.

Reducing Image Size Using Tinypng

  1. Open the offical website and drop your files here or you can press any where on the doted button.
Reduce Photo Size Using Tinypng

2. Next you’ll need to browse the file and click Open.

How to Upload Files on Tinypng

3. The file[s] will begin to load and voila after few seconds, here’s your file! As you can see, the file that was 1.33 MB or 1.40 MB(approx) has been dropped to 598.8 KB which is exactly 58% less than the edited version of Canva.

How Tinypng Reduce Image Size

And the best part about Tinypng is that you can compress 20 images below 5MB for free without signing in or inappropriate ads on the website on a session. You can always refresh the website and upload the next 20 photos.

But Photo Still Heavy For The Website Blog?

I totally get it. Uploading a photo of around 600 kb is not good for your website. Why? because it’s not going to be the only image in the article. There will be like 5 to 10 images so just think about it what size will they hit and how slow your website will go?

To rectify this issue, there is a solution and you have it readily available on Mac and Windows computers.

And that the default photo editor i.e. MS Paint on Windows and Photo Editor on Mac. Rest you need Canva and Tinypng.

So How To Reduce Image Size For Website Article?

File Before Edit Canva

Okay here’s the thing; Never directly upload the 5MB+ photos from your DSLR to your website. And it also doesn’t make sense to upload a photo with 4000 px plus of a resolution. This will not only make the webpage heavy but also will increase the page loading time. Hence the Google Page Index will go bonkers in a bad way.

To avoid this scary situation, you need to lower the resolution of the photos. For example, the file in this experiment is 1.55 MB.

As per my experience, the ideal landscape photo should be 800px and portrait ones at around 300px to 400px.

Since the photo I am using is a portrait one I am resizing it to 400 px using MS Paint. Click on Resize. Under Resize and Skew on the Horizontal option choose either 300 or 400. This will make sure how small and lightweight the photo will become.

Resizing Photo Using MS Paint

By doing so, the photo will certainly shrink in size as well as weight. In the below image properties you can clearly see the difference. The photo has been reduced to just 63 KB!

Resizing Photo After Using MS Paint

That’s not all, you can now upload the photo[s] on Canva and download it again as a PNG file. Then upload the photo edited in Canva, on Tinypng and drop the file size even further!

Reduce Image Size Using Tinypng Free

Voila! A photo that was 1.53 MB was reduced to just a mere 32.6kb! You must be thinking it might look not that great? Well, that’s not the case! Have A look yourself!

Image After Edit Tinypng

Wrapping up

There you go, guys! These are the 3 things that I do while reducing the image size by 805 or more and speed up your article loading speed. You can use these points on the next articles and speed up the website for free.

So do give these points a shot and let me know if you found them of any help. If you did, then certainly share with your friends!

Got any queries? Then reach us out on the below social accounts. We would love to help you!

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