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BoAt Lightning Cable Vs AmazonBasics Which is Better?

You would have come across BoAt and AmazonBasics lightning cables. Hence, BoAt lightning cable vs AmazonBasics comparison is quite an important decision for you. Because both cables are Apple MFi certified and cost half the price of Apple’s!

We bought both and have been using these for over 2 years now and trust me, both are worth it. But which one should you buy? We would recommend BoAt LTG 500. Why?

Here’s our detailed review of it. So here is our detailed BoAt lightning cable vs AmazonBasics lightning cable comparison.

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AmazonBasics Lightning Cable vs BoAt Lightning Cable – Differences


BoAt LTG 500




2 Meter

3 Feet (0.9 Meters)

Long Lasting Material 

Yes, Aluminuim Brading



2 Years

1 Year




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BoAt Lightning Cable Vs AmazonBasics – Built Quality

BoAt LTG 500 Space Grey Review
BoAt LTG 500 Space Grey Review

Without a doubt, BoAt LTG 500 is a superior product. Be it the braided Aluminum wire, Aluminum housing on ports, or the connectors themselves, it feels more durable and premium.

While you will not find aluminum braiding on the outside of the AmazonBasics cable. We tested bending & twisting the wires for the durability test and both survived with flying colors. But we felt more confident experimenting on BoAt LTG 500!

So in terms of built quality, both are good and will serve you for years. But recommending BoAt LTG 500 because of the 2-year warranty is an easy call.

In the past, I’ve experienced boAt service and my product got replaced so I feel confident buying boAt products.


AmazonBasics Lightning Cable
AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

if you are worried about compatibility issues, throw that thought away and grab any of these. After using these cables for a while now, I’ve not received any “accessory not supported” popup.

This is a good thing, as we have tested many lightning cables bought online as well as offline and they failed to impress us.

Both of these are Apple MFi certified which means you can use these just the way you have used the lightning cable that came with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. E.g. You can sync data, copy files, iTunes backup, mobile hotspot, or just for charging without any issues.

So, both are great and will do just fine as the Apple-supplied lightning cable.

AmazonBasics vs BoAt Lightning Cable – Length

BoAt LTG500 Length
BoAt LTG500 Length

BoAt LTG 500 is more than double the length of the original Apple’s supplied cable & even AmazonBasics Lighting cable. if you need a longer cable then BoAt takes the lead here.

There are many scenarios where a long cable can be of help. E.g. In India, most trains in India have charging sockets quite high, and reaching them with a tiny cable is a task. With this BoAt LTG 500, you can keep the device in the backpack and retain your phone or another device safe.

Secondly, if you have the charging socket quite far from the bed or side table BoAt LTG 500 can make your life easier. However, BoAt LTG 500 needs more space while carrying.

But on the bright side, my cable is 2 years old and has been coming below my shoes and still holding pretty well even without a scratch.

AmazonBasics Lighting Cable
AmazonBasics Lighting Cable

While AmazonBasic’s lighting cable is almost similar to Apple cable you will experience no issues.

So Which Lighting Cable Should You Buy?

BoAt Lightning Cable Vs AmazonBasics
Boat Lightning Cable Vs AmazonBasics

After using both cables for months, I think both are meant for different audiences. Let me break down my experience as a summary.

if you need a decent-sized lightning cable, compatible with every Apple product capable of data syncing, iTunes, hotspot, and charging then AmazonBasics is a great cable.

But if you travel a lot or plan to travel to unknown places then you should consider a cable that is sturdy enough to take some beating in the backpack.

Secondly, you never know the electricity socket placement or situation. So a strong and long cable can be of great help. What’s even better, is the 2-year warranty!

Since I own both of these and keep on switching among them, I feel more confident with the BoAt LTG 500 lightning cable.

AmazonBasics Lighting Cable
AmazonBasics Lighting Cable

That’s a Wrap, Guys!

This was our comparison of BoAt Lightning Cable Vs AmazonBasics. If you have any concerns or queries reach us on any social accounts below. We’d love to help you out!

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Are BoAt Lightning Cable Good?

We’ve been using BoAt LTG 500 lightning cable for a while now and it is sturdy, durable, long, and value for money most importantly it is MFi certified which means can be used for data syncing, hotspots, and charging. The icing on the cake is a 2-year warranty.

Are AmazonBasics Lightning Cable Good?

Yes, AmazonBasics lighting cables are durable while being durable. Unlike some others that are available online as well as offline.

Are BoAt Cables MFi Certified?

All the lighting cables from BoAt are MFi certified which means you will not encounter any issues while charging, or data syncing via iTunes, hotspot, or file transfer.

Does MFi Certification Matter?

Yes, MFi certification matters a lot for Apple iPhone users. Because the “Made for iPhone” logo or written assures you to have a fully compatible cable that can use used for data syncing via iTunes, mobile hotspot, and file transfer without any issue, if not then you will get an error like “accessory not supported”.