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Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Machine Review [Upd 2024]

Are you looking for a modern weighing scale that works as flawlessly as a mechanical weighing scale? Look no further! Here’s the Healthgenie HD-221 digital weighing machine review for you!

Before starting the Health Genie digital weighing machine review, it’s our responsibility to inform you that this is an honest customer review, and what we experienced is shared below.

So without saying much, Let me present you with the Health Genie HD-221 Digital Weighing Machine Review! 

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Healthgenie HD-221 Review and Unboxing

Healthgenie Hd221 review 2024
Healthgenie Hd221 review 2024

Why Healthgenie HD-221?

Selecting the Healthgenie HD-221 digital weighing scale was clear for us because in the past we have used quite a few products from HealthGenie therefore we know about the company and its product quality.

After doing some research and going through multiple healthgenie reviews on Amazon we were quite sure about this particular digital weighing machine and ordered one in Black Dotted color. 

The Amazon Box

Amazon Box Healthgenie

I am a frequent Amazon customer and when I saw this product on offer I couldn’t resist. Every order I have received came in a pristine condition outer box. However, this time I was a little spectacle by the delivery. The reason is that the outer Amazon box had signs of physical damage.

Upon opening the box I got a sense of relief. The healthgenie HD-221 outer box was intact and had no sign of damage on it.  

On the box, some of its key features are written. Don’t worry keep on reading I will explain the features one by one in detail!

Some of the healthgenie HD-221 features mentioned in the box are a Digital Display, Room Temperature Display, and Tempered Glass Platform, to name a few.

Healthgenie hd-221 Digital Weighing Scale
Healthgenie Digital Weight

Unboxing Experience of Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Scale 

After unboxing the healthgenie digital machine out of the box. The first thing we noticed was the weight of the weighing scale. It is not a lightweight digital scale. It has quite a weight attached to it. That I will explain later.

The product was already well packed by Amazon and the same level of packaging has been taken care of by the healthgenie company as well. For added protection, thermocol sheets on both sides are present so that no damage happens while it is in transit. For better security, bubble wrapping was also done all around.  

Best Personal Digital Weight
Best Personal Digital Weight

Healthgenie HD-221 In the box contents

1. Digital Weighing Scale

2. User Manual

3. Warranty Card

4. Invoice 

5. USB 2.0 Cable(Around 1 meter length)

Healthgenie HD-221 In Box Content
Healthgenie HD-221 In-Box Content

Setting Up the Digital Weighing Scale 

This digital weighing scale from healthgenie has many features that we will explain in a while. Before using it, you need to charge it for around 3 hours depending on the charger. When you put it on charge you will see a charging bar on the top right corner of the screen. 

Once you have 3 bars on the top right corner of the screen you can put it off charging and on the back, you have a button named Unit which you have to press for 4 seconds. Then you are ready to use it. if the weight is shown in “lb” or “st” instead of “kg” then you have to change it. The process is fairly simple. 

You press the Unit button for 4 seconds to turn the weighing machine off. Now turn it on again by pressing the Unit button for 4 seconds. And once it’s on press the Unit button to change it into kg. 

Features Of HealthGenie HD-221 

1) Inbuilt Battery Along With Support FOR AAA Battery Cell

Healthgenie digital weighing scale comes equipped with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. On top of it, the digital weighing scale can even let you utilize 2 AAA batteries to power the weighing machine.

However, keep in mind that both the battery source can’t be used at the same time. So if you are running low on an internal battery you can insert two AAA batteries and are all set to record weight!

2) Digital Display With Battery Indicator And Room Temperature

Since we were using a boring weighing scale we were looking for a new and modern-looking one having a digital display. The screen is an LCD type display and it is very bright.

The display is not limited to showing weight it has a battery indicator on the top right side which is quite visible. This healthgenie weighing machine also comes with a room temperature sensor and it is also shown on the display which is not necessarily required but it’s something good to have.   

3)Tempered Glass Platform

Like we apply tempered glass on our smartphones, the healthgenie weighing machine offers tempered glass on the platform to give it more rigidity. This digital weighing scale can hold up to 180 kg so it’s good it comes with a rigid platform. We tested a maximum weight of 79 kg and the glass didn’t crack or anything.  

4) Anti-Skid Blocked Platform

On the bottom of the digital scale company has provided 4 rubber protectors that prevent the scale from skidding if someone is trying to stand on it.

I have tested it many times and it stays where it has been kept, However, if you put much pressure on your hand then it will move. It has a far better grip compared to the general weighing machines.     

5) Low Battery And Overload Indicator  

This weighing scale is not less than any smart scale! If battery percentage and room temperature were not enough the company even gave 3 predefined warnings too. The digital scale can display “C”, “oL”, and “Lo” in certain cases.

“C” will be shown when the scale is in an unstable condition which means you should retake the weight as it will not be accurate. “oL” will be displayed when the scale has overloaded. Anything above 181.0 kg will show this warning. “Lo” will be the low battery indicator which means to put it on charging or insert two new AAA batteries. 

Build Quality

The Health Genie HD-221 is not a lightweight product. Since most of its weight comes from the tempered glass which gives it a rigid and strong feeling. I have not a single doubt about its build quality but do keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s glass so take care of it. 

How To Clain Warranty Of Healthgenie Company Products

The warranty on this digital scale can only be applicable if you have registered the product on the healthgenie website. The registration process is quite detailed and will require your invoice, mobile number, email ID, order id, order date, etc. 

Healthgenie Website
Healthgenie Website

Initial Experience With A Digital Scale 

Healthgenie hd221 Features
Initial Experience With A Digital Scale

The primary reason to buy Healthgenie HD-221 was its digital display. And I am happy to report that the display is very bright. Along with weight it also shows room temperature, battery indication, overload, and low battery signal. If you want to check your weight in lbs, that’s also possible with this weighing scale.

After you have checked your weight it turns off the display but when someone puts a slight weight on the scale it will turn the display back on. By doing this, the weighing scale preserves the battery. 

Reasons to Buy Healthgenie HD-221?

1. Features

Healthgenie HD-221 has numerous practical features like room temperature display, weight display, battery percentage, etc. That makes it worthy in terms of features to cost ratio. 

2. Built Quality

Even though it has a tempered glass floor it will feel very sturdy. No squeaking or rattling can be heard. 

3. Awesome Battery Life

This healthgenie digital personal weighing scale internal battery goes for months!

So Do We Recommend Healthgenie HD-221?

Yes, keeping every feature, built quality, accurate results, and battery backup in mind I think this is the best digital weighing scale for this budget.  

So, I hope you found the healthgenie weighing scale review helpful! So if you’re ready to buy, please use the below link it will support our website by which we will bring more amazing content like this.

Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next one! 

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