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Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510 Which One Will Suit You?

if you are looking for an on-ear headphone under 3000 Rs, you will see many options. But from a renowned international brand, the choices are limited. Two brilliant headphones in that price bracket are the Infinity glide 510 (review) and the Sony WH-CH510 (review; coming soon). So in this Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510 comparison, we share our opinion after using both devices for more than a year now!

At PadhkeDekho, you will find reviews and comparisons of other audio gear and tech products too. We use devices for at least 1 month before recommending them to our readers. It goes without saying that we buy products from our pockets and the opinion shared is our editorial’s first-hand impressions of the devices. So you can trust our feedback.

In this Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510 comparison, you will find the major differences, pros & cons, built quality, look & feel, audio quality, battery backup, call quality, and our verdict.

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That being said, let’s begin the Infinity Glide 510 vs Sony WH-510 comparison with major differences.

Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510
Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510

Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510 Headphones Major differences

FeatureSony WH-CH510Infinity Glide 510
FoldabilityNo, Only The Ear Cup SwivelYes
Color Options32
Claimed Battery Backup (Hrs)3575
Battery Backup Under Max Load28 Hrs Approx72 Hrs Approx
Weight (grams)130110
Driver Size (mm)3036
Dedicated Bass ModeNoYes
Removable Ear Cup PaddingNoYes
Best Buy LinkAmazonAmazon
Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510

Why is Sony WH-CH 510 Better Than Infinity Glide 510? Pros & Cons

  • Premium Design
  • Better Button Feel
  • Looks Like a 4000 Rs Worth Headphone
  • Vocals Are Very Good
  • Instruments Are Very Clear
  • Support Fast Charging
  • Not a Bass Heavy Sound Signature
  • Headphone Cannot be Folded
  • Mic Could’ve Been Better

Why is Infinity Glide 510 Better Than Sony WH-CH510?

  • Amazing Built Quality
  • High Tensile PP Built is Very Strong
  • Foldable & Tiltable Design
  • Removable/Replaceable Ear Cups
  • Great For Workouts/Gyming
  • Bass Mode is Fabulous
  • Call Quality is Miles Better
  • Battery Backup is Monster Next to Sony
  • Support to Fast Charging
  • Buttons Feel Hollow While Pressing

Built Quality

Sony WH-CH510 Review PadhkeDekho
Sony WH-CH510 Review PadhkeDekho

We’ve used around 10 headphones under 2000 Rs that you can check out if you are interested. And usually, those are the ones which have good quality. Mostly on-ear ones are delicate. So what about Sony or Infinity? Well, Sony and Infinity are the ones that are good.

You can be ruff or gentle and these bad boys do not stress out. We’ve been using these for over a few years now and they are always in our backpacks when not used.

So for built quality, we would rank these the best and you can grab any of these. But! Yes, there’s but! It’s Infinity that you like more while traveling! You can not swivel or tilt the earcups but also fold the headphones for better portability. Whereas, Sony only offers swivel or rotating ear cups and no folding.

Hence, you can choose accordingly.

Built QualityRatings
Infinity Glide 5109/10
Sony WH-CH 5108/10

Look & Feel


Looks are purely subjective and you can get the one that you like the most. I feel Sony WH-CH 510 is more eye catchy than Infinity. Glide 510 has a “blend in” kind of vibe while Sony feels “different” and “distinctive”.

Which one looks more premium? It’s the Sony! The overall fine design of crisis cross makes it look like a 4k headphone. When I am out wearing Sony ones, people do ask about it. While infinity can be seen miles away!

So for me, in terms of looks it’s subjective but I feel Sony WH-CH510 is better, looks-wise!

For comfort, both are at par. If you are looking for a comfy pair that you can wear for long continuous over, then both will disappoint you. Even, any On-Ear headphones will do that. As they rest “on the ear” instead of “over” the ear, they cause pain after 30 mins of use. And if you wear spectacles, then things will not be very good for you.

Hence for comfort, you can check out the over-ear headphones. We’ve tested most of the over-ear headphones under 2000 which you can check by clicking the prior link.

But if you really want an on-ear headphone then do give it a good 10 or 15 days of use. It will adjust to your head size and things will improve.

Rating for looks and comfortHeadphone Name
Headband LookSony wh-ch 510: 9/10
Headband LookInfinity Glide 510: 8/10
Ear Padding ComfortSony WH-CH 510: 7/10
Ear Padding ComfortInfinity Glide 510: 7/10

Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510 Which One Sounds Better?

It’s Infinity Glide 510 which sounds better, overall. Be it vocals, instruments, treble,e or even bass, it just nails Sony. In another way, both headphones are made for different people.

Sony WH-CH510 is great to enjoy vocals and instruments or treble where the bass is borderline. This sound signature speaks “quality”. Even at full volume, the audio drivers do not make any audio distortion. It makes it perfect for enjoying movies, podcasts, or live shows on Ganna or other streaming apps.

Just like that, Infinity Glide 510 is also on the same track. But if you need more loudness, deep bass, and dept to the music you can always switch to “Bass Mode” and enjoy next-level music. It makes it for people who like thumping bass and detail in overall audio instead of vocals and instruments.

I prefer Over-Ear headphones because of better bass and music separation, but the Infinity Glide series changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, Sony WH-CH510 is quite on the same level.

Audio FeatureSony WH-CH510Infinity Glide 510
Best Buy LinkAmazonAmazon
Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510 Audio Test

Which One Offers Better Calls?

These are not by any means the latest headphones. They have been around for 2 years now and back then mics were not that good in the budget segment. Out of 10 headphones, only 3 or 4 would have been good rest were all average. But in this comparison, we have a clear winner for you!

if you take calls on the go or at home, you should go with Infinity Glide 510. The mic records an almost clean voice without static or buzzing noise. The end person on the call will never complain about your voice being low or audio breaking.

To be honest, we’ve used Infinity Glide 510 for many of our videos before upgrading to Boya BY-M1 (review). During the lockdown, many of our readers went with our recommendation and left us with many positive comments on Instagram.

So if you have a calling need to attend then. Infinity Glide 510 is great. What about Sony WH-CH510? Well, it’s decent. Better than MANY headphones under 3000 Rs but fails to impress. What’s so wrong with Sony?

Don’t get me wrong the call quality is good without any disturbance or static noise but the end caller always complains about “you being far away from the mic”. As a result, you will need to speak a little loudly which can be an issue in public transport or when people are in close proximity.

FeatureSony WH-CH 510Infinity Glide 510
Static Disturbance During Calls?NoNo
Caller Compains of Distant Voise?YesNo
Limiting Background Noise?NoNo
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Battery Backup

Battery backup is not a problem on headphones that offer a 3.5mm audio jack along with a Bluetooth connection. However, both of these only offer Bluetooth connection so the battery is quite a deciding factor. As per paper specs, Sony WH-CH510 can power you for about 28 hours. While Infinity Glide 510 claims a whopping 72 hours. That’s more than 2X the difference!

So do the claim values hold up for both headphones? Well no! In fact, no gadget can give the claimed value figures as the testing benchmarks are different. That’s why we do our testing at max volume and a bunch of other checkboxes.

After spending well more than a year with these (on and off), we do not have any complaints as such in battery backup. Let me explain the use case scenarios.

if you like to crank up the full volume all the time and also take calls then you can expect around 60 hours of juice from Infinity Glide 510. The hours will go above if you lower the volume by about 80 percent. The best we could get from Glide 510 is 68 hours at 60% volume.

Just like that, Sony WH-CH510 at max volume can get about 27 hours. And at a moderate use at about 80 percent volume, you can cross the 30 hours bracket.

Hence, the battery backups of both are good. With both headphones, you will be getting support to fast charge so 10 mins of lugging in can get you an hour of listing.

FeatureSony WH-CH 510Infinity Glide 510
Fast Charging SupportYesYes
Max Claimed Battery Backup35 Hours72 Hours
Best Buy LinkAmazonAmazon
Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510

So Which One Should You Buy; Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510?

Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510
Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510

Both headphones are made for different users but one thing is sure; you will not be wasting your money by investing your money in these. In fact, we were lucky to pick these up for under 1500 Rs back in the day.

Both sound great, the build is fantastic and the design seems very plush. But which one should you buy? Let’s break down the overall experience.

Are you into gymming or workouts that will involve sweat? Then go with Infinity Glide 510. Though both of these, do not offer any IP rating, however, the earcups are replaceable on Infinity Glide 510. So, you can easily wipe out the sweat and they will not smell or become a hygiene issue.

if you are a bass head and look for detail in pretty much everything then Infinity Glide 510 is the one for you. We still haven’t found an upgrade to it yet! Another solid reason to go for it is the mic output. You can take regular or professional calls with no sweat at all.

Other than these main points both headphones are not suitable for fast pace games. That’s the biggest con of these if you are into gaming. But do keep in mind, there is no latency while consuming content.

One thing where Sony worked on is the design and feel of the product, if you are looking for a premium-feeling headphone at a budget price then Sony WH-CH 510 is certainly on the top of the list.

Closing The Curtain!

There you have it folks! I hope our Sony WH-CH510 VS Infinity Glide 510 comparison. if it did then please share it with others who might be looking for good quality headphones under 3000 Rs. Just before you go, here’s a quick main difference between the two.

FeatureSony WH-CH510Infinity Glide 510
FoldabilityNo, Only The Ear Cup SwivelYes
Color Options32
Claimed Battery Backup (Hrs)3575
Battery Backup Under Max Load28 Hrs Approx72 Hrs Approx
Weight (grams)130110
Driver Size (mm)3036
Dedicated Bass ModeNoYes
Removable Ear Cup PaddingNoYes
Best Buy LinkAmazonAmazon
Sony WH-CH510 VS Glide 510

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