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Best Headphones in India Under 3000 Rs You Need to Have [2023 Mar Update]

[Written on July 21, 2022 || Updated on 7th March 2023] Headphones are available in so many shapes and sizes and with mixed reviews. These mixed reviews spoil the mood of buying the next pair. We truly understand that. After investing money in 20+ headphones here are some of the best investments we have ever done on Padhkedekho so far and you could group those at a good discount. So this article has information about the best headphones in India (2023 edition) that you need to have.

Why Headphones Better Than Earphones

Below we have narrowed down to the best headphones as per their price category like Best Headphones under 1000, Best Headphones under 2000, Best Headphones under 3000, etc. And bonus premium category too. So that being said let’s begin the article.

Since it’s going to be a long article, let me give you a summary of these headphones or earphones. The ones who are poor or not worthy of your money are not on the list. These have decent to good built, comfortable, good for calls (except one which doesn’t have a microphone and has good battery life (except the wired ones).

As we have used these, there is no denying you can trust our reviews as we don’t do sponsored content or promotional content.

That being said, let’s begin the article with good headphones for 1000.

Best Headphones Under 1000 in India

#1 BoAt Bassheads 900 (Comfortable + Bass Centric On-Ear Headphone)

BoAt Wired Headphones
BoAt Wired Headphones
  • Decent Built Quality
  • Ear-cups Swivel Design
  • Foldable & Tiltable Design
  • Stainless Steel Headband Adjusters
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Bass-Centric Headphone
  • Can go Very Load
  • Mic Works Good
  • 3.5mm Jack Has Corrosion ProtectionToo
  • Body Squeking is Present

#2 Boult Audio Q2 Over-Ear Headphone ( Bigger On-Ear Headphone + Good Audio quality + Decent Mic)

best headphones in India
best headphones in India
  • Headphone is Very Comfortable For Long Use
  • Padding on Ear is Soft
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Bass is Exemplary
  • Noise Isolation is Great
  • No Tiltable Ear Cups
  • Only One Color Option

#3 Sony MDR-Zx110

best headphones in India
best headphones in India
  • Very Comfy Pair; Can be Worn For 5+ Hours
  • Best For Media Consumption
  • Dialogs Are Very Clear Even on Low Volume
  • Fabric on Earcups is of Breathable Material
  • Sharp Vocals & Plenty of Detail
  • Misses on Mic
  • Not a Base-Centric Headphone

Best Headphones Under 2000 in India

#1 Blaupunkt BH11 ( Best Headphone For Audiophile on Budget + Dual Bluetooth Connect )

BH11 Built Quality is Good
best headphones in India
  • Best Over-Ear Headphone Under 2000
  • Very Comfortable Pair Even For 5+ Hours Use
  • Proper Full-Size Over-Ear Headphone
  • Dual Audio Modes
  • Bass is Fabolous
  • Fake Leather Stitching Looks Dope
  • Can Connect to Two BT Devices Same Time
  • Vocals & Instrument Separation is Great
  • Built Quality is Excellent
  • Mic Could’ve Been Better
  • Complete Plastic Body

#2 BoAt Rockerz 550 (Premium Built + Crazy Color Options + Clear Audio)

Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
  • Second Best Over-Ear Headphone Under 2000
  • Premium Built Quality
  • Stainless Headband Adjusters
  • Earcups Are Tiltable
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Very Load Audio Drivers
  • Mic is Good
  • Dual Mode (Bluetooth & Aux Mode)
  • Amazing Color Options
  • Bass is Moderate
  • Not a Foldable Headphone

#3 Infinity Glide 500/501/510 (Workout Centric Headphone + Great Audio)

Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Bass Boosted Mode Will Get Your Ears Pumping
  • 20+ Hours of Battery Backup
  • Interesting Color Options
  • Good Mic For Calling
  • Great Built Quality
  • Uses Tensile PP Which is Very Sturdy
  • Earcups Are Replaceable
  • Can be Worn While Running or Jogging
  • Only Bluetooth Connection; No Aux Support

Best Headphones Under 3000 In India

#1 Tribit XFree Go

Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
  • Overall Stylish Design
  • Amazon Color Options
  • Comes With a Premium Carry Case
  • Very Comfy Over-Ear Pair
  • Foldable + Portable Design
  • Metal Headband Adjusters + Hinges
  • Bass is Good
  • Crystal Clear Audio Quality
  • Very Lightweight Considering Over-Ear Design
  • Dual Connect (BT + Aux-in)
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Unlike 5.0 of Last Gen (Better Range)
  • Up to 34 Hours of Battery Backup
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Mic is Good
  • Got Mixed Feedback For The Mic; Though we liked The Mic Performance

#3 BoAt Nirvanaa 751ANC (Budget ANC)

Best Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
  • Good Built Quality
  • Metal Headband Adjusters
  • Portable & Foldable
  • Around 270 Grams Which is Good Keepig Over-Ear Design in Mind
  • Multiple Color Options @ Same Price Which is Good
  • Hybrid ANC Works Good
  • Ambiant Mode is Quite Decent
  • 65 Hours of Battery Backup W/Out ANC
  • Comfy Headphones Can Easily one Worn For 2 Hours+
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Gaming Performance is Good
  • Overall Audio Quality is Great
  • Bass-Centric Headphone
  • Comes With a Carry Pouch
  • Supports Dual Mode (BT + Aux-in)
  • Can Connect Two Bluetoth Devices at Same Time
  • Indoor Calling is Good
  • Calling Outdoors is Not Very Impressive

Other Premium Recommendations

#1 Sony WH-1000XM4 (G.O.A.T)

Best Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
Best Headphones Deals on Amazon Prime Day Sale
  • Industry Best Headphones in Terms of Built
  • Very Durable Headphones
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Full- Detail in Everything; Be it Vocals, Instruments, Bass & Treble
  • Ear Detection Feature Works Great
  • Perfect For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Best For Everything
  • Speak to Chat Stops Music to Let You Talk W/Out Removing Headphone or Pausing The Music
  • Seemless Switch Between Devices
  • Noise Cancellation is The Benchmark on These
  • Carry Case is Very Sturdy Too
  • Price Can be an Issue For Average Consumer

#2 Apple AirPods 2 (No Nonsense AirPods Ever)

Apple AirPods 2 Review
Apple AirPods 2 Review
  • Fabulous Built Quality
  • Crystal Clear Vocals & Instruments
  • Bass is Good
  • Can go Very Load
  • Super Comfy; Can be Worn 5+ Hours
  • Good Call Quality
  • Tap to SIRI is Very Helpful
  • Compatible With iOS and Android
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Very Lightweight & Ideal For Travelling
  • In-ear Detection Works Good
  • White Color Only
  • Glossy Body; Get a Case Protector For Long Life

Wrapping up!

These are the best headphones in India that you should consider if you are looking for great headphones in this sale. This sums up our best Headphones Deals on the Amazon Prime Day Sale. if you have any issues or doubts about audio gears then do let us know on the social accounts mentioned below.

if you liked the content then do share it with others so that they should also know what to buy and what to ignore! Buying any audio gear using the links on the page will help us earn a small common from the brand at no additional cost to you. It ultimately helps us try new products and help readers like you. Thanks for your support so far!